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    Underhand Aerial reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Community Portal: Alpha 3 transitional state   
    Hi everyone!
    With the Alpha 3 deployment around the corner and the RDMS implementation, we had to make significant changes in the background by connecting organizations data available on the Community Portal to the organizations data that will be available in-game. As it is a "Work in Progress", the Community Portal will switch in "Read Only" mode for the time being, to limit the probability of technical issues.
    During this transitional period, All management actions for the organizations will be done in-game.
    You will also note that the number of legates per organizations isn't displayed anymore.
    We are aware the situation isn't ideal, but it's a temporary and necessary step.
    Update: Wednesday, January 22th, 16:15 UTC
    What's the current situation?
    To be clear:
    - Posting/Editing News have been deactivated on the Community Portal.
    - It will still be possible to post/edit News on the Community Portal through the in-game User Interface (assuming you have the proper rights to do such thing).
    - Posting/Editing News will remain in a minimal state for the time being (only simple text. HTML code for formating options and image insertion will came back later).
    - Posting/Editing News directly through the Community Portal should come back at a later stage.
    - The "Join Organization / Accept application" feature remains active.
    - The applications pending before the maintenance today should still be there after.
    - Features such promoting or demoting a member will now exclusively in-game (as the process may now involve other game mechanics).
    - Displaying the number of legates on the Organization Ranking page has been deactivated (as an intermediary step of the coming changes in the future).
    What's coming in the future?
    (please keep in mind that the features described below are work in progress and might change before their release)
    Organization Ranking by the number of Active Members.
    As the Community Portal will evolve, we plan to display the number "Active Members" and the number "Honorary Members" for each organization in the future.
    The Organization Ranking will be done by the number of Active Members in decreasing order.
    What will be "Active Members" and "Honorary Members"?
    "Honorary Members" accounts will be accounts that have joined an organization on the Community Portal but haven't access to the game.
    "Active Members" accounts will be accounts that have joined an organization on the Community Portal and have access to the game.
    Accounts joining an organization directly in-game will be automatically validated as "Active Members" in an organization.
    Only "Active Members" will be eligible to legate status, as most organization management actions will be only possible in-game.
    Why planning this?
    This is planned for two reasons:
    1) To give a better visibility for newcomers regarding the activity potential of each organization (which can impact the decision of joining one organization or another).
    2) To discourage unfair practices such as creating ghost accounts and making them join an org to inflate artificially its size (and get undeserved visibility).
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark Team.
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Pay To Win?   
    Things are getting a bit out of hand here.
    Thinking that the DAC system is "Pay to win" is your opinion and it's your right to think that way, even if many people here disagree with you.
    However, it's strange that you start a crusade right now on the monetization model as you claimed to be a long time follower of the game.
    If you are a long time follower, then you know we never hid what the monetization model was going to be and said it right from the beginning (the Kickstarter Campaign in 2016). If you disagreed on the monetization model, it would have been perfectly understandable to not support the game. Why starting a crusade on this topic now? If you realized what the monetization model was going to be just now or recently, then maybe the real issue here might be "this game is not for you".  In that case, please contact the customer support at support@novaquark.com for such kind of topic. The monetization model has been debated many times, and the Novaquark team has already explained in length why we were going with this one.
    For the record, this monetization model has also been adopted by some of the biggest MMORPG, such as World of Warcraft (through the WoW token system, which is exactly the same thing as the DACs) and as far as we know, there hasn't been a huge uproar stating this system is "pay to win". The original definition of "Pay to Win" is the following: it implies you have a system where you can get a specific advantage only by paying. If an advantage can be obtained by playing the game, then, by the original definition, it's not "Pay to Win". Of course all is question of common sense and equilibrium here: if the way of obtaining the said advantage is grinding an incredible amount of hours, making it virtually impossible or irrelevant to get it by playing then yes, it might be considered pay to win in disguise. But we are nowhere near this situation in Dual Universe (or else, you're welcome to give very specific examples, and not vague assumptions. The examples you have given so far are just too vague to be considered as such). On the opposite side of the spectrum, the expression "Pay to Win" have been used and exaggerated many times over the years. There has been excess on both sides. 
    In any case, starting to say "some people should be shot down", for whatever reason it may be, is a no go and a direct breach with the forum rules.
    Also, resorting to personal attack and/or provocations toward those who don't agree with you is just an invitation for trouble and another breach of the forum rules.
    This is the first and last warning.
    While your post started in an attempt to convince people from your point of view (which is fine), it quickly escalated in provocations and nothing really constructive. So we ask you to change the way you discuss with other community members on the forum (stop being provocative), or your posting rights may be removed (temporarily at first, and possibly in a definite way if you insist in this behavior).
    This topic has derailed enough and will now be locked.
    Best Regards,
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Intro message   
    Hi Oninous and welcome in the Dual Universe community!
    We know it's a bit frustrating to wait for validation to post on the forum, but this is the safest way to keep the forum clean from all spammers and advertisers that have nothing to do with the game. Beside, once your first post is approved, you don't need any validation anymore.
    Best Regards,
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to Mod-Meldrik in Creative mode?   
    Topic locked due to necroing.
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Gamescom Meetup 2019   
    Like last year, we are organizing a MeetUp in Cologne (Germany) during the event of the Gamescom.
    It will be an opportunity to meet JC and several members of the Novaquark team to discuss about Dual Universe!
    Please indicate which evening you will be available
    The poll will close next Tuesday, June 11th, as we have to book the restaurant quickly.

