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  1. Good point, but keep in mind, this video is covering the pre alpha. So this is a very primitive version of rights and ownership and will most certainly change in the future. In fact, I wish i could tell you how TCUs worked out in the latest pre alpha test, but I can't. See these two devblogs for NQ's vision on RDMS: https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2015/05/21/rights-duties-management-system/ https://devblog.dualthegame.com/2017/03/31/organizations-purpose-management/
  2. I don't believe it's been stated that claimed territories will be unmineable for those without the rights. i.e. the mechanic could be implemented such that the territory can still be mined, but the violator will be given a certain tag for doing so. If this isn't the case, please feel free to correct me with a source. And even then, territory will certainly be destructable via weapons, regardless of rights. Fighting to protect or capture a TCU is intended to be a monumental effort already, one for larger organizations. So whether it's hidden in tunnels or not, the effort will already be an extremely difficult task. I hope this clears things up for you guys.
  3. It's possible the mining scanner will also detect player placed voxels and elements. It's possible there will be a separate scanner for constructs. But even if those two things don't work, there's more than one way to approach the problem. You can't just put the TCU into the ground and call it invulnerable. You'll obviously have some kind of surface access to get to the TCU. Second, TCUs will be extremely expensive to set up and operate. That means supply lines. So an obvious solution would be to set up a blockade to shut it down.
  4. discordauth:gWRfvw1xmCa1Jo-LxkQUv7xS_d0WZpVq9-PSo-I7Brc=

  5. Actually, DU is going in the other direction. Less automation, so that players have a reason to work together. Turrets would be "one man, one gun" kind of rule. Going solo means giving up benefits that you get with a group.
  6. Nice. Interesting to hear about the probes being non physical objects. I was wondering what NQ's vision for that would be.
  7. Weapons will not have the ability to be automated. They will be completely controlled by players. There has been mention of an automated defense system for bases and such, but it would be extremely limited, extremely inefficient, and as of now, extremely vague. I would be very interested in seeing some inter-construct communication. This is another gameplay feature that adds very little complexity for an extremely deep experience. As far as docking goes, I believe that JC said that they weren't sure how they were supposed to handle the controls of the ships in that situation. I would suggest following a scheme akin to SE. Each construct is like a grid in SE. Each cockpit would control only each construct's (grid's) elements. So if the two constructs were giving competing movement commands, each cockpit would give its construct's thrusters the appropriate thrust values, and movement would be dictated by physics (who's got the most thrust?).
  8. The wiki should be for two things: game mechanics, information, data, etc.... player interaction mechanics (like @Vorengard posted above with his examples from EVE) The wiki should not be for player information: information about specific players, orgs, or alliances. That stuff is for the community site, tools, or what have you.
  9. Well, now that the OP has changed... I would have Antimatter and Biofuel each just be a single fuel. There's no need for so many of those. What? Just set the power to whatever you want and the engine will respond. No special behavior is needed. No, an increase in flow rate increases thrust. (Thrust Rate ????) We already know that there are independent fuel tanks. Engines having internal tanks is unnecessary.
  10. Thanks to @Comrademoco for the new logo for TPEC! Thanks for your help!
  11. I agree. Let's wait to see if NQ releases a statement about this situation before moving forward.
  12. @Pang_Dread I did mention that if this forum continues to act as a main portal as it has been, there won't be any major problems. I think there's still one aspect of this that is still escaping you. As Comrademoco shows, reddit is a very popular website, so it's logical that people would go there seeking information. People may visit the other sub and see that it's dead. And then from that extrapolate and assume that DU is dead and move on for good. Just because YOU may be smart enough to know that collecting information from more than one source is the best thing to do, it does not mean that others will. As Lethys points out, people are REDACTED This is akin to having a major news corporation covering DU in an hour long spot on TV and saying that you wouldn't care if the information they put out was skewed in a way to make DU look bad or even downright misinformation. That you wouldn't care about that at all as long as the right information existed somewhere. Again, not everyone's smart enough to dig a little deeper. Also consider that any improperly mismanaged portals paints not only the community, but DU and NQ in a bad light. If I'd been an outsider and seen and heard REDACTED I might have stayed the hell away, considering that community "toxic" if it can't even get along with itself.
  13. That sounds like a good plan. You have telescopes that would tell you where other stars actually are to begin with. They should even only offer information about the position and size of the star. Next would be your classic stargate probe which would collect a little information about other planets. After that, people will be coming through with ships with sensors to perform better scans of the planets and moons.
  14. I wouldn't call that a fleet, more like a super battleship. It would be nice if a potential merge feature would allow us to put core units on separate pieces, ask the core unit to "calculate" to find where the incontinuities are so that it could unmerge and become its own construct.
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