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  1. 1. As soon as a new MMO is announced communities and orgs start to form. Its quite normal and happens at most MMOs. 2. A MMO is designed to collaborate and play together with other people.
  2. Hauptsächlich nutzen wir aber Discord. Funktioniert doch soweit ganz gut.
  3. Costanius

    Hallo zusammen

    Hallo und willkommen!
  4. discordauth:4sPFKy6hJ1ttvRRS-TJRv9EBjJ88ryDPlcsooHY7pps=
  5. @Birkenhoff Und für den längeren und ausführlicheren Gedankenaustausch haben wir dazu auch ein (internes) Forum.
  6. Costanius

    Pre-Alph, Alpha

    I agree with vylqun! Its just a guess though, no fact. But I have the same opinion! And: Delays in MMO-development are the norm, not the exception!
  7. Costanius

    Next build: Scanning, Mining and Markets

    Keep in mind that when they bring new features into the pre-alpha that these new features must be tested and balanced first before they can go from there! And that requires time! So adjust Your expectations about a possible alpha1-release date accordingly!
  8. Costanius

    Interview with Dual Universe

    This video is from october 2017.
  9. Only sandbox-MMOs with player-made content and gameplay systems and mechanics that can be used and influenced by the players and that enables and requires player-interaction and that enables emergent gameplay give long-time motivation to me to play a MMO. If You play a Themepark-MMO and go through the offered content and experiences its all over at the end and becomes boring fast. Especially, if no player-interactions are necessary. Then You can better play a single-player game. So I just follow and play non-fantasy MMOs with sandbox elements, if possible on a single world or at least massive persistent universe and with a monthly subscription or B2P-model.
  10. Good job on this writeup! Must have been a lot of work.
  11. Costanius

    Hi, hey, it´s me!

    Hi and welcome! Hallo und willkommen!
  12. Costanius


    Subscribe to the newsletter, check their twitter and facebook, check the kickstarter update section. Lots of info and (smaller) updates there. The AMA from february was also published on the DU website!
  13. Costanius

    The new settlers

    I think survival works quite well in the game Empyrion Galactic survival and adds a lot of products You can produce, store and consume. It could work in DU too. It just shouldn't be too harsh and strict.
  14. Costanius

    Are you excited?!

    I'm excited and I like: - To be able to build my own spaceships and fly them around in a MMO-Universe. - A sandbox-MMO with player-cities and player-driven-economy from an european developer. - Subscription model, no item-shop p2w BS!