    (More info about the event coming soon )
    Best Regards,
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in no AVX = no go ?   
    Hi everyone,
    @Kirth Gersen
    AVX instructions have been implemented in intel processors in 2011 and AMD processors in 2012 (for processors oriented to gaming activity, which generally does not include Xeon processors made before 2013 and Celeron processors). These instructions give a substantial improvement performance-wise. While a lot of games rely mostly on GPU Power, this is not the case for some games, using voxel technology. Voxel calculation is, for the moment, mostly handled on CPU side (at least for the moment, as no current GPU is optimized to calculate Voxels). That's why having AVX instructions is required.
    For some games, it could make sense to make a "No AVX required" version. For others, like Dual Universe, it's not worth it: the performances would be so bad without AVX, that it's not worth it to spend a fair amount of time (re)developping a "No AVX required" version. So no, there is no short term plan to remove AVX requirements.
    "Minimal" requirements are the minimal specs to be able to launch the game, not to have a decent game experience.
    That's what "Recommanded" specs are for: to have a decent game experience.
    That being said, if you want to ask for a refund for this reason, please contact the Customer Support at support@novaquark.com
    Best Regards,
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Puzzle Game Building Contest starts today!   
    Hi everyone!
    With the test session starting today (Thursday, May 30th) at 14:00 UTC, you will be able to enter the Puzzle Game Building Contest!
    We presented quickly what is the concept of the contest in this announcement two weeks ago.
    You can also find the complete rules over there. (to be able to read them, you need to be logged and have Alpha access).
    However, we felt it was necessary to give some more insight about the possibilities with Interactive Elements.
    That's why JC, with the help of NQ-Wzrd, made a Puzzle Building Tutorial. It explains the basics with an up to date video.

    Moreover, as the Contest duration will be quite short, we've decided to give to everyone (even those not actively participating to the Contest) a few Interactive Elements of each kind. The Elements you received are just a starting point. You could use more by crafting more or trading more with other players.
    Happy building!
    The Novaquark team.
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Devblog - r0.15 Update (Part 3): Barter System!   
    (this DevBlog has been posted on the website on May 2nd, 2019)
    Hey guys!
    This is NQ-Entropy coming at you today with a new DevBlog about what we’re calling Barter, or to be more precise—direct-player trading.
    Now Markets aren't going anywhere, and we expect the majority of transactions to be done there. But often in the depths of the wilderness, you may not have direct access to a Market and might need the helping hand of a stranger to obtain an extra part or element.
    That being said, let's talk about our new Barter system. The Barter system is going to allow players to directly trade items and Quanta between one another in the game world. You’ll be able to do this by approaching another player, opening the drop-down menu by right-clicking on the player, and selecting “Barter”.
    The player receiving an attempt to barter will be notified with a prompt asking him to confirm or deny it, which he can do by using the “y” or “n” keys. Should that player be AFK or totally ignore you, the request will automatically timeout after 30 seconds. If a player is in a position or location where a Barter isn’t possible, the issuer will be notified.


    If a player initiates a Barter and another accepts, a brand new interface will pop up; welcome to your Barter screen.
    The Barter interface is split into four key areas. Starting from the top left, you will see your Bartering partner’s name and basket, with all items or Quanta they may put up for trade. In the top right is your domain, where you can see your personal basket and what items or Quanta you’ve decided to offer. Keep in mind that these screens are updated in real-time, and both parties will see baskets revise as you add or remove items or modify Quanta.


    In the bottom right, you’ll find your inventory which will work exactly as you would expect. You’ll be able to use all of your standard inventory filters and search functionality to find the items you want to Barter. 
    In order to move items from your inventory to your basket and vice versa, there are several methods:
    Drag and Drop: You can click, hold, and drag items. Double Click: Double-clicking on any item will move it to the other location. Contextual Menu: You can right-click on any item and select to move it manually from the drop-down menu.  
    The Shift key will still work the same way it always has when moving items that are stacked, allowing you to split stacks of items appropriately.
    You will notice two buttons next to your respective baskets. This is how you and your partner will confirm that you are satisfied with the current Barter and are ready to proceed with the exchange—however, there are a couple of important things to note.
    At a basic level, both partners have individual confirmation buttons to designate that they are ready to proceed with the trade. Once both parties agree and have confirmed, the exchange will go through instantly. 
    At any point during this confirmation, should either player change anything in their basket  (remove an item, add an item, change quanta, etc.) all activated confirmations will be deselected. For example, if I am Bartering an engine for 100 Quanta and I confirm this exchange, my partner may decide to change 100 Quanta to 50, which will automatically deselect my initial offer.
    The exchange will proceed only when both parties have confirmed the exchange. Speaking in game terms, if I am Bartering an engine for 100 Quanta and confirm this exchange, and neither basket is modified, once my partner activates their confirmation, the trade will instantly complete. 
    Lastly in the bottom left, you will see your chat. You can use it normally to access your other chat channels, but initiating a Barter will automatically prompt an additional chat window between both players to discuss trading terms. Once the Barter is complete or if the Barter is canceled, this window will automatically close. 
    In the event that you are unable to receive items due to volume considerations, your confirmation button will turn red to indicate this. If your button turns red on a confirmation attempt, that means that you do not have adequate inventory space to accept new items.
    Barter will work with the linked container in a limited fashion. When entering a Barter, you will only be able to trade using one inventory source at a time; either your main character inventory or your linked container. This will be defined by your linked container option in the inventory. Should the inventory you are Bartering from becoming too full, you will have the option to transfer items from your current inventory to a secondary one. 
    At this time, you will not be able to trade dynamic objects such as Territory Scanner results and Blueprints, but this is something we’re striving to accomplish in the future. 
    Thanks for your support, guys!
    As always, feel free to drop any feedback you have to share with us in this forum thread
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to Ethan Kel in Introduction, observations, and opinion   
    Greetings and hello to the community!:
    I wanted to play the game for a while before I posted anything.

