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  1. Thanks again sHuRuLuNi, I just tried it and its worked fine (Moved the folder to my SSD and it loads much quicker now too )
  2. Thank you Haunty and sHuRuLuNi, I will give it a go.
  3. Hopefully a quick question, who's answer is not reinstall... I have noticed that when loading the game uses 100% of the hard disk I put the game cache onto and I was wondering if there is way to move this without reinstalling the game if possible? The current disk is an older disk and not really one would have picked to load up a game from (Loading can take form 5 to 10 minutes before it starts the actual % load in screens - I assumed incorrectly the cache folder would be for downloads etc that would then be installed in the game install folder, which is how I got into this mess.
  4. Ok so I managed to die to one of these Voxels today (traveling about 60KPH) I was just trying to get to a new part to the take off strip I have been making, fortunately I have a respawn point on my ship so I did not have far to travel. The good news is I could see the Voxel I hit and removed it when I found it (really quickly) and I assume this is due to the changes they have made to Voxels recently and its working well, I found every Voxel blocking my ship today and it looks like I have found all them that affect my ship on the take off strip. (have swung my ship around to test). So I am plea
  5. So I have tried again today with this and the best I can manage is to have the engines I want to control turned off when I start the ship and then I can turn them on any time I want but what I cannot do is turn them off again. Also weirdly the engines seem to turn on when my engine group is set to false (super weird). Anyway the details of what I have added to the LUA is below and I called my engine group DTHE (The custom engine tag). If anyone has any ideas why this is not quite working and turning on when it is false that would be helpful. (Obviously I have no idea what I am doin
  6. Also the new Maneuver tool limitation does not help trying to find these Voxels, I assume this was designed to stop abuse of the tool. Though I am not sure how you'd abuse it since it took so long to move anything any real distance, with this tool.
  7. I would have reported this as a bug but I feel this is actually working as intended and so I putting this here as a suggestion instead. (sorry if this should have been a bug) So I have started making my second take off strip on a mountain (I seem to be able to land easily enough without a landing strip) and the issue I have with these is: Once you flatten the desired area, and 'dig out' the mountain left above this I am finding quite a few tiny specs of voxel's left over and I cannot really see them on my screen at all, which makes finding them an issue. I only need to remove them
  8. Thanks for the reply and sorry I have not tried the scripting again yet. I am actually trying to turn on an off atmospheric engines and to give you an idea of the ship design I have short video of the ship (Unlisted link) and this shows the engines located at the sides of the ship pointing downwards in an always on state. This is a recording I did of my first 1G transition from space to Atmosphere and its a good build for a ship, it needs two more engines at the back and two more hover engines to cope with the full load (over 2,200 tones total weight). I have found a w
  9. I did give this a try based on the video but the scripts seem to have changed a bit since that was posted. I did get it kind of working to start with in that I could start piloting the ship and the engines were off then I pressed the option 1 key and they would go on but I could not get these to go off again unless I stopped flying the ship and then started flying again (the engines would start on their own) and then I could use the option 1 key to turn them off. I am sure it will be something I have done incorrectly due to the changes made since the video especially since I tried some ot
  10. Thanks for these replies I will give it a go as soon as I can
  11. Simply put I would like the ability to turn off specific engines to save fuel either by specific engines only working at specific heights or allowing engines to be controlled by manual buttons (I have tried this with atmospheric engines and they do not turn the engines off and on). To explain what I want this for please read the below: I realise that the atmospheric flight in this game uses gliding/aerodynamics for lift so the downward atmospheric engines is probably not a thing for most players. However, I would like to use atmospheric engines to aid lift off and landings esp
  12. I built my first space station the other day and since it was 65 KM from the planet, I decided to put many windows in. I also decided to put a few industry units in, which make a lot of noise and I think it would be nice to be able to make quite zones (look at the view in peace).This could also be done with another wall type (called soundproofing) to cancel out sounds not inside the room or it could be an inherent property with all material types used to make walls. I kind of like both ideas since they allow for different uses but if I had to choose one I'd pick the new wall type that offers s
  13. I am unsure if there will be missions but no reason they could not be part of this if they do end up being added to the game. I think a Tutorial/Mission Manager, would be a good idea since it would allow people to pick the currently active tutorial etc. and potentially allow people to pick up where they left off a tutorial (instead of having to restart). The reason I would like this added is due to the fact I accidently ended the after tutorial, tutorial and when I restarted, I am now stuck at deploying the ‘Sanctuary Territory Claim unit’. I think adding this would remove some iss
  14. So I have heard of orbital bombardment as an Idea and I think the game should go one step further with Meteor shows, I am not suggesting a lot of them possibly one a day in one system. These meteor shows should be hazards in space to ships, stations and to ground facilities. This should add some extra risk to the game and to offset that they should drop some ores and possibly an occasional artefact (I saw on a stream that the game will have these). Asides from that the mechanics could be: - Meteor shows would enter a system at the outer edge and head to a planet and essentially bo
  15. I was going to suggest just four player name colours however, I realised this idea could go beyond just that simple use. Therefore, the suggestion is: Basic idea is Player Name Colours to indicate factions, the actual colours used are not important to me however, I have picked colours to make the suggestion clear (Though on a personal note I would rather not be pink or Purple!). So the player names could be set to colour as follows: Red: Enemies (factions your faction is at war with, people who have shot at you, people who you have shot at, people who have stolen from y
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