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  1. Yeah, i had no idea about it either, heard it from my friend that there was an interview.
  2. Yepp, this is a bug. Me and my friend have had this issue for 3 days now. We just have to wait until NQ fixes the bug.
  3. Screen++ version 3.0 has been released. A tutorial video have been published on youtube. Link to the tutorial and link to the codes can be found in the top post. Have fun!
  4. Happy you guys like it, yeah css can be nasty sometimes 😃 Sure thing mate, i will leave some example codes that are commented in the upcoming updates. I will very soon release Screen++ version 3.0 with new features that has been added. I will post it here in this post, so stay tuned!
  5. Hello all Noveans, So ive made a small program that i call Screen++ that enables you to add animations to your screens easily. You can use it to create geometrical shapes like ovals, circles or lines and animate them. You can make the geometrical shapes to move in x or y coordinate or change the colors of the border och background of the shapes in intervalls. You can add text and animate them the same way you can animate the geometrical shapes. Check out the newest version (below) to see what new features has been added. -------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW VERSION 3.0 -------------------------------------------------------------------- DATE: 2020 11TH OCTOBER --NEW in version 3.0: -- added ability to set background image, import any picture you like and display it on your screen, normal (use base64) -- +/- in displace elemets in all direction -- added rotation for all functions, clockwise or counter clockwise -- added triangle, normal and animated -- added rectangle, normal and animated (square, width=height) -- added ability to set backgroundcolor, normal and animated -- Z-index, whats elements that should be behind or infront of other elements -- added so all functions can have filled or transparent background (only border will show) -- possible to use Hexcolors -- use variables -- link code/animations to external elements (like a door for example) Tutorial on how to use Screen++ 3.0: I STRONGLY recommend that you watch the video on youtube and not here. Because ive putted timestamps so you easier can navigate through the video This is the link to the codes that you need to copy and past into your programming board (github): https://github.com/robarzangana/dualuniverseRepo/blob/main/screenplusplus_version_3.0 If you have any questions/requests be sure to tell me about them here or on youtube. I hope you'll enjoy it! -------------------------------------------------------------------- OLD VERSION 2.0 -------------------------------------------------------------------- Ive made a tutorial on youtube on how to use Screen++, and im sorry in advance, because i mess up few times in the video. (its my second video): This is the link to the codes that you need to copy and past into your programming board (github): https://github.com/robarzangana/dualuniverseRepo/blob/main/screenplusplus_version_2.0 If you have any questions/requests be sure to tell me about them here or on youtube. I hope you'll enjoy it!
  6. Hmm thats pretty shitty mate. What have they told you so far in ticket support? Like i told them, if they dont fix it in this ticket, i want my money back. And then he checked my account and found the issue.
  7. NVM, just press BACKSPACE+SHIFT, and it will teleport you out
  8. So i am doing a building tutorial, after it finnished loading screen, i am in a place where the building does not load in. THere are no walls or floor. Ive waited a while for it to maybe load in, but nothing so far. Anyone who experienced this and possible have a fix for it?
  9. Nevermind, i just had to wait it out for a long time. Suddenly it worked!
  10. Did anyone have same issue? And if you solved the issue, how did you do it?
  11. No im not kickstarter-backer. But i was able to solve the issue, now i can play the game. The issue was that the payment had not gotten through, it said i had gone thorugh, but when i checked the bank it had not. So i payed again, it went thorugh this time. And im able to play the game now.
  12. Okey, i got response from my ticket and they sent a new account activation, and it did not work. I still get the error 106. So support in discord were not correct. And now i have to wait even more days until i get next response in my ticket. It seems ticket support and discord support both are totaly clueless on how to fix error 106. Because its my third ticket about same issue, error 106, and i still get sama error. Ive resent yet another ticket about same issue. But im leaning more toward getting a refund as it feels like they just send you around in circles without any possible fixes. Has anyone else been able to resolve ERROR 106?
  13. You will have to ask the tech support in discord for the answer. Im hoping this will resovle the issue, but as stated above, i will post it here if the support from discord was correct or not. But i reccomend you create the ticket, you got nothing to lose and the waiting time for answer is very long.
  14. Ask support to send you a new activation code for your account. Support team in DU discord told me that i have to reactivate my account to fix this issue. I havent gotten a reply yet from ticket, but when i do i will write if this solution worked in the post linked below: You have to put a ticket in to support, and tell them to reactivate account.
  15. This seems to be possible fix for error 106 according to support in DU discord:
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