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  1. This was a thing in beta, and a lot of times if you go into build mode and jiggle the offending element, it works fine (move it left one, then back right.) i had to jiggle all 67 wings on my inquisitor after every patch towards the end of beta.
  2. What's happening with the space welfare? Is that going away?
  3. This is causing some confusion: Finally, if you've subscribed to the game, ensure that you have at least six months of talent training queued up. Some people are reading this as, you should have your talents queued before launch. Can you confirm that this is meant for post-launch?
  4. • Fixed the inability to create sell orders with quantities above 1000 units. Thank you.
  5. This is now almost a week old and still not fixed. @NQ can we get some kind of update? I'm a small-time miner but i still mine 2 million liters a week, and i don't have enough adderal to create 2000 separate orders.
  6. Has anyone found a workaround for this? @NQ wth, man? Had 300k gold nugs on a sell order at Alioth market 6. after the last patch, i used the J menu to go in and adjust the price. That dropped the ore into my storage locker at the market. No worries, jumped in my Celestial cause it's fun to fly and rolled out to the market. Get to the market terminal and move the ore into my ship's storage. Try to create a sell order. Nope. Uhh, some bug that only lets you list 1000 at a time. Hmm, weird. Anyway, just gonna move the ore back to my storage locker. Moving it back (from my ship's inventory) triggers either an instant sell or create a sell order. Don't want to sell for 19 and don't want to make 300 separate sell orders. My ship weighs 600 tons and while it will hold 300k liters of gold nugs, it will not fly that out of the atmo (i live on madis). My choices now are: log out and not play. wait for NQ to fix. deactivate my res pod, die back to madis. wth, @NQ?
  7. My thoughts are, continuing to limit what players can do/have in the game because of infrastructure costs means your business can't afford to support the game. Pull the plug.
  8. Is there a file or table we can export for the talents we trained? Sorry if this has been asked before.
  9. Does this mean that constructs will survive the reset?
  10. Nothing. Wipe it all. Everyone start over.
  11. Thanks to everyone for your replies. It's comforting to know that i'm not the only one looking at the current state of the game and starting to ask myself, "why am i doing this?" Love the concept underlying the game - build anything! explore! shoot people! - and flying a ship in DU is one of my favorite video game things ever. I hope they figure something out.
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