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  1. My biggest issue with scanning for ore, instead of digging for ore is the fact I am going past territories I like the look of because they do not have the ore's I am interested in. I think this makes most the tiles in the game redundant and locks in ore types away from people. To resolve this I think something along the lines of the following suggestion would go a long way to solve this issue: (The numbers used are examples and could be changed for balance) After you have 500 completed scans in you inventory for a particular planet or moon (all the scans have to be for the same planet or moon) you can go to one of you claimed territories on that planet and use them to change the ores available on that territory to max out one of the ores, that are available on that planet or moon. To be clear all the territory scan results would disappear from your inventory when used up to change a territory pool to favour a particular resource. To finish off the idea, if a tile that has had the ore amounts altered ends running out of tax then ultimately becomes unclaimed, the ore pool should reset to the default (Original) values. Also I do think that a territory with an altered ore pool should be tokenizable since I see no reason anyone willing to spend about five days scanning should not be able to make that into a in game venture. As an example I have over 500 scans (Over 5 days of in game time scanning territories) on Alioth Moon 1 so if this idea was implemented I could go to one of the territories I have claimed on Alioth Moon 1 (Or claim a new one I like better, which is more likely), set it to favour Natron and then have a random amount of Coal and Quartz to make up the remainder of the ore pool. Or set it the territory to favour Pyrite making the territory provide the max amount of that type of ore from the tile and a random amount of Coal and Quartz to make up the remainder of the ore pool. (You could obviously set a territory to favour Coal or Quartz but I have actually found tiles that do this while scanning so not really sure that would be of benefit) I think this idea is a good way to keep people who do a lot of scanning in the game as it rewards time spent no matter what they find. I also think it adds a bit more PVP since anyone can carry territory scans in their inventory and they become more valuable as a commodity too. Thanks for your consideration
  2. Not something for me as I do not have children and not necessarily something to rush to implement since I have no idea how needed this is however, I heard someone say the game is part Minecraft and that got me thinking that maybe a child's account would be a good addition to the account system. The account would have to be linked to an adults account(s) (or a set of adults account - Tempted to say two but I understand families these days can be of a different makeup to that these days, so maybe being linkable to a few adult accounts is better). Anyway the child account character would only be able to travel within the safe zone (Or as close to the edge of the safe zone as you can get without being shot at - I know there was people saying they could be shot from inside the safe zone when it was being tested if they were close enough to the PVP zone - not sure if it is still an issue or not) and only able to chat to the adult accounts it is associated with. You would need to be able to have more than one child account associated with the adult account (For people with more than one child). Anyway though I would suggest this for consideration since it seems like something a family could enjoy in a safe setting (Similar to Minecraft) if people wanted to. But again I have no idea how much demand there would be for this, I just thought it was worth suggesting. Have fun in game no matter your thoughts on this suggestion
  3. I am sure it was mentioned recently on one of the video's but I cannot remember where so I was wondering if anyone know when the physical rewards are coming (I think I am personally am only due the T-shirt)? Also a link to the page that lists the various packages / rewards for backers so I can check what I am meant to receive would be nice too 👍 Thanks in advance.
  4. I suddenly remembered I was due a T-shirt. I am sure I saw or heard something somewhere that said they would be sending them out (Or sending something), I assume they will send an E-mail when they do dispatch. It would be good to have an update on them. 😏
  5. So in my experience Discord not as useful as what I described in my post (I might not have made that clear in my post) and in order to make Discord that useful, you would need to spend time making it that way. I suppose you could argue the players could make there own Discord server that works that way but it would give that particular group the only people to have something so useful. The alternative is the developer integrating discord with the game in a way that facilitates this but that would be taking the time up on this that you are worried about loosing. My feeling is the voice chat should be for everyone in a useful fashion. I have tried some PVP (Another game) with discord and it is useful getting everyone in the channel but you really need people to be able to join more than one channel because Dual Universe combat has and is going to have a lot of players fighting at the same time and having everyone talking in the same channel at the same time is not going to work. Essentially the team members will need a channel with their team leader and the team leader also needs another channel to talk to the people above etc. as this will allow instructions to be passed on seamlessly and clearly. Anyway that is just an example of how I think voice should work in one area of this game. Lastly thing I thought I would point out is, the question does not ask how important it should be over other things they are working just if you could have it would you like it in game. It could end up being one of the last things added to the developers list, if they decided adding it is something they are going to do. Personally I think they should add player weapons first since I think that would make boarding and defending ships more interesting especially as you could add internal turrets to your ships too, so you can fight to the very end (Note: I never quite got to try PVP in this game yet so this is something I imagine will be good). But fair enough if it is not something you feel is needed then your no is a no 👍
  6. Yes, but you would need to have a large amount of choice on what you can ban / who you can hear. Planet wide / system wide / specific groups (Including orgs) / parties / local tile / space region / specific people / etc. IMO if it was implemented without lots of controls, it would either be no use or you'd end up being harassed, which no one wants.
