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  1. New patch seems to have docking screwed over once again. (when looking at your placement **as your maneuvering* it seems that it does not hit the voxel (flush) and i think that's why they are having docking issue.@NQ ( It was flush before .23. now it seems its a few inches/feet from voxels) It must be some voxel issue. Whatever..... here for the fast cast remedy and focus of this post. Stop spending time trying to dock things is the focus of this post. Remedy: Step 1: Setting your ship down:--> Set your Ship down on an "ELEMENT". (Setting 1 ship onto another) I have found this to be better vs voxel. Step 2: Set your ship at an angle (with a nice slope) Step 3: Disable all Em control modules. Step 4: Maneuver your construct repeatingly onto the element. If your ship is @ slope angle you should see it slide off if it doesn't dock. (*wait a few seconds). Make sure your ship is sloped at a good angle . Step 5: Noticing your construct is not sliding and seated. Congratulations you have successfully docked your construct on your construct. In order to verify your construct is successfully docked-- Maneuver your construct with the maneuver tool(Construct that is not docking, but being docked) . Ships blow up because docking not working. Don't blow up! Try this! Have fun, Fly Safe.
  2. COAL PRICE *BUY ORDERS* Number of orders from 0.0-1.0 = 167 (ORDERS) ( BOT CENTRAL ORDERS) clearing filters , simple solution. Auction house. Yes yes we can sort through it all but these bot orders are set to get them suckers in. ( No one is going to sell @ this price)!!!! AUCTION HOUSE NOW!!! Unless you have another realistic way to clear these buy orders from bots--- the buy order ( 0.01-x) will be flogged with orders, unrealistic, de-meaning, and scalping players.) Players won't necessary get scapled unless they are stupid. But we shouldn't have to deal with this stupid BOT prices/and or BALLOONING of these orders taking up real log space and data. If I have to screen through 167 orders of unrealistic prices there is a problem. I mean.... I could myself and get the whole server to set up prices for .01-.09 for 1,000,000 orders. and flood the spectrum. BAD BAD BAD. IT can happen, and probably will in the near future--- just to clog up server capacity.(If it even draws enough). Number of orders from 0.0-1.0 = 167 (ORDERS) 34 buy orders 1-10 26 orders 10-16 16 ( OLD PRICE) Holiday Bonus Price - 25
  3. Also... Auction house would hide all these freakin 0.01 buy bot orders. This is getting real annoying quick, searching through this sh... startin to make Teso mad. BRING ON THE AUCTION HOUSE!!! Du needs it!
  4. I would like to use the market place more. I would also like to devote more time that I have to Mining/Develpoment/Flying ETC. We need an online marketplace search for the website linked to the game server. When I'm not online and maybe at work I might have some free time on my phone where I can look up costs/analyze data and figure things out. Then we can knock it out quick and get back to the real focus of the game. As the games continues to go on data information into the wiki. -recipes/amounts/etc. Less time spent in game, more market work done and more market utilization. I know this might have already been brought up as an idea in the idea box. However it should be pinned in the upvote page. If it already is can someone post here saying it is? Also an open discussion for what you guys think of an AUCTION HOUSE vs Marketplace. (Auction house with History orders). (Seeing a history of the "Buy History" and price will help dictate and drive marketplace prices. Sadly yet... we do not have the tool for this as of yet. Auction house example . (Set price <<user side(seller) buyer looks at market history-- Timestamped with date and Quantinty-to Ananalyze market history.) The seller's price is unknown. Essentially you have to "BID" for the order. chime on and fly safe folks, and happy holidays. @ DEV Team. Not hard. Don't tell me it is. My networking hands will make it happen. Easy and simple. #1 focus if you want a functioning marketplace.
  5. Hello, I would like to see portals. as such as this. A rift through time and space. The quantum energy required is only enough to have a single entity slip through its dimension. I would like to see personal porters implemented into the game. Floating a few ideas here attaching warp cells, and also high-end element manufactured by exotic and only rare elements that will have a time delay, and only accessed once by instance; of a slip inversion into the next dimension. The ripple in time space will need to repair itself or it will cause a hole in the fabric of time and swallow the universe. ( A one time use(Over a long cooldown)(1 player/till cooldown is reached with a major cooldown). This is an interesting idea to float. It could take days, maybe weeks, maybe even a month. However when we go down the line of future solar system implementation this is a fascinating concept. Their might even be certain meridians where these portals could only be placed, like as in such; Minecraft end dimensional portals. ( I never played Minecraft, but I did binge on the Tb2T videos). We/I would like to see having the ability to portal to a location of an instance. This could be random by the influx of space time distortion; and then jumping on this idea with the future coming-->" energy management phase, more energy could be focused to pinpoint more precise locations with accuracy). It truly is a wild concept. Space is unknown. The nature by which the universe acts upon is unknown and we are unable to fathom its possible loopholes into the universe's function. More or less, how exciting would it be to... for an instance to say. That you were able to enact this portal and venture through. NQ having already enacted multiple asteroid belts(in the future). You were able to have an instance of traveling to a place unknown and able to port to a belt. Many many ideas to float with asteroid bases/hidden complexes is a story in itself for another time. The possibilities are endless. *The only problem I do see with this is the schematics feature, having to have them knowing what you have to build so this is something that will roadblock this avenue; but I hope that NQ could look at this idea and come up with solutions for this future proposal. Thankyou for listening and Fly Safe!
