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  1. For me, on Windows 10, I found it by Click "Start" menu button Select "Settings". Select "Power & sleep". On the right hand side, under "Related settings" click: "Additional power settings." Under "Preferred plans" click on "Change plan settings" for the plan your PC is using. Click "Change advanced power settings". You should now see the pop-up in the picture above (in your active language setting). Continuing: Expand "Processor power management." Expand "Maximum processor state." Click on the "100%" link and set it to 99. Thanks to VanDamage for pointing this out.
  2. Not a lot of information to go on, but I think it safe to say the CPU is not stressing the GPU at all. I would start by turning down graphics options to see if that helps, and open a ticket with DU support with all the information you can gather.
  3. With the return of element lifetimes the development of Lua flight scripts (e.g. flying_construct.conf) carries the risk of excessive costs. The solution would be to provide a VR environment similar to that in the "Challenges" tab of the Surrogate Pod UI, but where the ships have no DRM restrictions on their controllers. The code loaded into those controllers should not be saved to the server, but copy & paste should be permitted. Loading of configuration from the lua/autoconf/custom folder should be allowed. Offering a variety of ships would be great and if a variety of elements (radars, guns etc.) were available to modify the ships it would magnify the development possibilities.
  4. I think early DU game designers were influenced by Elder Scrolls Online (e.g. use of Lua for extensions, and has pets) Pets in ESO can follow you around, but also can reside in your home where you can set pathing (and perhaps more - I haven't spent that much time playing it) so that visitors can get a sense that the house is "lived" in as opposed to being "moth-balled" (this is especially true if some home "furnishings" are "people" you can interact with). In DU we can use detectors, programming boards (Lua), and screens to provide reactive environments for visitors, but anyone who played Fallout 76 in the early days knows (which did have NPC robots), players don't care for unpopulated environments (even with content/quests and non-compulsory PvP). Bethesda back-tracked on that and now Fallout 76 has NPCs and companions that are not robots (yes there are other issues with the game but they fixed this one). So I would like to see NQ wrap a detector and program board/Lua Screen into a distinctive Avatar skinned element with an emote API (deployment restricted to static and space cores) and call that a "pet" - one that will be far more interesting then what ESO or F76 provide.
  5. It might happen. In the reset stream there was mention of an end-of-beta event (or events?) of some sort.
  6. Yeah. Its been a whole month since his last post to the forums...
  7. I looked up JCs patents and found only one that would apply to DU. If I recall correctly it looked to me like JC took the concept of octrees in graphics and applied it to prioritizing client state synchronization. I can't say if it was better (and by how much) over existing approaches. There may also have been technology that wasn't patented of course, and this was from 3 years or so ago.
  8. I was really looking forward to the new planets and thought the Beta wipe was going to be when they would introduce it. It wasn't and I forgot about it, but maybe we should ask Aphelia if the changes have been dusted off and completed or was it all a mirage?
  9. I think NQ actually has ideas about preserving more than just BPs, but implementing those ideas would fall to the limited development staff who are busy trying to finish the release features that the game designers have decided are needed. As a consequence, they don't want to announce a full wipe because they hope to avoid that, but can't announce what will be preserved because they are not sure what will be ready in time. By far the nightmare scenario (good for a quote) is a partial wipe that isn't properly tested, and which blows up when the game goes live. And maybe that will determine whether a full wipe is done.
  10. So, ultra-fast express delivery is magic, but instant assembly of a big space ship from materials in a container a 10th its size located a km away is... not?
  11. I have never heard of intra-planetary hauling being a real thing. And no way would I search for someone to haul something I could make in my nano-pack on the spot. I don't have that much energy or patience. I think a lot of people will buy something they can get right away instead of making it themselves and waiting.
  12. Looking at the problem statement: "Too many people building everything without involving others", why does NQ (and a lot of players) equate that with a problem with industry that needs fixing (one way or another). Focus on making it easier for people to buy instead of making things harder to build. My suggestions are: Make all markets on a planet have the same buy and sell orders (e.g. place Market 6 terminals in every marketplace on Alioth and get rid of the local terminals). Distribute markets around planets so every territory is close to a market. I like how Haven was set up (may have added a few more markets though). Change the nano-crafter so any item it can make can alternatively be instantly bought from the planetary market (if being sold by a player) and placed in your inventory (same as if it had been crafted). Remember, its consumer spending that drives economies not manufacturing.