    I want to first thank Novaquark for an incredible game and their welcoming and grateful attitudes expressed in so many ways to this growing community. I've played many games before and was, in all honesty, surprised by these attitudes. I felt valued and welcomed as a  customer and I want to personally express my thanks for all the effort Novaquark does in recognizing the community in these positive manners that in my opinion will build a solid community and solid relationships.
    One of the first observations I made before I even logged in the first time was the awareness by the developers that the game needed to be immersive but not to complicated and to keep the game as simple as possible so that folks could enjoy the gameplay without having to spend an inordinate amount of time with a massive learning curve or system. This has been accomplished quite well with what I have seen so far.

    As for the gameplay itself, I have waited for just under 40 years for a game like this. Other games have attempted to achieve this but limited themselves in size, to many static objects or limiting parameters.
    Dual Universe had me within the first hour!

    It has been a long time since I have been so excited about a game! So much potential and so equally balanced! I like limited inventories versus what is built to contain them and I like inventories that don't follow a pilot wherever they go unless containers are made to tranp[or them. This is much more realistic. The crating and blueprinting in this game is another fantastic approach. No more static ships! Organizations will really have a great time creating ships/equipment designs that can be sold on the markets providing even yet another way for these organizations to make a name for themselves and a stronger and better in-game economy.
    I absolutely believe in the success of this game and can hardly wait for the universe to come!!

    So much more to say but will sum it up by saying thank you again for giving us this game that many of us have hoped for, for so long!
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in "DSI / TSU / UEE" investigation   
    Dear community members,
    A few weeks ago, we took a stance regarding “out of the game”/IRL-related practices to discredit, threaten or shame publicly another Community Member (even if the involved person is guilty of several infractions) that could be an opponent in-game.
    As the DSI (Dark Star Imperium) / TSU (Trinary Star Union)  / UEE (United Earth Empire) case blew out of proportion during January, we investigated.
    We are really serious about differentiating real life from the game itself. Unfortunately some didn’t take our stance seriously. We gave them a chance to come clean in a private discussion and restart on an healthier basis. They didn’t take the opportunity for what it was: a last chance.
    As they preferred “playing dumb” with Novaquark staff, we can’t have any trust that they won’t continue. Therefore we have decided to ban permanently those Community Members for various reasons (all not being banned for the same reason(s)):
    Not being honest towards Novaquark staff. Making and encouraging ghost accounts. Abusive recruitment practices. Practising real life harassment and/or threatening another player. Making false report to Novaquark’s Customer Support in an attempt to make ban someone they dislike. Spreading real life information without the involved person’s consent, aka Doxxing.  
    (strong reminder: even if a person gives you real life information about him/her, it’s not okay to share these information with ANYONE else without his/her consent. You can’t predict how the other person(s) will use this information and if he/she/they won’t share it again. If some trouble occurs following this sharing, you can be held legally responsible).
    This might seem an extreme sanction but this shows how serious we are when we say we are not going to let toxic attitude and practices spread in the Community. Our goal to build a healthy and friendly community isn’t just a figure of speech. Anyone caught to spread or encourage any toxic behavior will be removed from the Community as it will be considered as damaging the Community and negating Novaquark staff efforts (without saying that it’s time consuming and a waste of our resources).
    Saying it’s a long time grudge coming from before the arrival in the Dual Universe community is absolutely not a valid excuse. If someone has a personal grudge with another community member, he/she should either:
    Leave it at the doorstep and/or settle it in private and peacefully with no one else involved. Contact directly (and only) Novaquark staff if the issue persists.
    The moment someone uses the Dual Universe community as a tool for IRL revenge, he/she is not welcome anymore. We’re all here to have fun. It should always stay that way.
    Therefore, the following Community Members have been permanently banned from the Community:
    Lime / Fullsend / mmtheboss / Sakej99 [DSI] Primarch Zelevas / TharisUEE Melkor_Morgoth
      In addition the DSI Organization member list has been reset, and the Novaquark Team has appointed CN_Firestorm as the new owner of the Organization, should he accept to take a fresh start on a healthy basis.
    We also give a warning to all those who were indirectly involved (with the evidence we found) but not actively participating in the recent community troubles. Next time, there won’t be any new warning. If you become involved against your will in some shady real life activities, you have only two healthy options:
    Leaving the group doing such activity immediately. Report it to Novaquark staff.  
    If you stay in such group without leaving or reporting it and the group is caught, you take the risk to get the same sanction as those actively involved.
    This investigation has taken (or more precisely wasted) a lot of time from Novaquark staff. We really don’t like to intervene in players affairs. However, if there is a chance that such affairs damage the Community by toxic behavior, you can expect Novaquark staff to step in. We hope we won’t have to take the same measures again.
    Best regards,
    The Novaquark Team.
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Novaquark opens a new studio in Montréal (CA)!   
    Dear community,
    We’re expanding! Novaquark opens a new studio in Montreal to accelerate the development of Dual Universe!
    With the hiring of Stéphane D’Astous as General Manager and 50 positions open, if you think you have the skills required (and/or know people who have them), don't hesitate to apply to join the first true Metaverse!

