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  1. I'm in an org with another guy - 4 accounts between us - and this is how I play DU. I log in before work to calibrate MUs. My org has a spreadsheet for this. Once the MUs are calibrated i check the status of the warp cell factory, and add resources as necessary. I check for any territories that need their taxes paid. We have MUs on two different planets. Once a week per planet, we go get the ore and take it to market. I call this "Space Trucker." This is my favorite part of DU because i get to fly spaceships. As a terrible pilot, this is exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. Landing 7000 tons on Alioth may be easy for you fancy people but for me it's hard, and fun, and scary in equal measure. My crash rate has declined, but it's not zero. And that's it. I'm not good at PvP. I'm not good at building. I log in every day because i love the game, but i log out because there's nothing to do unless i'm hauling ore. Reply to this post and tell NQ your game play loop.
  2. jesus, why does everyone think the devs are reading this forum looking for ideas?
  3. Oof, i hope these numbers get adjusted. My little org with 2 players and 4 accounts is well over 300 constructs. We have 41 mining bases, over 30 ships, and a 3-hex base on madis that is mostly paved. Taking that down to 100 constructs would mean reducing our "stuff" by two-thirds.
  4. To be clear, you can now run industry on hexes that you aren't paying taxes on? Is that what an offline hex is?
  5. I would trade the bonus ore you get for not having to recalibrate. Even better, let me recalibrate once a month and get the bonus ore, and then that calibration is good for a month. If i like the calibration i get, i can just let it ride and leave it alone. Stop making me recalibrate 12 different MU every 4 or 5 days if i want to mine T1-T3. Make 100% calibration harder to get, but if i get it let me not have to recalibrate unless i want to try for a bigger number. Demeter doesn't let me mine but trades that for making me haul ore; i am cool with that gameplay. Let me spend less time babysitting my miners and more time building things.
  6. Excellent breakdown of what DU has become. I'm a medium-core player - honestly, i was putting in 30 hours a week with half of that on weekends - and with another player in my org and one alt, i was able to build a base on madis that spans 3 tiles, have two warp-cell factories running, and buy all the cool ships i could eat. Now i worry about how low i should let my efficiency go on a MU before i recalibrate, should it be in VR or not, which ship do i use to gather up the ore on various planets that would be the most efficient use of warp cells, are there hexes i haven't scanned that might be more productive, on and on and on. TL:DR i used to spend half my time fiddling with my base or buying ships, and half my time in the dirt mining. Now i spend 80% of my time calibrating/hauling ore, and 20% of my time worrying that i have too many TUs and can't afford them. It's a different game, for sure.
  7. Check the schematic description carefully. For smelters, make sure you have the "product" schematic and not the "Honeycomb" schematic. Only a moron would buy 8 honeycomb schems thinking they were product schems. Not me, nope. Wouldn't be me. WTS lots of honeycombs schems
  8. OK, it creates a little one-shot BP that de-compactified once i equipped it.
  9. I compactified a little flyer and now it won't un-compactify. when i deploy the bp i get a "not enough material" error.
  10. Bummer. I just learned how to make a floor.
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