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  1. Number of Successfully Completed Missions: Very Easy: 377 Number of Failed Missions: Very Easy: 464 i don't think that "Very Easy" means what you think it means.
  2. A value of 0 or 1 would evaluate to true in the if statement above, so the answer is: the code will not behave the same if changed to a boolean. But then, the original code was broken so...
  3. If it is repeatable, open a ticket to support describing the issue.
  4. Running AAA games at 60fps on hardware drawing only 22W? I guess I really overdid it getting a 750W power supply ...
  5. All terrain within the boundaries of a static construct should be converted (on core placement) to normal voxels with terrain material types. Thus all voxel tools (copy, paste, delete, smooth etc.) could be used to landscape the build.
  6. I believe Vendetta Online might qualify. No one I've asked has even heard of it, and its been around for 20 years and is still being actively developed (currently FTP but was subscription up to a few years ago). I should add that I never really played it but did try a free trial many years ago (decided on Eve Online instead).
  7. Given the disappointment expressed with Talemai ore (you know what I'm talking about), I hope the new planets will do things differently. If not more higher tier ore to scan, at least richer surface harvesting: higher percentage of T2 vs T1 and/or T3+ rocks. I kind of favor the later as it should give casual players a reason to spend time & effort on the planets.
  8. I admit that I don't know much about this stuff, but can anyone enlighten me why voxel layers matter given that when converted to a mesh only the surface (triangles) are downloaded to the client (which renders them)?
  9. NQ: please introduce a new type of radar with a detection range of constructs that have weapon elements to say... 10su. The new radar should be considered a weapon as well. There should be no objection to PvP enthusiasts being able to find each other to fight.
  10. My understanding is that even with HTML enabled, the dynamic HTML content (set by a programming board) is only seen on the client that activates the programming board (i.e. is not sent to the server for dispatch to other clients in the screen's vicinity). Correct me if I'm wrong.
  11. I have only seen something like that when I do an instant sell at a market with no buyers. Lots of Market bots have had their quota of ore buy orders exhausted.
  12. They should have assigned a shift click deployment key to pop-up the virtual scaffolding dialog box (I'd accept a wireframe of the construct too if needed) with initial values (scale would be fixed to 1) set to the deployment settings. That would allow precise placement and rotation. There would still be some tedium in getting the desired alignment but it would at least be straight forward.
  13. For me, on Windows 10, I found it by Click "Start" menu button Select "Settings". Select "Power & sleep". On the right hand side, under "Related settings" click: "Additional power settings." Under "Preferred plans" click on "Change plan settings" for the plan your PC is using. Click "Change advanced power settings". You should now see the pop-up in the picture above (in your active language setting). Continuing: Expand "Processor power management." Expand "Maximum processor state." Click on the "100%" link and set it to 99. Thanks to VanDamage for pointing this out.
  14. Not a lot of information to go on, but I think it safe to say the CPU is not stressing the GPU at all. I would start by turning down graphics options to see if that helps, and open a ticket with DU support with all the information you can gather.
  15. With the return of element lifetimes the development of Lua flight scripts (e.g. flying_construct.conf) carries the risk of excessive costs. The solution would be to provide a VR environment similar to that in the "Challenges" tab of the Surrogate Pod UI, but where the ships have no DRM restrictions on their controllers. The code loaded into those controllers should not be saved to the server, but copy & paste should be permitted. Loading of configuration from the lua/autoconf/custom folder should be allowed. Offering a variety of ships would be great and if a variety of elements (radars, guns etc.) were available to modify the ships it would magnify the development possibilities.
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