    You can find the complete news here.
    You can find the job opportunities on this page of the official website.
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark Team.
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in [Reminder] Line between legit PvP and unhealthy RL behavior   
    Since the beginning of the year, we have witnessed unhealthy behavior from several members in the Community.
    As many are relatively new and some older members seem to lose focus of Novaquark's vision for Dual Universe, here is a strong reminder.
    Dual Universe is a game where there will be wars, power struggles, conflicts, plots, spying, information warfare and betrayals. It's all fine... as long as it stays within the framework of the game.
    We are aware that a fair amount of people have a hard time to differentiate in-game behavior and real life behavior. While someone can be infamous, merciless and twisted in-game, that doesn't give him/her the right to forget elementary good manners outside of the game. Following the concept "the end justifies the means" will never be a valid reason here.
    Novaquark expects from each community member to:
    1) respect the EULA and forum/Official Discord code of conduct
    2) be respectful toward any other member or at least neutral toward the members you don't like outside of the game, whether they are newcomers or veterans.
    (neutral means: no free provocation, no real life insults or real life threats, as already mentioned in forum and Discord chart)
    3) avoid using any real-life conflict, unhealthy real-life behavior or drama (made on purpose or not) as part of the game (because it's not) as this can escalate in very toxic and unnecessary situations.
    4) avoid using any underhanded real life "tricks" to gain an advantage in-game. This includes:
    - real life threats or real life harassment with anonymous accounts outside of the game (on Discord or any other online means).
    - doxxing, doxxing attempts, or any behavior like gathering real-life information that could lead to doxxing.
    - leaking publicly private discussions about real-life topics (especially when showing only carefully selected pieces with the deliberate intention of biasing the facts) without the agreement of all people involved. This also includes Novaquark’s investigations that haven’t been publicly announced and about which you may have been informed through a private channel/room or a private discussion.
    - making false accusations, creating NDA leaks or false NDA leaks to accuse someone else with the goal of making them punished or banned from the game.
    As a company, we want to provide a fun and welcoming experience to our fans and can’t tolerate inappropriate real life behaviors that potentially ruin the gaming experience or worse, lead to real life consequences.
    If the Novaquark staff gets enough evidence on any of those behaviors, the team may give any sanctions deemed appropriate without further notice.
    If you see some community members having inappropriate behavior, please point them toward this forum thread.

