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  1. It's been fun. Fun. Fun. Fun. You know. I've enjoyed this. The past couple of months have been fun. On the announcement of NQ locking my thread, my original purpose has been defeated. My rule was to not make NQ upset while giving you organizations and people something to argue about. Time. It was a good time. Never failed to excite me. It should be obvious. OutlandishRep is a character. A figment of the idea of how to give organizations negative attention. Burst the bubble of positive feedback. Allow organizations to be viewed in a negative light. Few agreed. Few approved.
  2. This post was dead. I'm bringing it back because of this comment right here. You're apart of Cinderfall. Realize that? Well you do. You're in the channel. I've had reports as well. Let me assemble a montage. Solar Empire, Terran Union, Cinderfall Syndicate, and you're own Solar Secure discord channel. You posted it in over four channels! Not only that but this is after your big crackdown. You decided it would be a good idea let Sakej99 back in. Look. I've had enough of your incompetence. As you would say in the Solar Empire, you have failed for the last time. I didn'
  3. Pointing out something. I figure this should have gone without clue. I'm OutlandishRep and welcome to the fantastic barrel of misery and anger known as my posts. There have been some things going around. Noticed anything? I'm sure you have. There are spam posters. You know what that means. We have reached the classic point of boards. The people who are doing stuff to irritate others. You know, like me. These people aren't me though. They are people who are purposely causing others some grief. I'm just throwing the grief of other onto their desks. The Problem? At this time a mo
  4. We all love political talk here on the Dual Universe forums. You just got the wrong type of politics.
  5. You. I haven't addressed you yet. This is heated alright. Full of missing context and you. This interesting fact dump. I'm almost proud. We both know you're not apart of ODY though. That's easy. What's harder is to get you to come out of your little hole. I assume your sleeping. I'll give you about eight hours to address me. I'm an attention seeking person after all. You even covered out the time on you post. Not to mention. That image size is a bunch of crap. I can see it alright. Almost like you want to shove it in everyone's face. Problem though. Cinderfall Syndicate is an
  6. He wasn't on the list. If it was Aetherios, what fun that would be.
  7. Some of you are aware now. What has gone on in Cinderfall. Allow me to assure you though. This is just a simple thing. Oh darling. So this Kaladin guy has infiltrated Cinderfall Syndicate. How lovely of him to drop on by. To think that you can actually take down and outclass me? How foolish. So I reached out to both Astrophil and Neopolitan for a "inside scoop" of how they were handling all this. Matter of fact? What I posted was a threat. A threat to actually get CSYN making some changes and posting more to the public. This has indeed happened. Although through a random post b
  8. Writes an article to distract you, and then steals your popcorn.
  9. My ego has been revealed. I'm just spicing things up. Senpai needs to notice me after all.
  10. That last post isn't anything to the rest of you. I'm addressing Astrophil and Neopolitan to tell them that I've gained access to some of their documents. I've also known about the huge debate that went on about CSYN. It means nothing to anyone else except them.
  11. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b5ATojg7UWW5JmYNc6xo9k2ZI5wZWGhg14R2uKySRWM/edit Exclusively from the CSYN Senate chat. Don't worry though. I've made a copy of it. By the way people. I'll stop doing this once I get an answer from either Neopolitan or Astrophil. See. I'm the antagonist in this story. Dual Universe. The only thing I'm doing is simply causing those who aren't talking to talk. I don't care if it's hate or honesty. Talk about it or else we are not nearly done.
  12. I've brought this all to your attention. I'm going to now put what I've found right in front of your eyes. Someone wasn't careful and this document got leaked. I'm sure the person who leaked the document didn't think twice about it. What a blunder that was made. This is a leaked excerpt from a document that was "given" to me. This is not classified information. Just to show that I'm serious though. This is something from a CSYN document. Maybe now Cinderfall, you'll realize my outreach. And BOO, don't think I've forgot about you either.
  13. Been forming conspiracies. Nothing new.
  14. Gathering hate as always.

  15. NEW SECTION AT BOTTOM OF POST. Hello all you board members. I'm OutlandishRep, only the most outlandish of posters. I've amassed quite a bit of hate to those in BOO and have become a meme. I can not wait to hear your responses to this though. This story has been in development and is more of a fluff article. Your going to appreciate this though. It's important to hear. Cinderfall Syndicate :: Why do I care? Cinderfall Syndicate is currently one of the largest and most developed organizations. It is a powerhouse that holds enough influence to possibly create mass wars. Prob
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