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  1. I like the idea of planet rotation 'Newtonian Physics' it would make space station locations more meaningful. You could even have gaps in the safe zone areas at times to add a little bit of risk to planet travel on occasion however, you would need to have a much better dynamic map for that. The amount of ore I cannot comment on since I am still picking tiles to mine so not really sure what a full output looks like yet. Also I have not tried asteroid and PVP yet so I am not able to comment on these either.
  2. Zarcata's post shows the work around - use discord polls - Since you already stated it cannot be done here, no real need to rehash it.
  3. I swear this thread could have been two posts, one with the question and one with the how to make polls - I think an admin should remove the rest since this potentially could have been really useful to people otherwise. (I only read to the end to find out how it finished)
  4. Sorry I should have been clearer in my points - I was mining for myself to allow production so and then sale, which allows me to buy ship parts and higher tier ores to make Honeycomb - So the cost of ore for me is not as big an issue as being able to get the ore to make things and thus sell these for quanta, that then allows me to make my ships - I hope to do one for each class (Currently constructing a medium ship). I realise that deflation will eventually catch up with me too but the new mechanics really free me up to do more towards ship building. If their are problems for other player methods / perspectives, I think they need addressing in other ways, that do not involve bogging my play style down with forever mining. To be clear I think this update is a step in the correct direction and other problems that are identified should be addressed with more correct steps instead of complaining about this one. Though I am still concerned about the flat 1,000,000 tax for every tile and every ore and its the same for a corp or a person. I think this last part is especially unfair considering from what I understand every member of a corp can put down their own MU on the same tile and basically split the tax among them - produce more ore for less tax (This is based on what I have gleaned from in game chat and posts here so it is not first hand and could be incorrect). Basically I think individuals should pay less and lower tier ores should also pay less since they are worth less (its also how it would work in the real world - people who earn more pay more). Edit: People who pay more tax pay only slightly more tax - not equivalent to keep everyone down. Edit continued: Also I think these taxes and ores that bots are buying should not disappear from the game but rather be used somewhere to make an economy that works. That way a balance can be struck, which seems to be the majority of complaints about the update.
  5. The new system is certainly better for going and doing things other than mining. Almost all my time in game has been spent mining so much so I was barley playing. Since this update I have been on for hours each day...Admittedly this has been scanning to try and find the ores I use as my base staples (T1 and T2) and then I buy everything else. I am also still taking down territories and putting new ones up elsewhere due to the changes this update is making not to mention the impending territory claim that is going to happen when the default taxes run out. My only real concern is the taxes themselves and how much they will take from me to continue the flow of ore. I have not got anywhere near enough to upkeep all the territories I have but then again, I have not concentrated on just moving the ores for sale or manufacture and then sale after that. What I have done is travelled from several planets multiple times, where as before I was moving between two planets once in a while. So on the face of it this update is much better for game play. You could argue the game needs more gameplay but I am certainly doing more in game.
  6. Hopefully this is a silly question because its simply moved however, when I am looking at the build helper menu I do not see the total ship weight anymore. I do not need this right now but when building a new ship or stress testing a ship to find its limits this is really important since it indicates how many engines, breaks, wings etc are required and gives a rough indication of how much cargo to stress test with without dooming the ship to certain destruction. Anyway if anyone knows I would appreciate the enlightenment ?
  7. Other distortions = people who have been selling schematics loose the money they invested however, with a wipe now looking to be on the horizon no money matters in game anyway.
  8. Sorry I do not know, I did put in a bug ticket it would be nice to know which territory a construct is linked with. But to be honest I have pulled most my old tiles and I plan to pull the last one that overlaps this weekend.
  9. I am not fond of schematics since I preferred, working my way through building what I could on the road to making my own ships myself. I have found once you have the blueprints up and running - I do still need to get some of the Blueprints I need. It works as it used to so I am ok with that. I am certainly not fond of the idea of turning the entire game into a kiosk, where you pay for everything and anything in game. If that happened it would be unplayable for me - would literally be a job. So I am on too keen on the idea of replacing schematics with spending money each time you place an industry unit. I think if you were going to replace it with anything, simply make manufacturing anything a skill you have to train and some things cannot be trained before other things - like a tech tree - I think that would be a much better way to avoid everyone having a massive factory.
  10. I feel that anyone who wants to protest should join this thread: I suspect it will be the most fun way to say no to Dementor - if it gets off the ground. If you do join good luck to you
  11. I would suggest making a post asking people to donate one of their HQ tile slots on a tile you need for your project - They claim the tile set is as a HQ and let you build on it. You would have to make pitch for it and get loads of people on board but it would still be possible to have a community goal along the lines of what you are describing. I am still figuring out what I need - trying to find the ores I am after so sorry I do not have a HQ tile to donate myself right at this moment.
  12. Love that someone is going to try this and good luck in the attempt
  13. You did not say it was a risk mechanic specifically you said something along the lines of, the flight mechanics were good. You did say a lot, a game without risk would not work though. I was done with my points but you remind me about the structure mechanics you mentioned, I think these mechanics work great in Red faction - especially guerrilla - however, I think adding them to DU outright would make doing anything in a ship too difficult to allow for any real game play due to damage just bumping into things. So if it was confined to buildings I think it would be very exciting especially for territory battles. Which means that it could actually be a really good idea for the game.
  14. So far its an 8 but you should really have waited for taxes to have been around for a week or two. The negatives being the epic territory scanning game and the apprehension associated with the taxes. Positive being I am no longer bogged down with manual mining.
  15. Interesting take on what DU was meant to be. Though everyone is wearing an environment suit so the issue with water, and flying into space without a cockpit not really hitting home their. Also its very easy to enjoy a game 'without risk' but DU certainly has risk each time you fly in and out of an atmosphere something, which your video seems to have ignored.... Also ships need fuel - kinda the food of the game. Not sure I want to play a game, where I have to wait for my character to get 9 hours sleep each day but I suppose you could make it part of 'healthy life balance feature', to ensure people gets some sleep instead of living in the game like in ready player one. I do agree it would be nice to have some special 'tech' or something for PVP rewards however, I am not sure that is needed in Beta, since you want to try out the core game and this game is still being developed. Lore is a good idea, but we need books in game for us to be able read about it. PVE sounds good but to be honest after a while PVE just becomes an in the way mechanic in most games. I find it quite refreshing its missing here in DU. I am sure you could probably add it in a way that makes PVP / outer planets more 'interesting' in forms of an invasion or something. Personally I have really enjoyed the challenge of building my own ship that can transition between, atmosphere and space, then travel to planets without using the warp drive. Though I prefer to play games via the voyage of discovery, which I think makes them way more challenging, enjoyable and satisfying. I have yet to try PVP probably due to how I like to play games but I am getting their, I just need to find my mining spots finish my asteroid finding ship and then its PVP time - Probably I'll die a lot time (also I have been playing since Alpha - did not do a lot in alpha)
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