    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark Team.
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to NQ-Nomad in Happy Holidays!   
    Dear DUdes and DUdettes, 
    What a year for the Novaquark team and Dual Universe! We're now in Alpha 1 and this milestone was reached thanks to your continuous and incredible support... Our hard work allowed us to deliver a new version of a game that will continue to evolve during 2019 (and beyond). We count on you to help us build the best possible next-gen MMO  
    The road ahead to completion is still long but after such effort, it's now time for us to have some rest and to spend more time with our friends and families. Expect minimum presence from us until the beginning of January. The Winter Holiday Test and our Shipbuilding Contest are our special treats for you! We hope you'll enjoy them. 
    From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for everything! Happy Holidays!
    The Novaquark Team
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in Can someone explain it to me?   
    Hi everyone,
    As an exceptional case, we are replying this topic, even if it’s closed, to avoid any misunderstanding. As an exceptional case, as the involved user has explicitly asked for public explanation and the customer support agrees with it, we are in a situation where both parties agree to make it public, so it doesn't break the confidentiality policy. We also want to share this as an example that things don't happen for no reason (and in the case of an error, we are ready to fix it).
    Just to put things in perspective:
    - Emtec3PL account wasn't suspended regarding the game (the account has never lost his rights to play the game when the time will come).
    - Emtec3PL account wasn't suspended on the forum and was still able to contact Community Managers in private.
    - Emtec3PL account was suspended on Customer Support side.
    The situation:
    - Emtec3PL pledged 1 euro as a symbolic donation during Kickstarter campaign (in which case it was clear it was a donation, with no rewards attached to it).
    - Emtec3PL pledged then an Iron Founder Pack after the Kickstarter campaign, which has been upgraded as a Silver Pack shortly after.
    - As explained in the news on our website here the access time, depending on the founder level, was pretty clear and self explanatory: 
    All Kickstarter Founder Backers get access at Alpha 1.  Post-Kickstarter Founder Backers get access at the earliest at Alpha 2. Emtec3PL becomes a Founder Backer after the Kickstarter campaign, first as an Iron Founder, than as a Silver Founder, so he's rightfully considered as a Post-Kickstarter Backer and will get access Alpha 2. Emtec3PL contested that fact and asked repeatedly to Customer Support for an access to Alpha 1. Novaquark Customer Support denied the request and explained why. The last answer from Emtec3PL to the Customer Support was the following:
    Emtec3PL sent this reply because he will have access to Alpha 2 (as planned), and not immediately (as he wanted). Obviously there was no possible discussion anymore, and as part of the process for harassment prevention, the account has been suspended on the customer support side. If Emtec3PL is willing to come back to a more constructive discussion, the account can be unsuspended.
    This example might be useful to put in light how we manage customer service here at Novaquark. Globally there are two schools of customer service:
    The old school: "Customer is king."
    This vision implies that no matter how the customer behaves, the customer service agent needs to endure and gives satisfaction to the customer. In our eyes, this way of doing things is relevant as long as customers and customer service agents behave with mutual respect.
    However, with internet promoting anonymity and online interaction, a growing number of customers started to consider mutual respect as being optional and/or lost focus that the customer service agent at the other end of the line is a human being, not a machine, and he/she is there to help, not to endure someone else's anger or frustration. Having daily customers being rude or threatening can damage a team morale, especially when rudeness or threat is undeserved. 
    Customer Support is not an outlet for customers to let their frustration run wild.
    It's a place to answer customer questions and help them when they have a technical issue.
    Some people would easily throw there: "Hey it's part of the job. If they can't handle it, they can find another job" or the famous “HTFU” (which is perfectly fine in a game where a part of the fun is to compete to see who is the toughest guy. It’s less fine when it applies to your real life where you can’t log out) Our answer to this is "No, it's not part of the job, unless it has been decided that way by the company. It's not up to the customer to decide this part." 
    At Novaquark we value Customer satisfaction as much as Employee well-being. 
    The reasons? We don't want the job of anyone becoming a chore because we aren’t interested in burnouts and high turnovers, and also because we are convinced that, having people less stressed and less harassed than the average in the industry will benefit indirectly to the Customers themselves. So we won't encourage negative behavior from some customers, quite the contrary, by applying consequences to this kind of behavior.
    To put it simply, we are following the other school: 
    "Customer is king... but even a king has its limits."
    We will always do our best to satisfy a customer as long as:
    - the request/demand is reasonable and motivated by common sense.
    - the request/demand is made in a respectful manner.
    Best Regards,
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to DarkHorizon in Non-English Organizations Directory   
    Greetings everyone!
    As we all know Dual Universe will attract people from all over the world, not all of whom can speak English or French. Recently with the French localization of the game and website, I thought it would be a good idea to make a directory of all organizations that can speak a language other than English.
    Feel free to leave a post below with your organization name, a link to your organization page on the community website, and the language(s) that can be spoken and understood by some or even all of its members. Your organization can be listed under multiple languages just so long as the requirement they be spoken and understood is met.
    Google Translate assisted me with turning the English into the languages name in that specific language. If you're a native and I made a mistake, please correct me!  ?
    Czech / Čeština:
    Sector Protectorate
    Danish / Dansk:
    The Federation Alpha
    Sector Protectorate
    Dutch / Nederlands:
    Science Of Acquisition
    French / Français:
    Penrose Laboratories
    French Space Industry
    The Federation Alpha
    Sector Protectorate
    The Old Guard Of Gaia
    Les Scorpions du Désert
    Delta Confederation
    Raid Unity
    Silentium No-Vocal
    Deimos Corporation
    German / Deutsch:
    The Federation Alpha
    Sector Protectorate
    Science Of Acquisition
    Delta Confederation
    Bruderschaft der Alten
    Luxemburgish / Lëtzebuerg:
    The Federation Alpha
    Norwegian / Norsk:
    The Federation Alpha
    Spanish / Español:
    Sector Protectorate
    Les Scorpions du Désert
    Swedish / Svenska:
    Russian / Pусский:
    The Federation Alpha
    Fundamental Constructions
    Space Expeditionary Force
    Megalodon Industry Corporation
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to Feral Crow in Cant upgrade pledge [SOLVED]   
    I know this most likely wont be the case but just in case, have you logged in before trying to purchase ?
    I have tried now to upgrade my pledge and i get the reduction, after selecting purchase ( the price is showed full on the site even logged in, but when the window with the checkout button appears i have the reduction)
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in French website & news about game localization!   
    Hi everyone!
    Today we have two exciting news topics to share with you. After today's maintenance, the official website has now a French language option! You can access it by clicking on the French flag in the top left corner of the website (or access it directly by this link: https://www.dualthegame.com/fr/). In addition, we have begun the development of localization tools within the game. The game will be released in French in addition to English.
    Why is this good news for non-French speaking players?

