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  1. I really hope there will be a good solution for data export. Several projects in the community depend on that. We in our org built in months of work a whole own economy system. Members can store their ores in our ore deposit, they get "HC" (our own currency) in exchange, and can use these HC in the fully automated shopping center to buy nearly any item for a cheap and steady price (what is important especially for new players). Our players can transfer their HC to other members, or can use them to order something from our industry department (if its not in the shopping center, or a really large order). This system works well and is a great addition and an advanced community creation. (If you are interested, check this video: Hyperion Warehouse and HC-System it's German and not 100% up to date, but you can understand most of the content just with the visuals) And there are many more complex systems like this from other orgs and players, that rely on sync with external databases, because the DBs in the game are too small to handle this. All of these advanced scripted community creations would be lost if there is no proper and easy way to export the data anymore. If we are restricted to just the ingame DBs, this will kill massive creativity in scripting because of the limitations.
  2. Another idea for the microvoxel issue would be an option, where you can choose to delete all the remaining stuff in the construct. So you still have to disassemble it by yourself if you don't want to loose all the stuff (which is okay I think). But when you are mostly finished with disassembling it would be nice to have this option. Could work like this: In build mode, activate the core -> Scrap remaining parts -> a pop-up appears with a warning that the scrapped stuff will be lost together with a list of the remaining elements+voxels (like the list you have for blueprints) So you can check this list and decide "just two adjustors and <1m³ voxels, that's okay to loose" and delete it. Automatic disassembling with getting the resources back would be nice, but I think this would make all this too easy.
  3. The latest patches were needed steps for the game, but are no final solution. Because they brought good changes, but reduced the reasons to build and play together with others more and more. Example: Mining Units I like this change all in all. But this resulted in every player having his own tile (or several tiles). So this makes it harder for multiple people to build and play together, because the more players are in the group, the larger the area becomes they need for their ressources. So if they build a city or their base together in the center, several players have to fly long distances to get to there MUs. Yes, this is not completely a new issue. Even before you had to fly to the next unclaimed territory to mine there. Even before you had to fly to other planets to get rare ores. So it's not like the system with the mining units caused this issue. But it amplifies it. Especially new players who nearly just want T1-ores for their projects get quite separated. You can build an Industry Line together, but aside from that there is no real benefit in playing and building close together. It's currently more that if you want to build together, you have to overcome the difficulties that come with that (PvP is another topic). And I think, if this "isolation" can be broken it would give DU a huge boost. To be honest, I don't have a real balanced idea on how to solve this issue. To make it more attractive to build together, to connect and build large bases and cities instead of every player having his own tile with a single building on it. But maybe you have some ideas for this?
  4. Especially if you have built fancy ships with voxelmancy that took days of work to be finished. There is not an option like "just move every element 0.5 voxels away from each other". because then the whole design gets visually broken. Like I've said: I like the fact that they are working on this problem. Strict in-game rules are better than just to say "Don't do that". I don't want NQ to revert this change completely. But they really have to work on the hitboxes in detail again. If so many fancy ships that were built the legal way are broken now because of messy hitboxes, this is really an issue.
  5. Well, I appreciate the try to change the mechanics so glitching Elements together is not just forbidden, but not really possible anymore. But however, this is too much. At first I thought it is only a problem for me, because I like to build small ships and shuttles where all elements are close together to get a nice look. But now I hear from nearly every player I know that there is massive obstruction on their ships, even when they made sure to build without glitching or stuff like this. So even if you followed the rules and build your ship the "correct" way, many players get punished now. Please check on this again, NQ
  6. This is no flame, even if some words may sound harsh. I love the game, even if the progress is quite slow sometimes. Issue: Aside from the markets, the world feels quite dead. There are some Industries with animated parts and you can create animations on a screen. But thats it. Even if you build with several players together, to create a city or a large base - often just a few are online and at the location at the same time. Everything else is static. Its only an asthetic issue, but this keeps the immersion of the world at a quite low level. Some ideas for a solution: - animated elements: rotating gears, elements that move up and down and other stuff like this - particle elements: elements that create smoke, fire, dust, sparks, water sprinkling effects and other - sound elements: elements that play a specific sound in a loop or with a timer, when you get close - "NPCs": a major thing would be NPCs. To distinguish between Players and NPCs, the NPCs could be simple Robots. They dont have to be too fancy. For example: 1. An animated robot for just decoration. You place the robot like an element and it performs a simple animation. 2. An animated robot as a "shop keeper", that works like the current dispenser. To prevent exaggerated robot use, there could be high costs and a limitation per core. These are just a few ideas on how the world could get more alive. Of course we would need more graphic options for this, so everyone can set the visibility range for the animations. Another topic connected with this is low poly models - even of already existing elements. Its quite annoying that a giant wing of a spaceship just plops in and out when you get closer/ farther away. Or that Industry Elements are either invisible, or rendered with all the details and animation.If there are low poly models of the larger elements that are shown at higher distance, we could get better looking far away constructs without extreme performance drops. So what are your ideas to fill the world with some life?
