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  1. Rockets can be turned off from the keyboard (default is 'B' for "Booster"). Lua scripts use to be able to pulse rockets at high rates to generate an effective thrust of any desired value, but a change that forced the pulse interval to be at least 0.5 seconds have made those less useful (unit.setEngineThrust).
  2. From this comment I suspect you are playing (more-or-less) solo. So I'm curious as to why the fixation on T4&5 ores? Would you be "out" at some later point in time even if they were available in safe zones?
  3. This has been requested for years. Its one of the hightest voted suggestions: https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/122830/voxel-vertices-editor
  4. To program flight mechanics requires a knowledge of kinetics (physics) and that requires knowledge of vector analysis (and both require math skills like trigonometry). To program 3D graphics requires knowlege of linear algebra and so on. Knowing a programming language (Lua) gives you a tool to use what you know (math, physics etc.) to accomplish a goal using a computer. Or it allows you to take someone elses directions to accomplish their goal using a computer. The only alternative to enabling players to use their skills/talents to accomplish something, is to limit what everyone is able to do to what anyone is able to do - boring.
  5. Only Sanctuary restricts mining to the territory you have claimed, everywhere else your free to mine everything you find on an unclaimed hex. If you are on a moon or anywhere else you don't have access to the manufacturing unit and need kergon you go to a market and buy it like veryone else
  6. Every planet has a t2 ore that can be used to craft kergon. If you are on Alioth, you can take a shuttle to Sanctuary and surface harvest all four t2s from the territory you have/can claim (if you were/are lucky your territory might have one or more t2s you can mine too).
  7. Well, I added a suggestion for read/write access to voxels from Lua. True, 99.5% of players wouldn't use it, but the 0.5% who do would create amazing things everyone would use. https://upvote.dualuniverse.game/suggestions/150263/support-lua-readwrite-access-to-voxels
  8. EQU8 (anti-cheat software used by DU) is not supported on Linux.
  9. Apparently (haven't tried it), you can simulate pasting from your PC clipboard into the GFN window using keyboard automation. Example: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/gfn-general-chat/20/302652/clipboard-forwarding/
  10. I thought it was a synthesized voice myself... and not one of the latest generation algorithms either. But it could have been a natural voice that was post processed (e.g. autotune) to sound like that.
  11. I can't think of an MMO where having multiple accounts doesn't generate an advantage of some kind over a player with one account. I can't think of a workable solution as free-to-play (eliminating the pay aspect) will just make things worse.
  12. I run Chrome (with Adblock Plus - the only extension I use) on my PC and I have not seen this "side-bar".
  13. If the territory is claimed (TCU), then the modifications to it should persist indefinitely. Otherwise, I think its ok if the modifications are erased when noone has recently visited the territory.
  14. I think this information is way out of date. This is probably more current but not the latest either: https://www.dnb.com/business-directory/company-profiles.novaquark_inc.981afa95a964419e3a26467bf4a292c7.html
  15. If DU was in a different place feature and quality wise, NQ could consider which additional platforms to support. The resulting business case (cost-benifit analysis) for Windows 7 (also supported by Steam) is FAR stronger than Linux. And I use Linux (currently Fedora) for software development exclusively.
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