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  1. Though I have discovered if you place a static core building over two tiles and setup mining units on the tile not considered to be the tile with the structure your ore skittles will move to the closest point on the tile the structure is considered to be apart of, instead of where you mining units are located. This could be used to have a cave on one tile where you place your mining units but the structure used is actually part of the tile next door and if that is where the entrance to the cave is located, then the skittles would spawn there. I've not tried this part but it should work.
  2. If you've built a structure just under the surface the skittles appear both onto and under the small lip of ground above the building. The only way I found to stop this is to make a hole above the mining units.
  3. Interesting thread and ideas. Personally I enjoy making the ships in DU and really enjoyed overcoming the flight and transition to space mechanics. I continue playing (currently) in the hopes I'll get to make better ship designs at some point. I find the main negative at the moment is the chores that have been added to the game - weekly / twice weekly scans for mining units and the taxes. Between these two all my casual time for the game is taken up and I see next to no increase in my DU wallet to buy more ship parts (except on sale month). So to be honest I think they have the PVP and safe zone play balance wrong because I cannot see any new players even getting to the part of the game I enjoy without years of 'trying' the game. So if nothing else I hope they make changes to these aspects of the game. As for the ownership issues mentioned above I think the ship exporter is probably the correct way to deal with this, since all I personally really care about is the ship designs. The ship exporter perfectly allows me to print 3D models - or will do once I get around to buying a 3D printer. Though I do wonder if NQ should have added a shop for printing our ships for us and then sending them to us from their website. Obviously we would pay for the printing, where the cost depended on print size and postage etc. I am sure this would be a safer way to increase their income a little. Could even be the income that makes the difference for DU. Anyway still hoping the game works out in the long run 🤞
  4. I missed this post in January and only noticed today. I moved a couple of years ago and did update my address on my backers account for Dual Universe around the time of the move, so can you confirm if that address will have been used?
  5. Thank you for this Exporting my creations is something I have intended to look into for some time, so I am very pleased with this. I now just need a 3D printer to allow me to print out all my creations for my desk.
  6. How long does packaging and unpacking them take? Can you add items / remove items from the package once it is made or is it fixed once packaged up? If its fixed its not really the same thing but probably very handy for moving between containers.
  7. I am also still playing and my main gripe would be that I am playing to keep the taxes rolling on so I can one day make enough to buy ship parts to build more ship designs, which is what I like and have enjoyed doing in the game. However, The idea taxes are needed to limit what existing (active) players can do is not the way to go or think about it. If they implemented the suggested increasing taxes like mentioned above I think I might actually leave the game after that - I would almost certainly end most industry in game and I cannot keep up with demand on some things as is. The taxes only server one purpose and that is to ensure tiles are not taken up by inactive players (people not paying for the privilege). Its not ideal but you could not run (financially speaking) a game, as I understand it, without making sure only the paying customers take up the server load, so its not something they could do without. Also enabling prepaid taxes while limiting the amount of prepaid tax, ensures people who go on holiday etc. have a reasonable chance to come back to their tiles if they take a break from the sub, during the time away. While also ensuring people cannot lock tiles away for years on end due to prepaid taxes. Other than the above taxes server no purpose and are of no benefit to the players, as a result I see no reason the taxes need to be high or ever increasing or indeed anything that requires real effort on a players behalf to achieve, especially if you are not part of PVP, which I am not. I would not mind trying it but PVP is not what specifically brought me to this game, nor is it what keeps in the game, since I have not even tried PVP to date (many years have passed). Also regarding the mining calibrations, doing them every week (some units more than once a week) is just a chore and while I do like the idea it takes more than one scan to fully calibrate a unit and that there is optional bonus ore for finding high calibration results. I do not like having to redo it all the time is not a good thing especially since its tied to the taxes anyway so that supersedes any reason for calibration loss. It just feels like something that forces players to login to the game, instead of actually play the game when they want to do so. In my opinion calibration loss could actually be removed from the game entirely since the real constraints on tile management is 'Gravity' or if you rather how much ore you ship can actually move at one time etc. To be clear there are only so many tiles one person can manage each week regardless (especially if you do not PVP so do not use warp). I realise that PVP does required everything as hard or challenging as possible so they all have to choose what resources to invest where etc. However, making all players go through PVP loops is a mistake in my opinion. It was like introducing different speed limits for ships instead of making it about acceleration to reach the speeds, completely PVP based but ignored the increased time to fly somewhere with a load so non PVP players were affected even when not going into PVP space. I guess I think all game mechanics even PVP related should not forget this is meant to be a game and therefore fun for all players, where people enjoy the things they choose to do in game, not simply ticket the PVP mechanics box so it becomes a set of chores, your doing each week instead. Addendum: Having given it some more thought the only reason I would accept mining unit calibration loss as a reasonable mechanic is once someone sub lapses. Thus giving the a small amount of time to remember to resub before there server use is stopped (via Mining units at least).
