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  1. I disconnected in space and panicked, yet when I logged back in my ship was stationary. I had visions of it floating off into space while I was logging back in. At the end of the day this is a game so the physics and reality are one thing, but playability and enjoyment is another. How is the tool 'not' working and and how are you planning to change it?
  2. Just realised I'm speaking to a ghost account, and now I'm hear talking to myself. Not sure what you want NQ when your avenues of submitting legitimate ideas doesn't want them and only seems to prioritise what is already 'in progress' or 'in roadmap'... As far as I'm concerned this is a UI failing and shouldn't even need to be requested. I'll just go sit in the dark recess of this thread and wait to see if anybody wanders in to switch the light on.
  3. Everybody I mentioned this to has said it's a great idea. I have 30 days of talents in queue yet sometimes I want to push a piloting skill and something to the top it's annoying and frankly disappointing that such a simple task can take 5 minutes dragging a wiggling the mouse just to get to the top of the list. I've added this as a request to the the new 'Up Vote' system yet on both occasions the suggestion has just been ignored, timed out and then disappeared... not sure what the issue is. Should be pretty bloody simple to implement and I dread to think how much time people waste on this.
  4. Aye, I came to this harsh reality after spending days trying to work how best to do this. I have ended up with an industry that creates almost all basic components that aren't sized [ SX ], [ S ], [ M ] etc...and then a separate area where players can set these parts in motion. I think there will always be a manual part of the process unless scripting everything. I just want a script to show the contents of 8 boxes and alert if they drop between a certain level... all these funky scripts and I can't even find that. Any pointers in the right direction would be nice. Cheers.
  5. They certainly have, must be selective reading. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I'm just setting this for 8 [ S ] containers only that have refined ores. I have copied just the PB1 code and tried to change 'Bauxite' to 'Pure Carbon' for example, but I get nothing on screen. 8 x containers > PB1 > Screen | Switch > PB1 Thanks so much.
  7. Thank you, This worked like a charm - thank you. Is the intermittent screen flash normal? And is there a way to stop the screen contents enlarging from a distance. Thirdly, sorry Do you have a script that you can show content totals of 8 boxes for one screen? With an alert (colour) if they fall beneath a specified amount? Thanks again, first script I got working.
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