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  1. The fool is you as this should be posted prior to 12pm.... ^^
  2. I'm sure this is an after effect of 'easy anti-cheat' and it's been mis-configured. I've spent these past months since release building up everything to the point of what I lost in the wipe only to be screwed over by yet another update. Seriously, if this is intentional then this is the last straw. I'm walking away from DU. I really don't see how cutting off GFN was ever intentional, and even if it were you would think there would be some warning. This is a f*ck up, plain and simple.
  3. So I've played DU since launch on various platforms but was only able to get past the Lag using Shadow. Then after update 1.idon'tcare it prevented using Shadow so I lost access to the game for 8 months.. Then it started working and they release on GFN (GeforceNow) great! I still used Shadow as you couldn't add custom conf files on GFN and have 2 other accounts I pay a sub on in the hope a couple of friends will return one day... I even subbed my main account to support the game and haven't used my DAC since launch. And now some half-arsed update prevents you form playing on a VM? Are you f$*%&%*$ serious?? Do you have a dev Team that talks to each other, tests SH££"%" or even considers the impact of half assed decisions?!? If I caused this in my current role I would be fired. I really hope this is sorted in tomorrows update or I am done with this ckuffing shit show. I've invested way way too much time, money and hope in this game.
  4. Has no skin or icon. At one point I had 2 of them listed, both were blank.
  5. Beta players got nothing, they weren't even considered as referrals either. Beta invites and players that used them are nothing, worthless nothings. Subscribe and play, be thankful you got a talent boost. Peasant.
  6. This is a very true statement, as I have mainly played the game solo I appreciate the risk and weigh the loss, you are also right in the fact that the benefits over time really do outweigh the minor losses of ships that are built to be lost. My issue - and it's same with pretty much all other games - is the mentality, that an S or M core hunter / pirate or whatever comes across an XS miner that can carry probably max 20kl of Ore and they shoot them anyway. But I doubt this will change, this is killing with impunity. IF for example there was a benefit / loss balance with attacking unarmed smaller ships then there would be some thought prior to attacking - is it worth it. for some XS scrap and 20kl of Coal... Unable to access safe zone for 2 hours, location is blipped for 2 minutes in the sector... then probably not. Yes I did message on Reddit. I want to understand your point of view and the PVP side of the game, I'm now focusing my builds on defence/attack ships. This animosity between PVP players and Solo designers / miners needs to end, people see the game differently and expect different aspects to suit their gameplay. It does need to be balanced, and yes you are right, it will be better for all of us - in the end.
  7. Great analogy, this is the crux of the issue. Killing with impunity and no risk / reward balance. If an attack ship will give away their position when firing and destroying a smaller unarmed XS ship they will think twice. But if you have a group camping for haulers, then the risk vs reward is high amid the possibly you'd have to fight for the spoils... PVP is all or nothing.
  8. Jesus what is wrong with you people... it's an obvious photoshop to show you what is coming ... where is the surprise in showing you what it does actually look like??
  9. I think the radar is ultimately pointless, that radar in ED is based across a lot smaller scale and this is till only 400km (2su) if you are travelling at speed you are not going to even stop the ship in 2su let alone change course. This would only be good for CQC / Dogfights,,, And you should have the ability to go radar silent - if you cut engines you are gone. Radar should be minimum 5su with talents.
  10. I agree. And more changes like this are needed to make the game attractive OR it will just become a 2 horse race where nobody else gets to enjoy all areas of the game. There are still going to be Org Monopolies, I mean how long did it take for all the ore flowers to get scanned and yanked, some Orgs taking 60+ tiles. Ore tiles should deplete over time forcing the relocation and speculators to come again... or after some time Territory Scanners will become useless like the end of beta... there was nothing worth scanning.
  11. Those that think ganking unarmed miners is PVP - lol. How about you can't enter the safezone for 2 hours after an attack so you have to stay out in PVP land and be flagged as a blip on the map... so if you want PVP you can find them, and if you attack you can also defend... there you go PVP.
  12. This is the thing, 2 of my biggest bug bears were the markets, parking, over populated, and the towers. It's taken time - as things do - but it has been addressed and it's a very much welcomed change. At least now you know you can fly 1000m up to a market and not worry. there should also be a wider buffer at the markets, 5 km limit for tiles to 500m height. It's the price you pay for wanting to love so close to a game asset.
  13. Or intentional... At least they are getting a realistic number of those players that are still interacting beyond the actual player numbers they can see in game.
  14. I can't but feel these questions and discussions are what should have been had during Alpha... are we still n Alpha? The complexity of 'solutions' or alternative methods of gameplay just open more avenues for issues... the KISS methodology seems to have gone right out of the window. 'Keep It Simple Stupid'. As long as these solutions are focused and rooted in keeping money coming in, rather than enhancing the player experience and a 'fun' environment with minimal grind ... this will always head against the grain of expectations. Add an aesthetics shop, guarantee HQ as long as a sub is paid - then archive the player account and tile which can then be revived if the sub is resumed to the nearest tile from the original if it's now taken with all assets BP'd (buildings / ships) any additional storage is lost. A shop is almost a given now with most games... I don't see why DU should be any different, twitch drops, prime gaming drops, in-house events with monthly specials... engine covers, special voxels you can build and trade... Whether it's been 'Star Cititzen', 'New World', 'Icarius' or any other game that's dropped picked up huge player numbers then suffered from feedback... they have shifted from major parts of intended gameplay to suit the player 'wants'... It's great having a vision for a game, but if players aren't going to enjoy and find the time / reward factor high... it's pointless having these discussions if nothing really changes your main intention. Same with the wipe, there's so much that will be lost beyond the resources or elements. The years of hours that built the game to show it's potential, the ships that no longer have creators so ownership will be lost... vast constructs that took 100's of players to build. ADD THIS ---->>> KNOWN ISSUE : Placement of elements i.e Hubs on Screens doesn't work as intended. I personally won't be back until this is fixed. Fed up of it being ignored.
  15. Less than 20 posts of feedback, this is saddening. I get all the points here. I came back after an 8 month break to rebuild 2 ships, and then hit the issue of the hub not sitting correctly on a screen, only wanted the right to look the same as the left which worked fine. Just couldn't get past that so started another ship waiting for that to get fixed... second ship - smaller - couldn't get the screens to sit the same as they glitched out moving them across storage boxes. Simple problems that have been around forever, nothing in the grande scheme of things and compared to the work that has been done. But things that should not be there for a game at this stage. My fear, as much as love this game and have been there from the beginning, is that by the time it goes for release, it will be dated, there will be other options and the 'single shard' selling point just won't hold it up. Freedom is what we were promised, yet all I see are limits coming... you can't tame the universe, but you are trying to put it in a cage. I still have hope.
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