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  1. I added a support ticket. Today with the reset I was able to have the drop ship go all the way down to the planet. When very close to the ground the detail textures started to load and that is when the crash happened. Fans increased to almost full speed. Displays when black. Had to do a hard reset. I wish there was more info to give.
  2. Thanks for the kind reply. There is no way to gain more information because of how it happens. All I can say is the system is rock solid.
  3. My build has been running successfully for three years. New fresh install of Windows a year ago. I play many games from FPS to DCS World in VR. It is NOT my system. This is the only game this does it in and it does it within 5 seconds of the game starting. No there is not a lot of information to go on.... how could there be? The drop ship starts to fall and the system turns itself off. It sounds like an overcurrent problem, but it is not.
  4. Thanks for the reply. No it isn't my hardware. Again it is only DU that does this and it is instantly and has only started with the recent builds. i9900k, 6800xt, 32GB, 1000W 80 Plus Platinum.
  5. I cannot seem to find a more relevant spot to ask about this. Ever since the Beta when I launch into the game the graphics load and then my computer locks up with a black screen and nasty buzzing audio coming out of the speakers. I have to do a hard power off and power on. This is the only software which causes this problem. I don't know how to give more information. At one point I was able to get in the drop pod and make it most of the way through the atmosphere but other than that the game lasts for less than 5 seconds before the system locks.
  6. Searched the forum and couldn't find this topic, which I find very surprising. My Oculus Rift is expected to arrive this weekend and now I'm wondering if DU will have support for it. Please, pretty please?
  7. While testing the Pre-Alpha of Squad (www.joinsquad.com) the servers started out only being up for short periods of time. OWI were making lots of changes to the game between each session. Just like I did with Squad we'll be testing Dual Universe, not really playing the game. We're here to help. Don't worry though. Helping can be very fun and rewarding.
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