    It’s the first step toward additional languages. Maintaining a website in multiple languages isn’t just a matter of translation, it’s also a matter of web development. We were tasked with developing a structure that allows us to easily add new languages without modifying a page’s core code each time we alter its text.Without this structure, translation-related tasks become far more difficult and time consuming.
    We are starting with French for several reasons:
    French is the native language for the majority of our team, so it’s easier to recognize issues relating to that language, making it more efficient to test the website.
      With the launch of a website available in multiple languages, there is expectation that questions and concerns from players will be addressed in that language via Customer Support and Community Management. This may take additional time for internal approval and hiring the right candidate to fill these positions. In French, we can already manage these responsibilities.   
    We plan to add several other languages in the future, though we aren’t able to release an ETA for those at this time. However, we will definitely make an official announcement to the community when we are ready to add more language options! 
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark team. 
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in [Website Maintenance] November 19th 2018   
    Hi everyone!
    The Official Website (as well as the Community Portal) is going to be under maintenance today, for the next 4 hours.
    The Maintenance is expected to begin at 09:30 UTC.
    Thank you for your understanding!
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark team.
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    Underhand Aerial got a reaction from Eld1r in [German] Hyperion Corporation - we are looking for new members   
    Ist schon ein paar Tage her.. Aber besser spät als nie   

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    Underhand Aerial got a reaction from Eld1r in [German] Hyperion Corporation - we are looking for new members   
    Immer wieder gern
    Supi, als Dank für die schnelle Bearbeitung gibt's ein schönes Bild

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    Underhand Aerial reacted to Agilulf in [Non-Canon] Tales from Tortuga - Episode 3 released   
    Tortuga & Tales from Tortuga
    Tortuga City is a community city building project in the world of DUAL UNIVERSE. The city is a place for trade, manufacturing and shady business. You'll never find a more wretched hive of scum, villainy and dashing rogues. Separated from the shackles of organization affiliations and political agendas, the cyberpunk world of Tortuga with its skyscrapers and neon signs will be home to adventurers and agents, artists and militarists, traders and thiefs.
    Tales from Tortuga is a series of fictionalized stories set in this world, created for the entertainment of the colonists of Alioth and abroad. Our adventure doesn't take place in the actual Tortuga of the game, it only takes inspirations from it. The stories you will read are not part of the official lore of DUAL UNIVERSE, it's a story within a story.
    Tales from Tortuga will be released in episodes every two weeks on SpaceshipDrama.com and here in the forum. The episodes are written by different authors from the community and comprise of stand-alone stories that will tell a 12 issue long overarching plot. The cover art of the issues is also created by different artists.
    You can get in contact with the writers and artists on the Tortuga City Discord.
    - Already Released -
    Episode 1: Do Not Go Gently by Kurock

