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  1. Was flying away for more than 10 km and scanner is still running. As I have an AMD Ryzen 9 it is at least not a general AMD problem.
  2. I think the missing information was that the mining units are running offline. That means 80L/h×24h/d real time instead of 80L/h×2.5h/d playtime.
  3. And most players would stop playing and cancel their subscription until launch. That's not in NQ's interest.
  4. That seems to be the general pattern. It just depends on the locations which T1 is in the 300-400 range. Yesterday I scanned 2 clusters of each 7 tiles in two different regions of Alioth. In one case it was always Hematite in the other always Quartz. Everything else was below 100 and T2 (Malachite) even below 40. Maybe the idea is that the distribution shall look like deposits. That would mean that with bad luck you can scan hundreds of tiles and only getting scrap or you are lucky, find a deposit and have a lot of good tiles at once. This is good for orgs and bad for solo players (once again).
  5. Yes, but it is far from beeing clear. It is no replacement for a warning that we will lose our property if we don't log in and manage our territories after Demeter. And that's not the only point where the communication faild in this regard. I'm not sure if HQ tiles have been planned from the beginning and NQ just forgot to mention them or if they came up with this idea after they realised how most players reacted to the announcement of taxes. In any case the way it has been communicated caused damage.
  6. NQ and beeing clear are two different things that doesn't fit together. This is what NQ wrote about the coming changes in the last Project Update: They mentioned mining units, 'new challenges' (whatever that means), missions and abandoned construct salvaging. But the most important information is missing: taxes and the resulting consequences. Someting like that should have been placed on the top of the mail with red bold letters. Everybody in the mailing list would have been informed and could act accordingly. But NQ preferred to limit this information to the few players that still follow the forums.
  7. This would be pretty much the opposite of the original vision. I'm afraid that NQ still looks in the direction of civilization building in a single shard universe and therefore doesn't realize that there are other options.
  8. The basic problem is the lack of military, government, industrial, commercial, and residential mechanics and not a conflict between builders and PvPers. Seperating them wouldn't change anything for PvP because it would still require mining and industry to have something to shoot with and to shoot at. Without proper mechanics to protect infrastructure that would become a short battle royal. The faction that has industry left at the end will control everything forever. From that point there would be no reason for PvP anymore.
  9. In order to make it fully consistent with 0.23 they could also make an error that allows some players do pay years in advance with 1% of the usual tax.
  10. The DevBlog says "Each player will be able to assign five territories as their headquarters." That sounds like you need to do that. In long term you will most probably need to resub anyway: "We will monitor how this develops; in the future, these territories may be subject to the loss of their headquarters state if the account in question is unsubscribed; however this will not be the case in Demeter."
  11. I don't see the problem. Just look out of your window irl. Do you see only buildings that would withstand 10 mins of aerial bombardment? That's very unlikely. Sadly bombardment actually happens irl but most buildings are still there even though they are not bomb-proof. With proper mechanics for territory warfare that could also be the case in game. I'm also not sure if you are right in regard to function. My only non-functional playschool house is the very first building on Sanctuary. Everything else are factories and landing pads. When I look around, it seems this is the way most people build. Pure builders that just create eye candies without any function will most probably turn into a threatened species with Demeter.
  12. That's sad but overdue. It was clear for years thast the original vision is out of reach. Considering the finnancial situation all NQ can do is putting on the emergency brake, picking all working pieces together and turning them into a game that can be sold on the market. If they manage to return the investment, they might start a new attempt with advanced technology and this time with experiences in game developement.
  13. Planetary Warfare war und ist immer noch geplant und die Reichweite derzeit verfügbarer Waffen würde locker für eine Bombardierung aus dem Orbit reichen. Mit ganz wenigen wirtschaftlich irrelevanten Ausnahmen kannst Du auch keine physischen Objekte kaufen, die nicht von anderen Spielern gebaut und im Falle von Konstrukten sogar erfunden wurde.
  14. If you are talking about a wipe before release - that would be just another U-turn of NQ because they repeatedly assured that there will be no wipes anymore. This promise is the answer to your question why people are so attached to their stuff. If there will be a launch also depends on the population now.
  15. The problem is not the possibility of losing stuff but arbitrary changes of the corresponding rules. The owners of this stuff will not be excited and most probably leave forever and tell everybody to stay away from DU. If too many players leave and not enough new players come in there will be no game for you to pop back in. So make sure you enjoy the salvaging party. It could be the last thing you do in the game.
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