  7. True I love flying in first person and the only option is to make view finder in front of the seat though it is always going to be slightly off (Unless you are a lot better at voxelmancy than I am) because the characters sit squint in their chairs. You can align the view finder with the long range trajectory while in space away from the planets (I do mean travel for a bit then stop to make adjustments). You can dock, you need to have set the docking on the unoccupied ship to on (I set my large ship to owner) and then when you fly another ship to dock on to it you have to tab to open the menu and use the mouse to set docking on or use Alt T (I think that is the default dock key combo - Fairly sure I have not changed it). Personally I make massive cockpit with lots of glass - I want as much view as possible! (I also make a secondary cockpit inside the ship in case the glass one gets damaged) My ships are all manual flight as LUA is only just become something I need to actually have as it seems medium sized ships are too big to use the auto scrips and get a ship with all the outputs you need. Glad you hare having a good time in the game 👍
  8. So I have not played any PVP in this game at present but, watching some of the video's people have been posting for recent news got me thinking that the Warp limitation of being only able to warp directly to beacons or planets is probably one of the issues with PVP not being very exciting for the players. So the idea is, when a group of say for example 10 ships is in combat I think people with warp drives should be able to warp into that location, well a reasonable distance away from it to avoid collisions. You would obviously need the PVP players to test it to find out what a good number of ships should be in a fight before you can detect it and warp in to join the combat area and also what is a good distance for the combat they should warp to. I think this will make combat more dynamic for the PVP players and also make warp drive more realistic since scientist are fairly good at detecting explosions in space these days. You could add other elements to it for balance sake like a time limit before the combat is detected and advertised and also a detection range could be added, which would increase the longer the fighting keeps going. Anyway it was just a thought I had while watching the DU videos. Have fun in game 😀
  9. LOL, I think you find that the 30K was at least fair and not as arbitrary as you might think since the current scientific consensus is the max speed of the universe is the speed of light (or close to it), which means the speed limit has a basis in current scientific fact (just missing a few zeros off the max speed). As for making it about mass, this is completely unrealistic and therefore chosen, hence arbitrary. If we were going to make an arbitrary system it would be a max speed set at light speed (Ish) and then the engine performance on the ships would determine the max acceleration to this max speed, which is the thing that is no longer part of the game and anyone who actually had to fly from point a to point b before they made the change compared to now really does not like this change at all. Only the PVP's who could not fly their ships well enough to get a hauler before it reached max speed had any issues with the previous way it worked. I know they use the excuse of the missions but It only increased the time to make these missions at least one person running them said it made no difference to the way he does them. So I am not convinced this is anything other than a bad change and you will never convince me otherwise.
  10. I will stay after the wipe to see what happens and hope that the game progresses towards what it could be in full. Like everyone I would like things to be different in all kinds of ways but as long as it works together and makes a fun experience that is what really matters. It is a good video and I agree the speed change was a mistake but not enough to stop me playing the game. I would have preferred if they had just separated the adjusters and engines for the various ship sizes and adjusted how much thrust etc. they produce since that would have achieved something similar without it being an arbitrary cap, which very much spoils the space flight. I had not tested to find out that the speed restrictions were severely in place even on small ships so the video was really an eye opener on that. I currently am build hauling ships anyway so small ships was not really on my list of things to try to be honest. So having seen the video the speed changes really do need a rebalance at the very least - Though I would still prefer a less 'blunt' instrument solution to the problem so the general fun in flight is not crippled at the same time.
