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  1. Blacksythe

    Piracy != Griefing

    Way i like too see it is if a player comes at you and dies many times trying to revenge kill you thats their problem. If you repeatedly hunt that specific player for no significant reason and make their game a misery then thats griefing it has nothing to do with piracy and calling yourself one is an insult to piracy. But targetting a specific organisation due to war or whatever and happening to kill the same player repeatadly is not griefing theres a fine line.
  2. Blacksythe

    BOO, CSYN, Solar Secure, Humanity ; Outlandish Days

    Honestly I see no harm in targeting organizations in general after all it is going to be apart of the game propaganda, facts, lies and slander all play a massive part in eve's gameplay i suspect they will have their own part to play.
  3. Blacksythe

    BOO, CSYN, Solar Secure, Humanity ; Outlandish Days

    A great sadness has come over the community today, Long Live the Meme, Outlandish Rep and always Long Live Dual Universe Queue 3 Cannon Salute.
  4. Blacksythe

    [Novawrimo] Memories of a pirate

    Really good story. Really liked the conclusion to it. You have done Padre proud.
  5. Blacksythe

    Solar Secure :: Shame On Both Sides

    Let the children play. I quote Do I really care? Do you really care? Do we all really care? Would read again.
  6. Blacksythe

    Abandoned ships / Decay

    It's a nice idea but it would cause some damage to "space salvage" and to balance it with real life it would really need to have a minimum timer of 2 weeks of inactivity before decay starts to set in. Longer if not inactive
  7. Blacksythe

    Terrain/water editing

    The short answer is no. The long answer is maybe in a future expansion editing water will be possible. I look forward to building an underwater base and have starships rise out of the ocean.
  8. Someone mentioned quantum encryption. IF you buy the blueprint copy and construct the ship via the industry autobuild (whatever it will be called). Using observation and skill and a little bit of breaking some voxels in the ship itself. There is no reason why you cant create a completely new ship by hand that is almost if not an exact replica of the blueprinted industry built one. Make a master blueprint of that ship and sell your own copies on the market. But automating copying the blueprint via skills or whatever is not going to be a thing i believe.
  9. Generally if going out of bounds gives you an advantage what gutter says would be a suitable time penalty
  10. Blacksythe

    Specs on Market overview

    I haven't seen this mentioned but with the RDMS system. It will be likely that test flights will be a possibility.
  11. Blacksythe

    The Community Management team is expanding! :)

    Welcome to the community. Passion is our name Dual Universe is our game.
  12. Blacksythe

    DU Imgur Post

    Get on this imgur and plus 1 it. This is not a drill people!
  13. Blacksythe

    Drugs, slave trade, and other fun things

    I have to agree on that slavery can really be defined as griefing. Contracts between players rp wise that's fine.
  14. Blacksythe

    Drugs, slave trade, and other fun things

    I'm sure donald will help force these space mexicans to build the wall.
  15. Blacksythe

    Thunderclap for the last day of the Kickstarter

    Not everyone is interested in the politics behind the game, some just want to back it and play it. It's a shame i know as more players = greater experiences in this game. None the less i am pretty confident we will reach a minimum of 550k and 8k backers.