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  1. Would you mind posting a link, please? I have not been keeping up with this game's news.
  2. Still no XL atmo engines or L wings? Sad. I've been waiting over a year for them; if they were added, I'd probably start playing again.
  3. Do you have any proof of those claims? I've basically given up on DU and haven't played since early this year, but I'm still curious.
  4. I basically quit playing the game back in January; seeing stuff like this just makes me glad I haven't come back. I'd love to have a reason to come back; I (mostly) loved the experience I'd had, but the future just didn't seem good. by the way, in case anyone's wondering "WHY DID YOU EVEN POST", it's because I care.
  5. It's a shame; Dual Universe had such potential. Potential squandered by heavy handed moderation and lack of engagement with the community, especially with regard to suggestions. I wouldn't be surprised if the game shuts down shortly. #JusticeForScoopy
  6. PM me the opinion and actual solution and I'll post it for you.
  7. Shitposters should be banned.
  8. Cool. Based on a 550k profit per day, that's only ~2 months to recoup the investment.
  9. Warp cells just need to be removed. Make warp drives have a cooldown after use or something instead. Or make it like Space Engineers and each warp drive can only haul so much mass so far. A heavy hauler would need a dozen or two.
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