  6. Please implement sorting features for bookmarks/ constructs in the hud. (M key) Thankyou.
  7. Hello, My name is Teso91. Yes, I've been banned on the discord server because I have spoken out on my concerns and according to the admins--- sufficed and supported the chaos that in ravaging the community. But that's not why I have brought you here to this topic. Lets have an open and honest discussion. ( Granted If don't swear in this forum, since I have one warning left for a 90 day ban) I just wanted to give you a brief history on my posting and input before I get put to rest. Patches are great! Yes they are awesome. I'm honestly siding with this statement. However we must imply that the patches are in order and without impunity. Element destruction.... Lets skip all this stuff. ( We all read the patches. We have all agreed to their patches. We don't have a choice on this matter besides our input.) skipping forward Lets focus on the patch in depth. Every detail to the patch is good. Well.... On paper.... We can all give a few examples on the new patch and our opinion.... Well... on paper. Buttttttttt. It really comes down to essentially is what is actually happening. Ships are grounded. They should be remained grounded in my personal opinion and experience! On this little side note ill give a few examples of why your ships should be remained grounded. 1) Ships elements are still taking repair (restore - ) as of 12/18/2020. Oh wait! I have more options to this category. Lets honestly stop here to address the new issues of this patch And wait; oh yes; It honestly goes way beyond the patch. The focus now is on the DEV BUG TEAM. why? Let me give you a simple answer here to NQ. You can't implement a new patch without a few reasons Reason 1) Testing Reason2)d Repeated testing Reason3) Fixing of previous bugs| Reason4) Verifying that Testing /Repeated Testing of new features does not cause new bugs/problems. Lets stop here to address for the moment what went wrong. We have identified that that patch was not bad. Maybe in a sense not every feature was lets say.... "Fair or Acceptable". Let's backtrack on this issue of readdressing patches. There was a huge community backlash with this patch. Yes, personally me I was in disapproval of it along with the community. None the less lets all agree here that the entire patch was not completely bad. Because I don't think 100% of the patch was bad. I don't think it was honestly implemented at the right time. That is "MY" honest opinion. I also heard reports of hearing in the development team that this patch was just ready because it was ready. For example- Patch A was ready for B,C,D,E and so on- devised by different teams. That is fair for a game developing company in BETA. Focus: There are so many issues going on with this patch right now that cause severe problems to gameplay, including subscriber base. As a Novian and for anyone close to the spectrum........ that there is a serious concern for our well being. The main issue is the bugs. We understand that the game is constantly developing and its currently going through its own phase. But remember; You're supporters are what push the agenda. We have been seeing constant memes of disapproval and dissent to the community ( I honestly will take the sword on this one saying I am in content of these posts. However Your way of doing this is not to my concern, as i is to the community's concern. I will happily be a a soldier in miss-content with certain disproval's; and those justifications are certainty justified.) I need to stop myself here and focus on the actual issue. Players not flying their ships. This issue gives all precedent to the current issue of this patch. Lets give NQ a few points here from the player base: A) We understand that everything we have; we must hold onto. b) Any mistake made is the only fault of skill c) New patch = New problems and included bugs. Players are not willing to raise their ships. You have stated that it will only be PVP but yes that new patch should be "SWIFTLY IMPLIMENTED". I personally will give you a few examples of my occurrences of why ships are grounded due element destruction. Listed Below 1) Ship Crashes. ( Why?) There seems to be a new mechanic or maybe even a new rendering issue with the GPU or even the rendering that causes the game to crash. I (myself Teso91) have never had the instance of game randomly crashing with no constructs present in the vicinity of (2km). That is... until this patch. 2) Multiple crashes of the game are a "KEY ISSUE" to the game. Every ship should be grounded PERIOD. That is for good reason. I have personally experienced this first hand. I have a high end system.(The only downfall that i personally have seen is a RAM usage so I bought more ram today to remedy the issue- additional 32GB of DDR4). After the patch I have seen a x100 increase on crashes of the game client. This obviously complicates issues and guess what... It Is just not me. This is one of the major and critical issues that need to be addressed. Most if not all players are having multiple bug issues tied to crashes with an increase of ten fold. This is one of the primely issues that your team needs to address. When I state I that I have a "HIGH END" system it means i dedicated my mind to effectively figuring out what components i needed to play what games under their "SPECIFICATIONS". I never read any of your specifications for the game but i did find out that it was really heavy on the RAM usage. It also does draw a good GPU VRAM usage as well. I use to be a an Ethereum Miner housing at least 100 graphic cards. I have since taken a break from that spectrum but i want to orientate that we need to focus on the bugs. The most frustrating aspect of setting up a farm for crypto mining (reference) were the bugs/constant software updates. Your team needs to take a serious look and respect the game the requirements for your world. We understand that this can be detrimental for your lets say..... buying of the game (req) pc stuff. You could even hide that. We understand that as a community that the req spes for any of the PC requirements are just at a bare minimum. On a side note: We do also acknowledge that you are holding back on the graphics (looks) wise. It will be interesting to see how it really