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  1. Well said. It's almost like my situation at my job with the developers. The most successful changes are those that involve the developers, engineers, DBAs, support, management. If only one team is involved in the change without the input of the others it usually ends up being a total disaster.
  2. I know that many folks have already chimed in on the topic of core restrictions, but I'm going to add mine to the mix...NQ-Deckard asked us to comment, so here it goes. I'm new to DU, I didn't play during Alpha or early Beta due to limitations with my hardware, but once I had the financial ability to upgrade my system I did - the very first thing I did was install Dual Universe and get started. I've only been playing for about 3 months now - but learning curve aside and minor bugs here and there I've had a great time. I came for the mining - but shortly after I got going that was removed. Boo. I moved to asteroids, but the ore market had tanked so I fired up as many MUs as I could. Still earning quanta was slow, but damn...I love this game. The visuals and the ability to literally do anything kept me around daily. So I spent time learning how to build ships and other things, diving into voxelmancy and coming up with things to build and maybe sell...plus some grandiose plans for a massive base in the mountains. So I claimed numerous tiles to get started...taxes came. Still, I pulled it together and kept things rolling. I hatched numerous plans and started building up my base and other projects. I felt the most creative that I've felt in MANY years. I was happy and being productive and more importantly learning and enjoying myself. Whoa! The vertex precision toll is on the horizon! Awesome, some very difficult to do voxel things I had planned will be easier...but wait...core limitations arrive. As a solo-player running his own org with no other members this means that I'm restricted to just 25 constructs. Uhm. How is that supposed to work? My MUs total 6 core already, I have 4 ships currently and a base that is 6-7 cores currently, plus other constructs on the base. I'm near to the max already...and haven't even begun ship building projects or my mega base. To say that I'm disappointed and depressed over this planned change would be an understatement. In the very short time I've been in DU I've become very addicted to it and play every single days - for hours. But after this devblog was published I haven't logged in once. Why bother? My mega base will never become a reality, my current base building must stop - and even be shrunken down if I want to build any ships - or set up any more MUs. I've worked in the software development/Engineering space for over 20 year. During which time I've seen my small application grow from 50,000 clients to over 1 million. During those years we've had MANY challenges and hit the wall on server and software limitations numerous times. Do you know how we handled it? We increased our server(s) memory/CPU/storage, and when that cap was being reached we expanded our server farm. *WE* the organization delivering the service(s) to our clients took the costs of expanding, maybe prices to our clients were increased a little to compensate, but *never once did we say to our clients, "Sorry, but we can't handle you using our application the way it was designed for you to use it. You need to limit your usage.* Not once did that thought ever come into our minds. Why? Because it's not good business. Period. The day you ask your clients to adjust to your shortcomings and limitations in that manner is the day that they stop being your clients. I totally understand your limitations and sympathize with your plight, but please - a change like this totally kills any chance for solo players to do anything creative in the game. At the very least increase the max to 50 constructs per player and a base of 50 for orgs. A limit of 100 constructs is bad, but it's a whole lot better than 25 - and something I can plan around. Thank you for considering this request. I still love DU and have high hopes for it, but right now I'm concerned for it's longevity. The outcry among the player base is quite dramatic. Good luck. -Trakkur
  3. No lie, I've crashed to desktop 6 times in a row tonight - simply exiting my ship and walking around it with a repair tool in hand while parked outside Market 6 on Alioth. This hasn't happened before today, so something must be up. I wanna play dang it!
  4. Follow-up questions on video cards capable of running DU well. How important is ray tracing for DU - and which video cards with ray tracing features (current or coming soon) would you consider for playing DU? Still struggling to decide on a card, but currently looking at 1070ti and 1660ti. Not sure if those have ray tracing, or if I should even care?
  5. I'll see if maybe I can swing a CPU upgrade as well. Thanks for the info. I'm on SSD so good there.
  6. Thanks - I know it's outdated in a bad way...but upgrading the CPU, memory and mainboard along with GPU just isn't an option for me. I was hoping to get away for just the GPU, but maybe not. Meh.
  7. Thanks for the reply - do you have a suggestion on which might be a good choice?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new to Dual Universe but a friend recommended it to me - and even game me a Beta key he won recently so I'm eager to try it out. Unfortunately, my system seems to be unable to handle it. The game loads up just fine, but when I attempt to play everything is incredibly herky-jerky and stupid slow reponse. Unplayable sadly. Based on how long ago I built this machine (5 years) I'm not surprised, but I simply can't afford to rebuild it completely. So I'm looking to figure out a way to replace certain components that may do the trick. I'm running Windows 10 Pro x64 on on an ASUS Sabretooth Z87 motherboard with 16gb of ram and an Intel i5-4670K CPU at 3.4ghz. The CPU *may* be ok for DU, but the Video card is certainly my Achilles heel in this build - NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 with only 2gb of RAM. Take a look at the attachment of my performance results while I was trying to run DU. Yuck! Other than scrapping the entire system and rebuilding (which is NOT an option) - what would you think is my best option? Replace the video card for sure, but boost the CPU memory perhaps? I *think* just upgrading to a better video card would do the trick, but I was wondering if anyone had any other ideas...and even a suggestion on a video card to get for DU. I was considering maybe an RTX 2060 Super (GPU: Turing (TU106) | GPU Cores: 2176 | Boost Clock: 1,650 MHz | Video RAM: 8GB GDDR6 14 Gbp) for around $250, but maybe there is something better and not much more expensive? I'm also aware that there are new video cards on the horizon that may shake this all up completely...but I'm open to suggestions. I'm not in a rush to play yet and want to make sure I get the best I can afford - and may not have to skimp on features. I imagine ray-tracing is very important for DU. Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome. Thanks! -Trakkur
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