  13. Does the "glitch" persist when you leave build mode?
  14. If you are going to do a wipe prior to release then do it right: Grandfather all those who have been subscribed to Beta for 3 months or more into the alpha program at a level commensurate the length of time they subscribed (i.e. give them DACs) Give everyone eligible for DACs or who preorders the release a starting pool of talent points (e.g. 30days worth of training). Preserve blueprints. Note: in practice most are obsolete or require a lot (months) of resources & industry development before they can be used. FIX the ECONOMY! A wipe will NOT do that by itself. I suggest: Have all marketplaces on a given planet or moon reference the same pool of buy/sale orders. Sale orders can be created at any marketplace like today. Buy orders can be fullfilled anywhere on the planet (no flying back and forth just to get an item which can be crafted locally faster). Perhaps a new kind of dispenser could be created for use in static constructs.
  15. You should introduce players to the flashlight early on. If they land on a spot at night, or use the VR station to a location at night Its hard to see. Also, its nice to emphasise the loss of inventory on death or exiting VR, but you should qualify it by excluding Tools and Data Files (types in the drop down). The final step of clicking on the POA Manager screen won't work if a tool is selected, which is likely the case if the last action was to fuel up your speeder. And that will be frustrating to someone who hasn't experienced it a thousand times
  16. They never said what the maximum time is - they should have. 18 hours is the minimum time (its in your quote from the devblog) and they didn't say what determined the actual time which would also be nice to know.
  17. There is a lot of Lua code out there that is based on the motion of space ships following a well defined physics model and also using the Lua API that supplies the current velocity, rest mass, and acceleration (e.g. thrust, gravity). Will the new physics model details be published? Is there any change to the way ships behave in the atmosphere?
  18. People seem to be ignoring this response. Let me say that adjustors are intended to produce TORQUE without producing linear FORCE (thrust). This makes it much easier to to build ships that can point in any direction without inducing drift. I personally like the fact that DU uses physical laws instead of video game physics when possible.
  19. I like what I saw in the video (in particular the absence of the actual tool from the field of view). I'm unsure how noticeable the loss in precision will be (no doubt there will be cases where it is noticable). One cautionary note. Some time ago I created a floor tile pattern with thin voxel "grout" lines separating the tiles (created using the old voxel smooth tool so I can't give an actual size - maybe 1/32?). It looked perfect until the vertex server was introduced. Everything was (and is) still fine in build mode but on exit the floor was (and still is) a total mess. The grout lines were distorted in some places and missing in others. Any chance the new grid will be treated better by the vertex server?
  20. Logging was/is CRITICAL to my development of an enhanced flight script. It allowed gathering information essential to understanding how physics in DU work (e.g. air density vs altitude, engine thrust vs. air density, the coefficient of drag etc.). It permitted me to identify (and report) BUGS. E.g. the time when the API (correctly) reported the construct mass sans nanopack mass, but the physics engine was including the nanopack content mass (which caused the ship to crash I might add). So to maintain and improve the flight script I log once a second vital flight information (think of it as my BLACK BOX). Removing this capability is unconscionable, as will become clear as time (and code changes) will prove.
  21. Cloud storage systems have limits based on what you pay. DU has a limit (5 Headquarter territories). Cloud storage gives you more if you pay more. DU lets you have more if you play more. Now if you stop paying things change. In DU at least, I believe your Sanctuary contents will be preserved (but not necessarily the location itself).
  22. I'm pretty sure that was in the context of a game expected to have 10's of thousands of active players. Not the handful of players who think they should be able to build a megalopolis by themselves (with an alt or 2 and maybe a friend) which has to be effectively subsidized by a relatively small player community. NQ has to make this game profitable, and it seems they have a business plan (finally!) based on a realistic view of the number of players they can expect to have. It consists of revenue increases (raise the subscription price) and cost cutting (reduce server and network resource usage - still in progress). The removal of the legacy mining system in favour of the mining unit, and territory taxes are clearly motivated by the need to cut costs. The mining unit change eliminates a whole slew of direct costs. The taxes do not, but do have secondary effects on costs associated with resources that are reserved by players, but unused (especially by inactive players).
  23. Sounds like you want to return to the "Borg cube" meta.
  24. First, to recap feedback in an earlier post on this issue, complexity is a means to limit server load related to voxel storage. It would be nice to know a little more about this. Is it a building cost or the cost of loading in a construct (i.e. related to the mesh server). But either way, the current measure should just indicate where a "hotspot" is to be found in a construct. If there is any move towards enforcing the limitation (it is not now) it should be a construct limit.
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