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  1. I am a loner and I love it! 1. The more aggressive the advertisement, the more aggressive I will be towards that organization. 2. Well... I red some posts from players here on the forum, and if they play the same way as they post... Salty popcorn time! 3. No, but if I have to, I will take you down with me >:D 4. RL responsibilities goes before non-RL. 5. I. don't know you, and I don't want to hear your "interesting" life story. 6. Aww... poor souls... 7. Heretics! Praise the All Father! 8. Nothing wrong with tropical islands and "bikini babes"... 9. Everyone is an idiot! I will not discuss this, else who is the idiot? 10. My social life is my own.
  2. discordauth:vHkGSvPkcZU_VI9vVafgUFrU4vcaWGt2D7Zs69Fa87k=

  3. Welcome to DU, see you soon in-game (tot gauw)
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