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  1. Thank you for the fast reply!!! cheers
  2. Hello, i can't seem to find any info on the tax for tiles as new players will not have alot of quanta's how much will the tax be for tiles? Also will the tax be implemented for your haven tile from the start or only new tiles for example on Alioth? Will it cost less for personal tiles then for tiles of organisations? i don't know any prices. I honestly know nothing about this it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could shed some light on this before the launch so that i can prepare for this. i haven't played alot in the last months before the launch so any info would be fantastic. Many thanks.
  3. i've noticed people were having heat issues while playing DU no matter what system build they have even watercooled. I have found a solution for everyone who does without any impact on performance ( i was getting high temps myself with a high end Build with sublime cooling ) The solution is very simple : Go to your active powerplan in energymanagement of your computer: set minimum and maximum processor status to 99% instead of 100% as in the photo. And that's it! while playing DU you will now have a 30% cooler system with higher cores set on Voxel rendering in graphic settings. i was very happy with this fix so i hope it can help other people too. ENJOY.
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