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  1. Just read it again. It's "value" not "estimated value". Maybe they just forgot the word "estimated". But that's the kind of errors that lawers live on.
  2. That is 1 second per m³. That is 0.75 seconds per m³. The average crafting time for the same amount of honeycomb actually is decreased but not as much as expected. With -10% per level it schould be 0.7 s (if 10% refers to the time at level 0) or 0.73 s (if 10% refers to the time at the current level). In that case NQ expects you to nanocraft (if possible) or buy on the market. Of course that doesn't work. But that's NQs vision of 'playing the game correctly'. They made pretty clear that industry is supposed for mass production only and not for individual demand. That's why schematics have been implemented.
  3. We can still do that with asteroids. Today I gave it a try and I have to admit that the mining units are actually less tedius if you ignore the surface ore. When you get 100 % with the base calibration you can even skip the mini game.
  4. They could implement something like the mining scanner that returns the distance to the nearest contact only. Most players are familar with that mechanics and maybe the devs could even reuse some code.
  5. Only if you drop out of supercruise. In nomal flight mode there are no loading screens.
  6. And while you are at it, hand it over to another company.
  7. Your problem is, that you are talking about different games. In DU there are no wars, no politics, no alliances, no player controlled planet and no players trying to create a planetary government because DU lacks pretty much all required game mechanics. Not even PvP itself is really working. There simply is no gameplay that could be mixed. That sounds quite egocentric. Boring for you doesn't mean boring for everybody else. The "boring putting voxels together" actually is one of the most important selling points of DU.
  8. Or handed over to active players. NQ already implemented such a solution but than back-pedaled at the last minute by auto assigning HQ tiles.
  9. Of course not. We know that NQ always underestimates the players. Maybe they even were naive enough to think that the personal core limit will do the job and than completely surprised that everybody creates his own org to go bejond.
  10. It's more likely that they have no choice. They must introduce limitations in order to save costs. I think they are well aware that players will leave and thereby forcing them to reduce the costs even further. There is no way out of this downward spiral. The question is how long it will take until they hit the ground.
  11. They not even changed the rules. They implemented contradicting rules. Sometimes I have a blue element and when I click to place it, it turnes red. That means that there are different rules for placing and collision detection.
  12. So you'd propose NQ spend years implementing all proposed features, fixing PVP, balancing the economy, and make the game super fun. And then, risk it all with not removing all the garbage resulting from the chaotic dfevelopement process. Sure, uh huh, fat chance.
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