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  1. I like the idea but I think being able to replace a container with any size container would be more useful since most of the time I want to change containers to larger containers. However, certainly you initial idea is great especially easily swapping out broken containers with new containers and doing this with all broken elements I am sure would save people lots of time
  2. Unfortunately, I think when there were no schematics everyone had their own empire and it was a strain on the servers (I am guessing here). I imagine it is possible but I think we would all be paying Star Citizen prices every month to maintain that (Or at least higher prices). I do think a tech tree would have been better than a schematic tree, something you would have a second round of 'skills' for to unlock a tech slot (Infinite slots to unlock - assuming the game keeps expanding) and you would assign a tech you want to manufacture to each slot you have unlocked. Different slots for different tech levels. You would then choose to unlock a certain number of slots over a set amount of time (Something like 5 level 1 slots or 4 level 2 slots, etc.). But I guess DU likes the schematic approach.
  3. Based on what I am seeing in game that is simply not true, I come across people now and again (Out and about, not at market 6), which did not happen in beta most of the time (admittedly I was not scanning in beta as much as I now). Also I am easily selling the ore I am producing to pay for my taxes, which saves me having to do the challenges every day, which is what I started out doing. Also I see a huge number of tiles still having taxes paid, which suggests people are maintaining them, many of which I would not have taken unless you have a large factory, requiring T1 ore. So someone is doing something. I will stipulate that prices are higher now because there are not as many factories producing goods and there is less ore in the game based on what I can find where I have been scanning. Certainly the moon ore values have been drastically reduced since finding ore on Moons during beta took a hour ish, now you can make nearly 1000 scans and find about five tiles containing only trace amounts (These figures reflect how many scans I have made on one moon already). Essentially I am still confident there is a player base and they are active. I will not speculate if this player base is enough for DU to expand etc. only that it gives me hope it is possible.
  4. If people are thinking like I am after all the issues people had after linking their accounts with steam. Then I suspect that the non steam player count will certainly be higher than the steam count as I am waiting for my DAC's to finish before making my decision about weather to link my DU account to steam or not. As for DU status, I think it can still succeed but it all depends on the content players make and the additions NQ add to the game. Also to respond to what useful features have been added. The schematic box is sooo GOOD I love it! and I have not got a large factory yet but even with a small one it makes things loads easier.
  5. Having had to crash out of the game after waiting 4 minutes to see if I can exit my seat once arriving at Market 6 to pick up some basic space engines. I am thinking the Anti-Cheat might be a little too paranoid because I am fairly sure I am not cheating just exiting my flight chair... At least I hope it is the Anti-cheat and not something else causing it.
  6. I have not read most of this since its a large amount of text and I am making short flights and need to watch my speed right now. However, my computer is not the best will run all the latest games I have played (at mid ish settings). So I have DU in lowest quality (Just about) and it runs fine for the most part, except when I am somewhere with a lot of constructs (Like a popular market) and this settles down once they have all loaded in, though its not perfect in a busy area. The only real change I made to make the game more stable is I set the NVIDA control panel to limit the frames to 60 fps, which seemed to make a massive difference in Beta (Not sure if that is still needed but why fix what is already working). The other thing that worked in beat was turning of the trajectory mode (press x until they are off - Again not sure if this issue still needed but I do it out of habit now once I am in an atmosphere). As for 'excuses' for DU game issues. To my knowledge there is only one that matters, which is they simply have a small development team and need more time to get everything finished and in game. During Alpha / Beta there was a huge list of green lit idea's from the community and many of these are yet to enter the game (assuming these are still part of the intended finished product). From my perspective I am not too worried about the current performance of the game nor the missing items as this is an MMO, which means as long as there is a player base the developers will keep adding the missing / new content for us. As is done in all MMO's. The important thing I think is to keep letting them know what is and is not working in a constructive way along with any suggestions we have since given time and hopefully success with the player base the game will evolve and become much more like people were hoping in Alpha, Beta and release. (Personally I just enjoy building the ships at present though I actually hope to try some PVP at some point - yes still on DU my bucket list).
  7. I am looking for some territory scans I made for a Alioth a while ago and I have forgotten where I left them, which means I am flying around searching boxes for these scans. I essentially want to avoid rescanning these tiles. As a result I think it would be handy to have a search feature that allows me / any one to find any item they have in containers and set a destination marker to that container. Hopefully this is not a large drain on development time since I do consider it a helpful thing to have however, I do not think it is more important than other things that need development time.
