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Q: I'm having technical difficulties with the game, where can I ask questions about it?

A: If you need assistance or have problems with the game, you can reach out to other players and community helpers on our discord in #help-game-questions and #community-help or request help through the support system by submitting a ticket to support here: https://support.dualthegame.com/

Q: Is there only a “First Person” view available in Dual Universe?
A: By default, it will be the "First Person" view, yes, "Third Person" view is only available when seated in a construct..

Q: Can I skip the tutorial?
A: This is not advised as  a new player may miss out on vital content and instruction as well as some inventory items that may not otherwise be obtained through the normal tutorial progression. 
Tutorial Navigation Commands:  Left shift + Page up will skip forward, Page down will skip back, and Left-Shift + Backspace will exit the tutorial. 

Q: How do I remove cores/elements/fuel?
A: Alt+LMB Click with the appropriate tool will preform the "opposite" action, i.e. Alt clicking with the place element tool would remove the highlighted element. Be sure you have enough inventory space.

Q: My construct landed upside down, how do I upright it?
A: Ensure you are not standing on the construct, equip your Maneuver Tool (looks like a box with two arrows circling it), click on your construct, and rotate it with WASDQE keys.

Q: Can we buy starter ships?
A: Yes, new players can buy a multitude of starter ships,  either in the official UEF Store or one or the many ships designed and sold by other players. This being in addition to the starter speeders provided during the tutorial at the start of the game.

Q: How do I repair my ship?
A: Check your tool belt at the bottom of the screen, it should look something like a welder. Switch to the tool and damaged elements will show up as yellow while broken ones will be red. Be sure to equip scrap after pulling out the tool and keep in mind that higher tier scrap will restore more HP per scrap.

Q: I died and respawned, where's my ship?
A: Your ship is wherever you left it in the game universe. Check your constructs on the map (F4) and place a waypoint to help find your way back to it.


Q: Is there PvP everywhere?
A: . There is a “Safe Zone” where all players begin their journey in Dual Universe. Beyond the “Safe Zone” is PVP Space, any player that enters PVP space is subject to potential PVP actions, there is no “opt in /out” system for PVP

Q: Where is the "Safe Zone"?
A: The "Safe Zone" currently consists of a radius encompassing the planets of Alioth, Thades and Madis


Q: Can we build, design and produce outside the safe zone?
A: Yes you can.


Q: How do I join an organization?
A: Players may join an organization by submitting a application to the desired organization via the in game pressing F3 Key to access the organization interface. Joining an organization will allow them to be given various rights and duties associated with that organization, and gives them access to any number of benefits specific to that organization. For example, joining an organization may give the player access to that groups constructs, community resources, resurrection nodes, and/or territory.

Q: I’ve run into a bug or potential exploit. What should I do?

A: Please report any bugs or potential exploits to the support team through the support system by submitting a ticket to support here: https://support.dualthegame.com/ . If you believe your bug can be exploited, please state “exploit” in the report.

Q: How can I make my ship's trajectory line visible?
A: Press X to cycle through the three available display options. The color line that you see indicates one of four different statuses: • Red: Ground collision • Green: Circular orbit • Blue: Elliptical orbit • Purple: Escape

Q: How do I activate my space engines?
A: Space engines activate automatically when there is less than 10% atmosphere. Check the upper right corner of your screen.


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