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  1. Where do we start? __ Introduction: ~ Hello, my name is Teso. Most don't know me unless I've battled them on discord under the influence. I'm not proud of the fact that I fly off the handle, but it does send a true sense of the current situation in DU. I find DU somewhat enjoyable.... Throughout the year it has been more enjoyable than certain parts of the year. Some players ask themselves "Why bother?" leading to a negative game experience. Don't get me wrong... I think DU has a bright path ahead of itself, however I just think they need to execute it in a precise manner. Which is why we are here today in BETA. I will start this thread off with the first thought in my head which is player base from the release to its current state in time. ~I1- . We started this game off great.... Everything was amazing..... At least the community thought it was. The community was at an all time high-until .23 hit. Neighbors died, community's became diseased . Nothing was the same from this day. It took quite some time for even the hardcore players to come back and play- out of defiance for the path of the current development team. Mainly JC was to answer for these causes and incurrences answers went unanswered and the players began to loose hope. Players began to protest in any way they could.... Whether it be trolling JC's castle or simple not logging in. This did really hurt DU in the end. Players stopped playing and gave up hope. There was a saying among the player community........ And it still shines to this day.... " MAKE DU GREAT AGAIN" A partial wipe is in the air- as it should be. Obviously as I have been playing form the start- I don't think a full wipe is valid- as that would incur a total and complete destruction of DU. DU is currently in BETA and thus player input to the faction of order is just. Let's begin. ~ All players be respectful of each other and follow the DU forum guidelines. ~ Agree to disagree with other players. ~Opinions matter to our community ~Work together to have a voice. ~No shaming or bashing. This is an open discussion. All players are welcome! Topics: 2: SCHEMATICS 2:1: We have heard talks of removing schematics from NQ. Yet it has yet to happen. I don't think complete removal is necessary. Personally i think it needs to be set for tiers etc. That is my opinion. When the community comes and talks about wipes this will complicate things for NQ. Unfortunately they let the free for all cheap day BP fly, and let players keep their schems for penny's on the dollar. Many players were outraged. To this day that has not been remedied unfortunately. NQ gave a free pass. I myself was very dissatisfied with this ruling., along with many other players. Propelling orgs with Q to a high that no other player could reach. This factor also exacerbated the .23 update as it followed shortly after the update- leading to more players leaving the game. 3: PVP 3:1: Personally me I have yet to join PVP and for quite a few reasons. This is not my category so i will leave it up to the community to update this section. 4: EXPLORATION 4:1: We have yet to have any new exploration feature in the game since the actual release. Whether it be new solar systems, rogue moons, or simply random outposts with more hints and features into clues about things. I had made a post about random rogue planets/moons to be discovered and not found through warp until landed on / or until a device was created to triangulate the position in the system. That is my own sense- I will keep this section open to player interpretation. 5: MINING 51: : We have reached a point where there is a lack of resources in the game~ At least for the smaller player base. Massive orgs continue to dominate the ADV-EX feature with this previous APOLLO Update. This isn't a update for new players, or at least for smaller orgs. It however is a road bench to future updates hopefully. I also happen to notice there were no asteroids near Ion or Locobus for the matter... just a thought. We are also still waiting for Auto mining bots and our pets, which were promised by NQ from the initial alpha release... We have yet to see that. I think the goal for NQ is to get more players, and in order to do that they need to have a massive game update... something quite dramatic. Some patch that would literally be a game changer and it shouldn't be hinted or intended. ~ Except for 1 hint. "Something massive is coming". Players don't want to mine for 7 hours to run their factory's but I guess it all comes down to economics.~ Which has been proven on the downfall from NQ's hiring history. A bashing you can take NQ from me or the community... I just want to give my opinion and the community's thoughts as we have continuously played through these patches. We want to give you our honest feedback. 6: INDUSTRY 6:1 : This topic comes into conflict with certain category's on this page. 1: WIPE: and 2: Schematics. Topic is up in the air for the community. 7: EVENTS 7:1: More events needed. However All events should be paused until the rest of these category's get filled their request by the community. I understand we want and need more events, but the focus of the team should be on the rest of the topics. 8: Community 8:1: Speaketh your heart. As I have. 1: WIPE 1:1 Finally we are on the main topic for the day. A wipe, From .23 to today. For some reason today people are talking about it. I'm all up for it. There are so many factors which cause this situation. Its a struggle to find enjoyment anymore at least playing. A relaunch would help. However I Don't think it should happen unless a certain amount of factors have been upheld by the community managers and the development team. This is also an open topic for our community to discuss. I hate for this post to be hidden or our voices go unheard... Let the players speak. Some players will agree that the game is going in the right direction. Which I think it is, however I think they need to really adapt to the community backlash/recommendations. The wipe should be referenced from category's. 1,2,5,6. I think NQ needs to have certain strides to make something that was once great..... Something better. The community has been waiting. Let your voices be heard.
  2. Dreams seem to come true... At least for my RL factors the last two weeks, which i won't ellaborate from Vegas. However on the case. I had a dream..... I had a vision.... It was pretty sweat. It was so sweet You guys could even taste the nectar dripping from me. Let's get to the point. Down the line. Maybe today... Maybe tomorrow. I dare say never. In this dream I was warping to a planet/point and throughout the warp i noticed something quite peculiar. Something that did not sit with the current system. I was shocked. Completely flabbergasted. I had seen some planet on my way to the point. There was nothing on the space map, no points no..... nothing. Maybe this is the case for DU.... MAYBE JUST MAYBE.... my dream comes true. You couldn't find the planet and warp to it until you actually find it. This might maybe a mission for all our players to explore the far reaches of space.... But I dare say that NQ might have a few tricks in it's bag. Maybe... Just maybe.... they might have some tricks up their sleeve. I might be on a planet no one has even been on. Not one player has the coordinate. That's because you must land on the ground for it to be explored. Not one man in this universe knows the depths of space until they reach the edge. So i say to all you players out there..... There is something unknown to you. Happy Hunting.
  3. Now try working day and night to make sure your M core doesn't run into it and blow up.
  4. PM me ill refer your cuase


  5. Brother i know its cute... We have been waiting patiently and patiently but they are just starting to listen to us so i just.... iii just freaking..... just................... just thought they would listen to maybe the VERY conversation we were having her today. The fact is they are here and you need to WAKE UP.
  6. Rubi says the play is in the works. All my request was ... was a simple feature. easy to understand. easy to execute. simple. Lets see what unfolds. My request is simple read the lines and digest. Read Digest and Absorb. Helllo You have reached DU 2.0 . How can i help you?
  7. I'm sure I just mumble jumble my words as I speak it. An introvert adhd person gets messed up so let me try to consolidate my response. You are correct on the statement of emergency. Its unreasonable to post this but... according to that general forums I must post the truth. This is a || CALL FOR HELP || Its a response we have been waiting for awhile..... At least the terramofrmers. A call for help? :Terraformers This tool we are waiting for.... for ages hasnt come. Are you a transformer? Do you have max flattening and dig tools? Do you build big hangers? How many (L) core areas have you worked? How many (L) core (leters) of dirt have you dug out? Too many questions for a true transformer............. I am becoming one. But I am not the best I am not the GOD I am not the person that has created right angles against this problem. back to point. ( Will try to adress NQ on this problem) Might take me a few days as i have 100 projects. ____________________________________________________________________________
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