  8. While I am sure there is a reason for moving every item from one container to another separately and I am not sure how much these moves tax the servers either however, moving about 1000 scans from one container to another certainly takes a minute or two. I think it might be better, at least for scanner results, to have them all add into one book (Scanner Results Book) when they are being created. This would allow people for you to move all scan results with one move instead of each scan individually. You would also still need to be able to remove an individual scan from a book, when it come to selling the results etc. It might also be better to make a Scanner Results Book only work per planet (scanner results from planet A will not go into a book with scanner results from another planet - like planet B), to avoid confusing which book you let the scan results within etc. You'd have to be able to merge scanner result books from the same planet though for this to work as intended. Anyway just thought this would be a good QoL improvement and might save some server work etc.
  9. I missed the live stream but I have just finished watching the recording and its seems like a really good idea. I think its a shame you did not have this a year ago, I think plenty of Beta players would have been happy to be involved and it would have had great possibilities for community involvement back then. Hope it still does 🤞 I also think if its really successfully you could almost make it a game show of sorts and even spin off with people trying to complete the mazes and puzzles that have been built. Anyway looking forward to the next one.
  10. I still LOVE THIS GAME - Glad it is not just me Add some asteroids with mega nodes. - Agreed, though I have not done any asteroid mining since Beta. Unbalance some of the game. - Agreed, max speed was not the way to 'balance' ships, should have been acceleration balance based upon mass and engine thrust (Small ships would always reach higher speeds first with this). Schematics: - Agreed, its not a fun system that's been implemented and have suggested a tech tree alternative (rewarding long standing players but allowing all to participate. which is better in my opinion). Though it has been pointed out originally it was sold as no sub parts being required and that sounds like less server taxing and might be better, certainly worth a try in my opinion if the only reason for schematics is server load. Add something for us to aspire to. - I am not sure about this the game was sold as player driven and as the game is people can aspire to what they want to do. Though I guess a story intro might be nice to teach all the aspects of the game in addition to the tutorials. Bring back the bots. - I am not sure about the bots, I agree the market is not quite as it should be but T2 ore is still more expensive than they were in Beta, where as T1 ore is much lower in prise. I think they might just need to rebalance of the ores quantities (Especially since T2 is the fuel ores and needed just to fly around). I have suggested an exchange of scan results for ore amounts on a tile of the players choosing to make ores more attainable and all tiles potentially useful. Cut the weekly fee on territories by at least half. - I do and don't agree with this. I think the home tiles and the HQ tiles should be without taxes for all players. I also think the corporate taxes should be higher than the individual player taxes, the reason for this is individual players can only manage so many tiles, whereas the organisations can have infinite numbers - dependant on members. So maybe I think leaving the organisation at the current price and simply reduce the taxes for player owned tiles to maybe 100,000 each week would make the single player a more relaxing experience (it is meant to be a game after all). Where as the organisations, which I would have thought will be more likely to PvP and should be more tightly wound as a result. I also think that all single player who owns no tiles other than their home tile(s) (Haven / Sanctuary) and the HQ tiles, should receive the money payed into the taxes divided equally between them (Being part of an organisation would not affect this). Since this would also help drive the economy with single players having funds to buy items from the market and take away the tax blackhole, which provides no services in exchange for the payment of taxes. The blackhole is my personal biggest issue with the tax being in place. Mining units… the upkeep is just irritating. - Agreed. I like you can have bonus or but, I do not see why I need to keep calibrating the units every week to keep them going (these are the things keeping the market going even a little after all). Introduce clear voxels. - Agreed, I would have liked this at the start ship building, I have found a 'work around' for using the glass panels but I am nowhere near a good enough voxel'er to make it look really nice. I think I could just about manage clear voxel though in box or oblong form. Reconfigure the Large Dynamic cores for a 2nd style. - Agreed, it would be great to be able to keep the volume of all cores but change the way that volume is shaped. My ships would look much better, even with my limited voxel skills. Great post Sinjin
  11. Ignoring the slights about doing no testing changing to the type of hard disk is the only change I made and instead of waiting something in excess of 5 minutes to loading the game, I now have maybe 30 seconds. I have also found the game in general is loads better.
  12. I agree ship building was my favourite aspect too, though I have not tried all aspects of the game yet.
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