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  1. That would be no problem if tunnels would have a limited lifespan. They should be removed unless cores are placed to keep them open. That would solve a major part of the data problems with minimum impact on the gameplay. But this has already been suggested before and nobody listened.
  2. You can mine the environment. In return, the environment can bore you. Interactivity confirmed.
  3. I never understood why it has been implemented that way. It makes no sense. The core limit for an org should depend on its size and not on the talents of a single member. A possible limit would be the sum of the org core limits of all members (which of course would need to be adjusted accordingly). This way the upper limit for the number of cores (and corresponding server resources) in the entire DU would scale linear with the number of subscriptions. There could be no single-player orgs with hundreds of cores and we would have no reason to speculate about the possible exploit above.
  4. That's what happed to my personal cores when the talents got lost with the last talent reset. It seems the limit is checked when you try to place a core. I expect the same logic for org cores (not tested).
  5. You seem to assume that automining will be way faster than manual mining. But it will most probably the other way around. As you already mentioned it is NQ that defines the speed and we know that they deem the current mining speed as to high. Thus, I expect them to set the automining speed so low that additional balacing becomes obsolete.
  6. That's indeed a basic problem. There should be more restrictive rules for static and dynamic constructs (e.g. no floating voxels or elements or even complete static constructs, no flight elements completely covered with voxels but still being functional, no asymmetric lift or thrust without resulting torque and so on). Maybe it could even be possible to implement simple rules for structural analysis (as far as possible without decrerasing performance too much) making weak structures collapse or brake apart. That would open a market for those who are specialised in designing and optimising spec
  7. How about connecting the market with all tiles that are directly or indirectly joined with the market tile and providing the possibility to trade with connected markets without physically going there (maybe with a fee or time delay)? That would reduce the traffic on the markets, encourage players to get closer together (instead of claiming tiles as far a away from other players as possible) and in the long term connect all markets on a planet. That should even be acceptable for JC because - together with other cooperative mechanics (like common defence or boost of production, automining, energ
  8. Is it even possible to do that with all ships, including the content of containers? I seem to remember that there are some limitations.
  9. No, I'm afraid I don't really get it. Alone the schematics for the production of the ships that are required to get the ore of the meganode from Ion to Allioth with reasonable effort (nobody wants to do that with S elements only) would drain out the 15 mill quanta available in the entire game. In order to show that it works you would need to do the math. For example you can't just assume that buyer and seller agree on the arithmetic average of their offers. You need to show that the price actually has a window with profit for both sides and that this window doesn't close or goes to zero over t
  10. At least not with this complexity. But it could be possible with a simplified system. Just allow for a limited number of qualifiers for each item type that are shown in the search results. The item type would still be a Basic Space Engine L (for example) but the result would not only show the prices and locations but also the individual stats like maximum thrust, fuel cosuption and so on and you could sort the result by these qualifiers. That should be possible without fundamental changes to the current market system. That could be a bit easier with the possibility to group item
  11. Either use docking mechanics or - more rigorous - check if the core is inside the market hex. That shouldn't be a problem. NQ already qualified for it by implemented a timer for the maneuvering tool. That depends on the first points. If the timer is based on docking, it restarts if the ship undocks and docks again. If it is based on the hex it doesn't restart until the ship exits the hex and anters it again. The latter means that even flying around within the hex wouldn't reset the timer. That depends on the timer duration. With 48h (for example) it
  12. Yes, market bots are really that bad with the current implementation. There will never be a healthy market with bots not adjusting their prices on supply and demand. That doesn't mean market bots are not required. A fully player driven market wouldn't work either (unless we get player controlled issuing banks and regulating authorities). But they need to behave completely different.
  13. External servers have the same downsides and the customer pays for it. That makes sense in short-term (because it saves the initial investment) but not in the long-term (because the owners of the harware want to make profit). In the long-term the game should be based on in-house servers and external servers should be rented for exceptional high traffic only.
  14. It would be nice if we could build harvesters for surface ore.
  15. It is actually quite easy to detect terrain dug outs for base construction. Just don't touch caves with constructs inside (maybe with a reasonable safety margin around the building grid) and underground facilities would ba safe.
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