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  1. Just started using this feature with the same issues. Has a wiki or in-game codex been established?
  2. Was browsing through several places last week, not looking for anything specific. Came across a script that would evaluate your construct and display all of the attached elements. Further the script would price each element and then give you a total for the worth of your construct. Thought to myself at the time "that's cool" and moved on. Was not interested then but now I am and for the life of me I cannot find this script again. A link or being pointed in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. As the ship is a Star Wars CR-90 I'm loath to move the pilot seat back. I will move the res station back though. I'll just have to learn to be a better pilot.
  4. Thank you for the replies. I was thinking along the lines of size, inertia vs impact damage. You've confirmed that. Disappointing that the voxels don't absorb more damage. Hopefully this is down the line.
  5. I'd like to stop dieing every time my nose bumps into something. Built a Star Wars CR-90. Used white aluminum pattern for skin. Everytime I bump into something the entire complement of elements to include the pilot seat are destroyed. I'd like to know how damage in the game is transfered from voxel to element. This is with a large core so it's a big ship. In smaller ships this does not happen. The Captain Obvious answer is to stop running into stuff. Not the best pilot so that's not going happen. Lol. If I know how damage is transfered I can hopefully engineer a solution. Thanks in a
  6. Lol funny you mention that. I stole a good portion of the band width and shut down my kids games.
  7. After reading through this post this will be an obvious observation. Thank you everyone for your input. Just finished playing a 3 hr session. Stayed at my base and just worked on this and that. In total I was just over 600 MBs of downloaded data. Going to the markets is where I can confirm my heavy data usage is occurring. The addition of the extra parking constructs combined with all of the dynamic constructs have turn a data hungry game into a data munching monster. I fully understand this is Beta and optimization will be coming. That being said is there a hot fix being looked at tha
  8. Ahh. Makes sense for player bases.
  9. How can having the high data DU constructs on the clients computer allow someone to miss behave? My point is to have these permanent game related constructs already on the client which will make rendering faster as well as save the client download data. Unless I missed a subtle aspect of the game in your post.
  10. Makes sense you'd have to download player constructs as you fly by. I just wonder if ever time I visit market 6 I'm downloading both all of the player ships AND the now massive DU constructs. If so that's a big deal for someone on a metered or prepaid internet account. Like to think all of the DU stuff would be put on and remain with the client.
  11. Just spent 3 hrs playing at my home base and only used 98 MB. Prior to this I played for 2.5 hrs, went to two markets, 6 twice and 3, and burned up just over a gig. For most I'm sure this is not surprising. There's allot of stuff to render. Just wondering if the I'm having to pull all of the DU constructs, the markets, each time I fly in. Is the overall DU content resident with the client?
  12. I understand this could be optimization or lack there of in the Beta phase. It could also be my lack of attention. The later being more likely. The .24 just made it more obvious. Updating to the .24.4 now. Interested to see the results as well as the fixes.
  13. Lethys, I see this as well when connected to a different network I have. Are you seeing an increase in your total usage?
  14. Exactly. I forgot the enroute usage. As I would fly over large player construct bases I'd see the download spike to 30+ MB then drop only to spike at the next base. Has played hell with my prepaid data.
  15. Since the .24 update I'm seeing a very high data usage. This is not in reference to system or RAM. Over a six hour play session just short of 3 gigs of data was downloaded. As an example just one trip to Alioth market 6 was just short of 500 mega from landing to departure. Multiple trips are a data usage monster. Is this normal? I don't remember it being this high. I can understand player constructs not being stored on the client but are the game markets and such stored and pulled from the client or am I having to download every construct? Thanks in advance. IndigaterJones
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