  7. My opinion about the update: I like the idea, but not exactly how it's done. The main issue I have with this: The Taxes are far too high for people who are more interested in planetary building. The average Tile on Alioth gives you about ~500l/h, so ~84kl/week and most of this is T1 Even with talents it may be 150kl/week (not exactly, but just for demonstration). This is an amount you can currently get in 1h mining. And you have to sell at least ~1/2 to pay the taxes. The amount you'll receive in the end is way less than what you can get now if you are ready to invest some time. If you are someone who likes to fly to other planets and build a base there this may be okay. I've heard about tiles with 300l/h T3 ore and more, so the taxes would not be an issue. But players who like the planetary building on alioth and not space travelling, will be extremely slowed down and I think this will cause more frustration in the playerbase.
  8. Well, the problem is not that there are no benefits in building close together. The current problem is: The game is still not ready for this. We tried it in "Hyperion City", and the game causes so many issues if you want to build close together. Advantages of a City: - Feeling: Its much nicer building close together and see others buildings grow bigger and bigger - Industry: Everyone can specialize on some parts and build a perfect optimized industry line. And your Neighbor can specialize on other parts - Shopping: In Hyperion, we have a fully automated ore deposit and shopping center that works very nice and is more comfortable and immersive than flying to the markets everytime - We even experimented with street systems where hovercars can drive with ease (yeah, not absolutely necessary, but adds feeling too) - Building together on large projects Issues with a City in DU: - Performance: The industry city is a nice idea, but the game cannot handle it currently. Just a few cores filled with industry are causing massive FPS drops. Imagine what it is with dozens of buildings. Thats the main issue and thats the reason why the real use of a city is not achievable. - Overlap-Protection: DU has an overlap-Protection that does not allow to build too close to others buildings (not even the tileowner can disable this). But the range of this is way too far. So EVERY player with a house in the city has to manually disable this overlap-protection for every core. But this is extremely bugged and there has to be just one inactive player who has not disabled this protection, to make a whole 300x300m area unusable. Several players reached out to NQ because of this. The protection does not need to be removed, but at least give the tileowner the option to disable this protection for his tile. Issue would be solved. But nothing changed so far and this for already more than 1 year. - Organization Core limits: The only other way to avoid this overlap-protection is if all the building cores belong to the organization (and the player just gets all the rights for his own buildings). But NQ decided to reduce the max. amount of cores for every org massively (doesnt matter if its a org with 5 Members, or with 500). So this does not work too. Many players reached out to NQ with ideas like "scaling the core limit according to the player amount" / "add some missions to expand the org core limits" and others. But so far nothing changed, and this already for ~ 4 months.
