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  1. That's good because NQ is not honest about it. DU is still advertised with the promise that you can play it solo. But JC obviously hates solo players and small orgs. He wants DU to be dominated by big orgs (aka civilization building).
  2. The problem is not the building part but the lack of game mechanics related to static constructs. Infrastructure is an essential part of technical civilisations. But it must be more than just voxels. NQ failed to implement mechanics that gives static constructs a purpose. All we have is industry and that has been nerfed to death with 0.23.
  3. Why it's so hard for people to understand what a beta version is?
  4. I'm not sure what that means. Builders in a safe zone pay the same sub as pvp players and without building in safe zones there would be no pvp.
  5. If Equ8 doesn't complain I would deem it to be allowed. If Equ8 doesn't like it and kicks you out than it doesn't matter if it's allowed or not.
  6. That means that the war is not just for fun but part of your business.
  7. No, I just wait until you run out of resources.
  8. If the planets have their own physics grid (like dynamic constructs) they would just need to update the position of the grid but not the relative positions of everything within the grid. But I do not know if the engine alows that on the scale of planets and what the limit for the recursion deep is.
  9. It would be nice if backspace would restore the links as well.
  10. Most people do not and DU is not a space shooter. NQ tries to create a civilisation building game with a fully player driven economy. If that works there will be no war just for fun but only as the measure of last resort to force the interests of large organisations.
  11. That would result in players accepting NPC missions only and JC wondering once more why they don't use the system as expected.
  12. Or add something like "show new notifications only" as default.
  13. I am not talking about profit from piracy but from exclusive access to resources. That is even more profitable than protection money fees. That's what JC is interested in. He is dreaming of a virtual civilisation that protects itself from such chaos. And of course it will fail. Only for the few with access to warp beacons.
  14. I don't expect that to change anytime soon. Constructions in PvP zone do and will require permanent defence. That makes them limited to big international orgs only. They will use warp beacons to mine valuable asteroids in deep space as fast as possible. You are pretty much suggesting to give them control over the outer planets as well. I don't share your optimism that they would provide public access for a reasonable fee. They would reather limit access to their own members and lock their bridgeheads for everybody else in order to get exclusive control over the recources. I wouldn't even surprised about letters of marque to fight slowboating with piracy.
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