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  1. That would completely trivialize mining. The existing system is for a reason, and it is to make mining a dedicated career and talents meaningful improvements.
  2. Forcefields act as ramps. As per the ingame description, When activated, it stretches until it reaches an obstacle or a maximum length.
  3. Replace voxel tool already exists, literally as that name.
  4. Apparently JC said "Vertex editor is a good idea and it's going to come at some point" in his last interview video. No idea when, but it's planned.
  5. Try waving your mouse around on a 60fps monitor compared to a 120 or 144 fps monitor. 60 fps, clear gaps between draws. 120/144? Much smoother, smaller gaps. And that only takes a few seconds to see and only requires an OS install. For a better understanding, see this "test-ufo" site. Or the top level. Take a look at the various things there (if your monitor can support them). And then ask if you still believe that the human eye cannot see more than 60fps and notice that more than 60fps is smoother. For a different comparison, take the fastest human sprinter. 10m/s, 100m in 10s. At 60fps, that would be 1 frame every 16 centimeters. It's quite obvious eyes don't work on an fps basis. Or driving on the highway at 80km/h. If in a game, it would be 1 frame every ~.37m, yet looking out the window and one can focus on details perfectly. Try doing that in a game.
  6. Instead, give a toggle option to only show ores on tiles that you have mining rights for. People mining in large unclaimed areas on planets like being able to see ore regardless of hex location, as it's often irrelevant except when searching for large deposits in a specific hex. Hmm. Maybe add a second option to only show ore in the current hex.
  7. With lua, it's possible to program a 'ship' elevator that travels between floors or even kilometers vertically between surface and underground. Or so I've heard. Mining chair 'ships' have been created that allow one to stand inside and dig perfectly horizontal or vertical tunnels. https://streamable.com/64l4di
  8. Even as a pve carebear, this is a philosophy I can understand. Gankers that just talk about 'doing it for the lulz' and 'feeding on tears' though...
  9. Serious question: how much have you actually played the game? I'm playing solo, and in about ~100 hours of game time I've managed to get a decent cargo ship and a basic industry hub in an S core. Also, good ship design is hard. Especially voxelmancy.
  10. If you want gameplay like that, Stationeers is thataway. In DU, that would be a lot of tedium.
  11. Shift-drag This would actually be nice. Agreed I like using the jetpack up/down keys for that. Yeah, would be nice. Hard No. You're suggesting that instead of 9 elements and 9 voxel types equipped, I'd have to choose which I wanted? Yikes. And no to removing. Ew. No. What are you thinking? Uh, no. Mining tool already has two modes, create tunnels/mine ore and place planetary soils. No I can't imagine why one would want that. Ew, no. Not going to bother to reply to the rest of that.
  12. If you bury the cores in elements and/or enclose the ship in large glass windows and then abandon the ship, people could view it but not repair/claim and it wouldn't count towards your limit anymore.
  13. Back? hardly. $20 is a pittance especially for 3 months of game time. It's sandbox/factory building has provided decently entertaining so far, and even if I quit playing it tomorrow, I'd look back fondly on my time and consider that well spent.
  14. Or let us disable it entirely since there's a keybind to directly activate it.
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