    (PDF, 1MB)
    Episode 2: The Artful Affirmative by Ben Fargo

    (PDF, 1MB)
    Episode 3: The Hunter, And the Hunted by Cybrex

    (PDF, 1MB)
    - Coming on November 16th -
    Episode 4: The Hunter, And the Hunted 2 by Cybrex
    - Further planned issues -
    Episode 5 by Einu Vei
    Episode 6 by Einu Vei
    Episode 7 by Ben Fargo
    Episode 8 by Agilulf
    Episode 9 by Lethys
    Episode 10 by Kurock
    Episode 11 by Empress
    Episode 12 - The Finale
    Series trailer as seen on Ark Central:
    The Tales from Tortuga team hopes you all enjoy reading our stories!
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to Greenfox in Announcement of first Alpha Race Challenge   
    Well .... we had a pre-alpha race already. So it's the second or third in DU history (the fact is not under nda, just the possible fotoage).
    Just as a sidenote.(
    Don't do this if you had no acess previously ...
    Or ask Yamamushi for inputs as soon as you get to actually being "ingame under nda". And then think out better suited rules ... and means to track people actually adhereing to the course.
    There's alot of things to raceing to think off.
    For starters you should limit "things" ... alot more.
    And specific size limits more clearly ... + how much engines/ fuel/ etc is alloweed.
    Which will need to be in the "NDA" covered part of this forum you will gain acess too, when you get into alpha.
    And lastly, fly the course yourself a few times. You probably will drop out of the sky duo lack of fuel, if you make it to large of a track. Simple logic on these statements ^^.
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to DarkHorizon in Discord AMA with JC - 9/25/18   
    Today, Lord JC hosted an Ask Me Anything event in the official community discord. Below is a transcript of the questions and answers for those of you that missed it.  ?
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:01 AM
    hi guys! This is JC, the creative director of Dual Universe! Just wanted to come here and spend a moment with you, to celebrate the fact we now have an official discord!
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:03 AM
    hey, no big announcement today, but a chance to chat, so let's go! I met some of you guys at Gamescom but I wanted to have the opportunity to talk to all of you guys online
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:05 AM
    a huge thank you to the community and the discord moderators too, by the way! This discord is just amazing!
    [N.C.] ZerroxToday at 11:05 AM
    What about Alpha 1 starting in november, will you be able to stick to the roadmap?
    Timing wise?
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:06 AM
    @[N.C.] Zerrox so far, we are on track for the alpha in the second half of November, as planned
    DreamcatcherToday at 11:04 AM
    Well always bugged me, how long did it take for you guys to build that giant space station above alioth ?
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:06 AM
    @Dreamcatcher a long time!
    ZetamanToday at 11:07 AM
    can you tell us if it will be along the same format as pre alpha or will the sessions be longer?
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:09 AM
    @Zetaman no big changes in the access times so far, expect still the usual weekly access
    vonboyToday at 11:07 AM
    What's some random bug that's made you laugh out loud the most at it happening?
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:10 AM
    @vonboy no bug makes me laugh ?
    [N.C.] ZerroxToday at 11:08 AM
    Short question: What happened to the group picture we took at the gamescom meetup? I really wanna have a copy of that!
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:12 AM
    @[N.C.] Zerrox we... lost the camera in the train. Sorry about that, no pic!
    [HYP] z0KngToday at 11:10 AM
    Are Astreoids planned in deep space? And if so will they have ressources?
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:14 AM
    @[HYP] z0Kng too soon for the asteroids in Nov, but definitely will be a thing at some point. Well actually, there are some asteroids already around Thades, but nothing to mine yet.
    Masc™ of AvacynToday at 11:12 AM
    @NQ-Sophon Hey JC, is there any plans for collision physics in space? (ships colliding with each other and causing voxel destruction, etc)
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:16 AM
    @Masc™ of Avacyn no destructive collision is planned. This would lead to problematic gameplay side effects.
    AgecomToday at 11:12 AM
    Is it going to be possible to create his own currency?
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:17 AM
    @Agecom no, there is only one official currency (quanta). Stabilizing a currency that would work for commerce would be to slow a process otherwise, and we need a fully functional economy right from the start.
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:20 AM
    about PvP: it's a bit too soon to go into details, we are working on the precise game mechanics.

    [HYP] SkeletmasterToday at 11:18 AM
    what can you say about that we get in the near future except from crafting
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:22 AM
    @[HYP] Skeletmaster the crafting will most likely come as a first iteration that "gets the job done", but it still far from the integrated gameplay we have in mind.
    hdparmToday at 11:19 AM
    @JC some  players are investigating atmospheric drag. Does DU use this equation https://www.grc.nasa.gov/www/k-12/airplane/drageq.html , or some other?
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:23 AM
    @hdparm we use both quadratic and linear drag, but otherwise yes, it's based on this equation (for the quadratic side at least)
    Einu VeiToday at 11:19 AM
    @NQ-Sophon Will market units be synchronised with a central system/cache of resources, or will each one have an individual storage limit and market forces dictated by that storage limit?
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:24 AM
    @Einu Vei markets will have their own containers attached, so how much you can trade on them will depend on the aggregated size of these containers
    wakamaToday at 11:21 AM
    Is ground combat actually going to be a thing to for example take over zones on planets?
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:25 AM
    @wakama yes, territory units will be attackable, if they are not deployed at a safe zone/sanctuary moon.
    [N.C] Infinite GamerToday at 11:17 AM
    so what are the main goals you are hoping to achieve by Alpha 1?
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:28 AM
    @[N.C] Infinite Gamer so far, the development is on check, but we can NEVER be sure there will be no unforeseen problem, because we are doing very innovative stuffs.
    ChronoToday at 11:25 AM
    will be there tool for mining that help to find ores over 400m ? or tool crafting for mining ?
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:28 AM
    @Chrono yes, there will be more tools for mining added, at least ways to inform you better about what's in a given region.
    Einu VeiToday at 11:26 AM
    @NQ-Sophon Does that mean the prices of those items will vary from market unit to market unit, depending on how much is stored in the containers, or will the market price system be centralised while the inventory system is distributed, aka a hybrid system?(edited)
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:30 AM
    @Einu Vei the market system is very similar to Eve Online, so no fixed prices, and local market equilibrium are possible

    wakamaToday at 11:26 AM
    Also if all players spawn at one planet how will you make sure the terrain won’t end up totally messed up.  Will it respawn or something?
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:30 AM
    @wakama the areas around the Arkship spawn point will not be editable (up to a distance we are still discussing)

    [N.C.] ZerroxToday at 11:27 AM
    @NQ-Sophon , will there be renewable energy? Can you make a base self-sufficient?
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:31 AM
    @[N.C.] Zerrox too soon to talk about energy, but energy will be a thing, yes
    DestrinToday at 11:29 AM
    @NQ-Sophon any ETA on anti-grav 
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:32 AM
    @Destrin antigrav for Alpha!
    [HYP] meigrafdToday at 11:31 AM
    JC when your planning to add organisations into the game itself?

