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BOO, CSYN, Solar Secure, Humanity ; Outlandish Days

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It's been fun. Fun. Fun. Fun.


You know. I've enjoyed this. The past couple of months have been fun.


On the announcement of NQ locking my thread, my original purpose has been defeated. My rule was to not make NQ upset while giving you organizations and people something to argue about.


Time. It was a good time. Never failed to excite me. 


It should be obvious. OutlandishRep is a character. A figment of the idea of how to give organizations negative attention. Burst the bubble of positive feedback. Allow organizations to be viewed in a negative light.


Few agreed. Few approved. It only revealed something else. The sensitivity that people have. The arguments they made at the beginning. Fine gold. Quick. Undefended. Easy for me to prove wrong.


The beginning showed who couldn't hold their tongue. The end showed the problems people had with each other. The purpose of all this? Supposedly to test these people. What know? Probably nothing.


That's sad. This is the end. I never favored a person. Attacks were not held off for those I did or didn't like. Your note of how I operated.


I'll see you all in game. OutlandishRep bids you farewell.

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Honestly what you've done so far felt less like satire or some kind of activism and more like trolling the moderators.  Testing to see how far you could push them before they shut you down.  I'm not a big fan of wasting NQs time.  But i did have a few laughs too.


I think you could pretty much keep doing what you were doing if you just focus on the organizations instead of the people behind them.


Targeting a real leader or member of an organization turns it into a personal attack.  And something that doesn't belong on NQ's forums.


But i don't think you would ruffle too many feathers if you stuck to fake headlines like,



BOO suspected of operating intergalactic Ashley Madison website




Latest Cinderfall Syndicate email hack reveals possibility of collusion in recent Ailoth election




Solar Secure's methods called into question regarding their handling of recent Oil Pipeline protests



Organizations are fare game in my opinion you just have to leave the people out of it.   :ph34r:

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Honestly I see no harm in targeting organizations in general after all it is going to be apart of the game propaganda, facts, lies and slander all play a massive part in eve's gameplay i suspect they will have their own part to play.

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I have to tend to agree with targeting an organization being okay, the slander and bad reps that people give each others organizations and groups is something that is going to naturally occur. 


Though, taking it to a personal level may be a little much, keeping it broad and targeted at the organizations is better. 

It also probably doesn't help that the threads turn into word slinging and not a debate or 'civilized' argument. 

It makes things interesting but at the cost of having to be monitored in case it doesn't get out of hand and 'spammy'. 


Regardless, you gave something to talk about and whether you chose to post or not,

you'll be back soon enough to cause trouble ;)

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Hiho Outlandish,


I understand that you never want to make NQ upset.

I understand that you do something right, but the way on how you do it is a bit wrong.


I understand that he did spam, and you want that guy to stop doing that, that's good.

But you express your complaint via public. Naming and shaming is not a good move.


This is a good community, i'm sure you will be back soon :D

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Hi there,


Just to clarify a few things, to avoid any misunderstanding.

We don't want to enforce a strong censorship.


The idea of playing a character with a journalistic role, intending to unravel the dark side of some organizations is very nice and can bring a lot to the community. However, to make it work (meaning: to be accepted by other players), there should be a few rules. One of the most important rule is to avoid mixing "in character" and "out of character" information, to avoid mixing "roleplay" and "IRL".


The problem lies in some grey areas:

What is said on Discord is often said "out of Character" (OOC). It's not in-game and it's often not roleplay. The moment "out of character" information is taken into account in a "in character" dialog or text, conflicts between players will rise: It won't be seen as roleplay anymore, but as an attempt to undermine or even discredit players, because it involves what the players say, not what their character say.


It's the same as aiming at becoming the most infamous pirate in the game:

To play the most hated scum of the galaxy doesn't mean you need to be rude with other players when talking to them "Out of Character", on a forum or any other media. Be courteous IRL, Be ruthless and rude in-game, and you will get your infamous reputation and be able to cultivate it. Be rude everywhere, and a majority of players won't even want to interact with you. 


All in all: 

- We hope to see journalist characters revealing the bad side of organizations in-game.

- We hope to see infamous pirates causing troubles in-game.

- However, we don't want to see unnecessary drama spreading on the forum or fueling them through the forum by using "Out of Character" stuff.

Regarding the forum, except for the section about the Lore and Roleplay, the other sections should be considered "Out of Character".


P.S: as it might not be obvious for non-native english speakers, "Out of Character" is used in the message above with the first definition described here in mind:


Best regards, 


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You don't have to announce you're leaving.


Not going to say goodbye or anything. You'll be back soon enough.


Never truer words spoken... *stands up and proceeds to slow-clap*


I wonder if Capt'nCrunchTwerk will start up again with some zany antics.

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