  11. So I was not after a wipe but I am glad they have said what is happening now (My desires were based around not having to repeat the previous activates already achieved ). I would have liked some things to be different but I am not going to complain about their choices since the main thing I wanted, the core blueprints, I will get to keep. I have been playing solo, waiting to join a corp at release (Turns out a wise-ish choice given the leavers) and designing a ship especially when you get to a medium size takes ages and I would not have looked forward to redesigning my ships on release even if I improved upon them. I notice a lot of people complain about content but but that is not a huge issue for MMO's since they do and will continue to constantly add new stuff once released (assuming the game does well enough). I would expect them to hold some things back from the beta too - saving them for release but I guess we will see when that happens. I would also say that the game premise of content made by players suggests, we can expect us the player base to supply most of the constructs found in the game and as a result a wipe really should attract the correct type of player the game is looking for - people who want to populate the server with their own creations. So hopefully this will work in DU favour. I do agree with people that said there was not much point in doing a huge amount in game from now on. Since, it does mean anything we do in DU from now on will be based on trying things out before the wipe rather than long term goals in the distant future. But I guess we will see what happens. Hope everyone continues to have their fun out there
  12. I am not sure if this is a bug or something weird going on on my end but every time I try and sell more than 1000 of an item (Specifically scrap and fuel) I am getting the message 'Not enough items' when trying to create the sell order. I just wanted to check if this a bug before I report it. So anyone know if this is a bug. (You can see I on the market at the moment 13:05 25/07/22 that I have posted 20 for each fuel type in quantities of 1000 quantities for all the fuels as sell orders, since I did not fancy flying round with all the fuel in my cargo hold) I hope this is not some skill I am missing or some other issue with my client but I am not sure a market bug would be better. Thanks in advance Addendum: Also honeycomb is affected too.
  13. Eve online's safe zones is called insurance. Addendum: I will stipulate its not actually like real insurance since it never covers the full amount of the ship or even close to it but I certain that particular safe zone is never going to be a part of Dual Universe.
  14. The PVP planets might still have safe zones on them but as I understand it these are temporary until planet warfare is added (I thought it was part of the PVP updated). Anyway the safe zone actually consists of about four planets and a few moons (count dependant on sanctuary planets being included) beyond that is all PVP space, which includes most of the planets and I assume moons. With the speed changes made recently makes travelling between the planets (meaningfully with a ship moving goods) in PVP space (regardless of planet sanctuary still being in place) really dangerous, so there really is no issue with the safe zone in the centre of the solar system. Not sure why its even been brought up as a point to be honest.
  15. To be honest its their first one so it was always going to be hard to make it a good one. I think it would probably have been better to wait until release for this kind communications though. As for not answering the wipe / no wipe question I am not as fussed over that so much has what I will get to keep, since for me the main thing is my core blueprints. These let me make my ships again, which I spent months making, just by having the parts. To be clear I really liked the challenge of making them but challenges like that are only really fun once - you cannot go back and enjoy it the same way a second time round. So I not saying I would not play but it likely would kill the enjoyment of that game aspect for me until I get to something new and this aspect is a big part of the game at present. I'd also like a 'magic blueprint' in what ever form is require to make it fair since that's going to make me enjoy other aspects of the game to unlock it (I assume an unlock barrier of some kind), instead of spending ages acquiring all the parts needed, which is not a grind I'd like to face again for something I have already done. This would keep me playing with a slightly different goal in mind and keeping things fresh. As for Skill points, my main issue with loosing the skill points is I'll never remember what I trained and in what order so it will be a faff choosing what to train in what order. I feel like I would like to keep them but part of me also feels like I would be happy with loosing them and simply having a list of skills E-mailed to me stating what skills I had and what order I trained them. I have no issue with them using pod casts to answer the not as important questions to the community since the other questions will be done to death (and are) during two way communications between NQ and the community.
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