  8. My biggest issue with scanning for ore, instead of digging for ore is the fact I am going past territories I like the look of because they do not have the ore's I am interested in. I think this makes most the tiles in the game redundant and locks in ore types away from people. To resolve this I think something along the lines of the following suggestion would go a long way to solve this issue: (The numbers used are examples and could be changed for balance) After you have 500 completed scans in you inventory for a particular planet or moon (all the scans have to be for the same planet or moon) you can go to one of you claimed territories on that planet and use them to change the ores available on that territory to max out one of the ores, that are available on that planet or moon. To be clear all the territory scan results would disappear from your inventory when used up to change a territory pool to favour a particular resource. To finish off the idea, if a tile that has had the ore amounts altered ends running out of tax then ultimately becomes unclaimed, the ore pool should reset to the default (Original) values. Also I do think that a territory with an altered ore pool should be tokenizable since I see no reason anyone willing to spend about five days scanning should not be able to make that into a in game venture. As an example I have over 500 scans (Over 5 days of in game time scanning territories) on Alioth Moon 1 so if this idea was implemented I could go to one of the territories I have claimed on Alioth Moon 1 (Or claim a new one I like better, which is more likely), set it to favour Natron and then have a random amount of Coal and Quartz to make up the remainder of the ore pool. Or set it the territory to favour Pyrite making the territory provide the max amount of that type of ore from the tile and a random amount of Coal and Quartz to make up the remainder of the ore pool. (You could obviously set a territory to favour Coal or Quartz but I have actually found tiles that do this while scanning so not really sure that would be of benefit) I think this idea is a good way to keep people who do a lot of scanning in the game as it rewards time spent no matter what they find. I also think it adds a bit more PVP since anyone can carry territory scans in their inventory and they become more valuable as a commodity too. Thanks for your consideration
  9. Not something for me as I do not have children and not necessarily something to rush to implement since I have no idea how needed this is however, I heard someone say the game is part Minecraft and that got me thinking that maybe a child's account would be a good addition to the account system. The account would have to be linked to an adults account(s) (or a set of adults account - Tempted to say two but I understand families these days can be of a different makeup to that these days, so maybe being linkable to a few adult accounts is better). Anyway the child account character would only be able to travel within the safe zone (Or as close to the edge of the safe zone as you can get without being shot at - I know there was people saying they could be shot from inside the safe zone when it was being tested if they were close enough to the PVP zone - not sure if it is still an issue or not) and only able to chat to the adult accounts it is associated with. You would need to be able to have more than one child account associated with the adult account (For people with more than one child). Anyway though I would suggest this for consideration since it seems like something a family could enjoy in a safe setting (Similar to Minecraft) if people wanted to. But again I have no idea how much demand there would be for this, I just thought it was worth suggesting. Have fun in game no matter your thoughts on this suggestion
  10. I am sure it was mentioned recently on one of the video's but I cannot remember where so I was wondering if anyone know when the physical rewards are coming (I think I am personally am only due the T-shirt)? Also a link to the page that lists the various packages / rewards for backers so I can check what I am meant to receive would be nice too 👍 Thanks in advance.
  11. I suddenly remembered I was due a T-shirt. I am sure I saw or heard something somewhere that said they would be sending them out (Or sending something), I assume they will send an E-mail when they do dispatch. It would be good to have an update on them. 😏
  12. So in my experience Discord not as useful as what I described in my post (I might not have made that clear in my post) and in order to make Discord that useful, you would need to spend time making it that way. I suppose you could argue the players could make there own Discord server that works that way but it would give that particular group the only people to have something so useful. The alternative is the developer integrating discord with the game in a way that facilitates this but that would be taking the time up on this that you are worried about loosing. My feeling is the voice chat should be for everyone in a useful fashion. I have tried some PVP (Another game) with discord and it is useful getting everyone in the channel but you really need people to be able to join more than one channel because Dual Universe combat has and is going to have a lot of players fighting at the same time and having everyone talking in the same channel at the same time is not going to work. Essentially the team members will need a channel with their team leader and the team leader also needs another channel to talk to the people above etc. as this will allow instructions to be passed on seamlessly and clearly. Anyway that is just an example of how I think voice should work in one area of this game. Lastly thing I thought I would point out is, the question does not ask how important it should be over other things they are working just if you could have it would you like it in game. It could end up being one of the last things added to the developers list, if they decided adding it is something they are going to do. Personally I think they should add player weapons first since I think that would make boarding and defending ships more interesting especially as you could add internal turrets to your ships too, so you can fight to the very end (Note: I never quite got to try PVP in this game yet so this is something I imagine will be good). But fair enough if it is not something you feel is needed then your no is a no 👍
  13. Yes, but you would need to have a large amount of choice on what you can ban / who you can hear. Planet wide / system wide / specific groups (Including orgs) / parties / local tile / space region / specific people / etc. IMO if it was implemented without lots of controls, it would either be no use or you'd end up being harassed, which no one wants.
  14. True I love flying in first person and the only option is to make view finder in front of the seat though it is always going to be slightly off (Unless you are a lot better at voxelmancy than I am) because the characters sit squint in their chairs. You can align the view finder with the long range trajectory while in space away from the planets (I do mean travel for a bit then stop to make adjustments). You can dock, you need to have set the docking on the unoccupied ship to on (I set my large ship to owner) and then when you fly another ship to dock on to it you have to tab to open the menu and use the mouse to set docking on or use Alt T (I think that is the default dock key combo - Fairly sure I have not changed it). Personally I make massive cockpit with lots of glass - I want as much view as possible! (I also make a secondary cockpit inside the ship in case the glass one gets damaged) My ships are all manual flight as LUA is only just become something I need to actually have as it seems medium sized ships are too big to use the auto scrips and get a ship with all the outputs you need. Glad you hare having a good time in the game 👍
  15. So I have not played any PVP in this game at present but, watching some of the video's people have been posting for recent news got me thinking that the Warp limitation of being only able to warp directly to beacons or planets is probably one of the issues with PVP not being very exciting for the players. So the idea is, when a group of say for example 10 ships is in combat I think people with warp drives should be able to warp into that location, well a reasonable distance away from it to avoid collisions. You would obviously need the PVP players to test it to find out what a good number of ships should be in a fight before you can detect it and warp in to join the combat area and also what is a good distance for the combat they should warp to. I think this will make combat more dynamic for the PVP players and also make warp drive more realistic since scientist are fairly good at detecting explosions in space these days. You could add other elements to it for balance sake like a time limit before the combat is detected and advertised and also a detection range could be added, which would increase the longer the fighting keeps going. Anyway it was just a thought I had while watching the DU videos. Have fun in game 😀
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