  9. I just want you to know, that the "Legion" isn't something completely new. At the beginning there was the AC (Ascendancy) and some other orgs and alliances that stood against the AC. Most of the counterparts to the AC vanished with the time, so the AC became the most dominant alliance in the game. At the end some members and organizations in the AC were uncomfortable with the "government" of the alliance, especially because several of the major orgs became nearly completely inactive. As a result, they founded the "Legion". So in fact the Legion is just something like the more active part of the former AC with just a few new members. It's nothing new. But to be honest, even as a player of one of the Legion orgs I'm not completely happy with the monopolism that established. But thats a general issue of the game and its players, not just of the Legion itself. Several other active PvP-Factions that could've been a real threat to the Legion became more and more inactive, split up or moved to other games. But this game is dynamic. Sure, the playerbase got much smaller in the last months. But there are still more than enough active players who could stand up against the Legion. It's a matter of organisation and effort. If everyone stays in his small 10-man organization, its clear that they don't have a chance to fight Legion. But in fact, most of them would even struggle against a single org of the Legion. If you want to play PvP in DU very active, you have to organize yourself in bigger groups. But yes, NQ could do something about this, so that even smaller groups could be more annoying to large alliances. If there would be some ways for smaller orgs to still get the needed ressources and rise up faster, or something like "hit and run" - so you can attack single ships of large orgs and withdraw fast enough before reinforcements appear - this would give the PvP in the game much more depth (like the pirates or rebels in most sci-fi movies). But currently nearly all this features that would make PvP more balanced are missing.
  10. Ich vermute mal, da bist du genau in die Umbauarbeiten auf unserem Server reingestolpert. Sorry dafür😅 Heißt du auf Discord genauso wie ingame? Ansonsten lass wie Underhand schon meinte einfach ne kurze Message im #empfang/arrival - Channel da, dann geht es recht fix weiter 🙂
  11. Just look at the last few posts. As I said, they should not try to help in situations like this. (1. Its a 50-50 chance its getting abused, 2. its even impossible to assist all the issues) But they can finally fix the major issue. After 6 months. So there would be no need anymore for this single case solutions.
  12. NQ maybe should not intervene in a single issue like removing some core. But they should finally solve the major issue after half a year they could: disable overlap protection completely for cores on the planet surface (for space core this feature is still useful) reduce the size for the overlap protection zone to the actual size of the build zone allow the tileowner to ignore the overlap protection allow the tileowner to remove cores from his territory (so they are compacted into the core owners inventory) add a RDMS policy for TCU that disables the overlap protection JUST ONE of this workarounds would solve the issue for most players/ orgs. They just have to pick the one thats the easiest to do. But since 6 months we are talking to a wall. 2/3 of our city territory is still unusable for already 6 months because of this.
  13. I've sent the list of possible solutions/ workarounds to NQ ~3 months ago. Still no reaction... I mean every single one of this solutions would solve the issue more or less so we can handle it. They just have to pick the easiest one.
  14. Yeah, I mean a L-core with an actual building area of 128x128m can even block other cores more than 300m away. Even if you are the tileowner you can't do anything if just one inactive player of the org placed his core there months ago. Even if you are the tileowner... ... you cannot remove the core of an inactive player ... you cannot deactivate the overlap protection ... even you as the owner are fucked up by the overlap protection The only "workaround" (to completely deactivate the overlap protection for every single core) is ab buggy mess. And EVERY player with a core there has to be active to set the policy, or this does not work at all. And even if he sets the policy correctly in about 10-20% it still does not work. And even if it works more or less, you are still blocked quite often because it needs sometimes up to 30min to load all the policies from the cores that are "nearby" (in a 350m radius). And if the only way to work with this, is to completely disable the overlap protection - this feature has no use at all (in space yes, but not on ground). Just 4 M-cores of inactive players are blocking nearly 2/3 of our current city area (3 Tiles) for already 6 months!
  15. The big issue is: NQ stated to NOT exploit bugs to get an unfair advantage to the others who play within the rules. Or it will have consequences. We all know it still happened here and there. NQ cannot overwatch everything. Okay. But now a whole organization abused a bug in more than 300 (!) cases to steal other players ships. They did not do it here and there, they massively focused exactly on the bug abuse. Exactly on the thing NQ prohibited. They even allowed it in their org rules. And most of the cases were well documented. Every day NQ got a buch of reports from the victims about this. And yet there are no consequences. The problem is: Why should players now follow the rules? When they know it won't have any consequences to break the rules and use exploits wherever you can? If even a case that is so extreme and so precisely documented had no consequences? If you use ingame features to play like a pirate/ mercenary org - okay. Thats your playstyle. If the other orgs don't like it, its in their responsibility to do sth. about. But a massive bug abuse like this is clearly NQs scope.
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