    NQ-SophonToday at 11:33 AM
    @[HYP] meigrafd https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/08/08/release-roadmap-alpha-launch-announcement/
    hdparmToday at 11:32 AM
    @NQ-Sophon last week's patch broke a few lua scripts (due to some functions being moved from one element to another). In the future, could changes like these be announced in advance, so that we can prepare our scripts before the test?
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:35 AM
    @hdparm sorry about the LUA change, it should not really happen again, or else we will add a retrocompatibility layer. We mostly add stuff now.
    CostaniusToday at 11:30 AM
    @NQ-Sophon  JC, what tech or feature or accomplishment are You especially proud of so far?
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:36 AM
    @Costanius I'm extremely proud of our server tech and voxel tech, and especially proud of our team!
    [HYP] meigrafdToday at 11:36 AM
    JC how tall is the chance to get any kind of move-/rotate- able elements controlled over lua, after release?
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:38 AM
    @[HYP] meigrafd I would love to, but it won't happen for now, definitely not in alpha
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:39 AM
    guys, let's take a last question, as I've got to go for today!
    [PRF] MegadddToday at 11:40 AM
    @JC I've seen what happens to Minecraft servers with populations of 100-200 people where they are allowed to excavate everything. Absolutely every surface feature is decimated for kilometers from the starting area within weeks. It is conservative to say the DU launch will be orders of magnitude more populated, and mining in DU is much more powerful than in minecraft. Will you implement automatic surface restoration (erosion) algorithms? Suffice to say natural terrain that looks like it was carpet bombed everywhere would not be pleasing new player experience.
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:42 AM
    @[PRF] Megaddd it's still in discussion, but we certainly don't want "ore fountains" that are infinite sources of wealth. And damage done to the surface of the planet should be minimal as most ore are deep underground. But we need to test this, and probably come up with many ideas to make it work!
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:43 AM
    that's it guys! It was great exchanging with you today!
    NQ-SophonToday at 11:43 AM
    Thanks everyone!
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    Underhand Aerial reacted to NQ-Nyzaltar in [Obsolete] - Official Discord FAQ   
    Hi Everyone,
    We heard that some of you have concerns after the announcement of the Community Discord becoming the Official Discord. So we are providing a short FAQ to address those concerns:
    What if a Discord admin suddenly goes rogue and does something horrible on the Discord (such as deleting it and/or leaving?)
    While very little has changed on how the Discord is run, there has, however, been one important change: the ownership has been transferred to Novaquark staff. As we can’t have multiple accounts owning a Discord, the owner is now NQ-Nomad. As a Novaquark employee, he has the complete trust of the rest of the team. You can check this here.
    Having Community Members as moderators is a problem. What if some start abusing their power with their role?
    Discord is something running 24h/24 7d/7. Moderators being proactive community members is far from being something new. A lot of Discords (even official ones) and forums have community members as Moderators. Current moderators have our trust. As far as we know, no abuse of power has yet occurred. However, nobody is perfect and in the case of a conflict arising (due to misunderstanding or personal grudge), there’s still the possibility to contact Novaquark staff (through the forum or customer support) to address the situation and find a solution to the problem. However, before contacting Novaquark staff for such issue, please check the 2 following things:
    You have tried your best to solve the issue with the moderators first. You are sure the problem is real (bring facts and evidence, not hypotheses, assumptions or rumors).  
    I won’t come on a Discord where I am obliged to use an Authentication Bot made by a Community Member. What if this Community Member does shady things with the authentication Bot, like gathering personal data from users for himself?
    We trust Yamamushi, as in two years, he has given us no reason to doubt his integrity. However, if this can reassure you: before making the Discord Official, the script has been reviewed by a member of our team, NQ-Illustra. Moreover, the script is open source and its content can be found publicly here (so it would become difficult to make shady things without being noticed).  However, as Novaquark is now responsible to what happens on the Discord, it makes sense that as a general rule, any addition/modification made by any Community Member (and you’re welcome to contribute) to the current script will need a validation from the Novaquark’s team before being implemented.
    Regarding potential issues about data gathering and GDPR infraction: 
    The data gathered is exclusively public: the Bot is only able to collect data that you decided to display on the forum, so no information you’re unwilling to share is gathered. That’s also why you can’t be recognized as a backer on Discord as long as your backer status is hidden. As this system is not perfect, we plan in the future to change the way it works, with an API that will simplify the connection and authentication between your Dual Universe account and your Discord account to get access to channels under NDA. Basically, the Authentication Bot will just ask the API if a DU account has already access to the game or not, without trying to get any more information.
    Why an Authentication Bot is the right way to do it:
    The community will grow and giving the access manually to NDA channels on Discord for each player is just simply not a reasonable long-term solution. When Alpha launches, we will have something along the lines of 6000 new backers having access to the game. Moreover, if the process is automated, it will guarantee impartiality and no human error possible.
    We hope these answers will alleviate the concerns you may have.
    If you want to give your feedback or if you have some remaining concerns, please discuss it in this forum thread.
    Best Regards,
    The Novaquark team.
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    Underhand Aerial got a reaction from Ghoster in Upgrade Silver Founder   
    No rewards? You're getting Alpha and Beta access for free! isn't that enough?

    I understand that you are frustrated cuz the missing upgrade function (I want that DU-T-Shirt xD). But the upgrade function will be added later - just wait a bit longer
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