looks down the line. Down the line it does get complicated; As we have not seen many features implemented to graphics user interface as of yet. Distance rendering would help a lot of players in general and that would help. Short and simple: The game update if you did implement any GPU features/graphics did cause a major drawback. We understand that this is a developing feature. However it does come with a variety of bugs. Testing is needed. The team needs to work on running on the test server with various system and testing server capcicity utility under stress. Im not sure sure if these new crashes;; yet massive; are implicated by server utilization or by new features implicating GPU and game codebase. for one for myself never really had crashes until this new patch; maybe its these new features or game adjustments you added to the rendering of voxxels/pixels. Let me state simply; that I do not know. Regardless of any arguments thrown out at my opiions or statements there is only one thing that needs to be addressed That is---- The game crashes. Untill this issue is resolved; most of the ships will remain grounded until further notice. Every major organization with any valued ships should remained grounded; Period. I can give and will state here a few examples of these occurrences. 1) Distance from Ground (100M) after loggin~ above water. It was a simple short and easy. You fall to the ground and break half your ships components. 2) You slow boat everything knowing the patch is flawed. ( There are no constructs around...... You think you are safe and yet decide to think that "HEY, im safe" and reduce your fall altitude km/h to get you to the ground faster. You then experience a crash. You login and your ship is still falling @ its rate. The easy fix here to this issue is simply adjust the speed when you get into the ship seat. As you are constantly falling to the earth hustling your booty to get in the seat to remedy the situation of the crash. This is unacceptable. Bugs period. You guys implement a patch and I'm giving honest feedback including the community. 3) Your coming into landing on your ORGS runway. You crash due to the massive overrun of constructs popping up in your game parameters resulting in a crash. I can give you many many reasons on why the player base is grounding their ships. Personally me, and ill say to all. KEEP YOUR SHIPS GROUNDED. The new patch for elements PvP fix hasnt been implemented yet but yet i say here on personal experience. KEEP YOUR SHIPS GROUNDED. There is no reason any of you, including high org ships to loose their parts/ship parts due to bugs. So here again I am pleading at @ NQ to fix these bugs. These are real issues. We don't want to fly "Fly High; Come low; Bug to you;" "That crash i bestow to you:#NQ" If any other novians or high end orgs want to state to NQ why their ships are grounded please feel free to comment below. ~
  8. A future for DU economics We all understand that the current patch was not in order of the patches for the game for the final stage. This however creates problems for DU’s player base. At this current time there is an overwhelming resistance to the current patch. That is very well established. I understand that patches are implemented by certain teams for each patch respectively under the guise of “BETA”. This is also understandable, however; If you want to further keep player base and subs you need to implement patches in order; and/or a poll to the implementation of “WHEN” this patch should be implemented if you want to keep subs and player bases stable. Understanding the Patch. I will underline a few points here. Some of these points will be minimum on the feedback I have received on the topics. Below in bullet points; which I have sorted out in order to their respective feedback. Economy Mining Element Destruction Schematics Lets start with the Economy. We understand that giga factories are an issue and you want to stop all production and that’s why you introduced schematics. Yes, You did stop them along with everyone else. People now have to pay for schematics that’s cool. However even for the small factory's the Q required to even get on a small scale for even small parts is high without no Q injection into the game to due this. We know that you introduced this patch when Team A was ready for their patch. However you should have introduced Quest and missions before this. It was a failure or shall I say mis-step for you to do this in this fashion. I have a personal opinion here for the DU team to analyze and figure out. Personally I think you guys need to take a look at “SE” or Squre Enix ( FFXI) marketplace and base your economy on that. If you want people to go to the market there needs to be a reason. And what is that reason? To make money. PERIOD. That is how you have a thriving market. I was a player and guess what EVERY DAY the first place I went to was guess what? The market. Period. I understand that everything is in BETA and these features are to come but you set a HUGE drawback on the community at this point. SCHAMATICS completely screwed everyone. I understand that you wanted to slow everything down and I'm semi ok with that. However; You need to understand that there is no other way to inject Q into this game. Your only method at this current moment is sending people to the mines and selling their ore to bots. There needs to be obviously a a great dedication to this. I for example work throwing bags all day and cant mine for 6 hours a day after the update to get stuff bla bla bla ya ya I don’t matter and I do agree with you here. I am just here to help you offer solutions to the current problem with the player base. I honestly think you guys need to take a look at the FFXI ( NASOMI (PRIVATE SERVER) economy. IF we had auctions houses it would be a much better place. IF we a: had history and could find out the player who was selling would be awesome ( even if you had the player identified orgs could find out who would do that shit and call to arms (down the line say for organization warfare) I really really think your dev team should honestly take a look at FFXI( or NASOMI) because that economy is freakin flourishing. Crafting might be an example to look at also.... I honestly think that your team should REALLY HONESTLY look at this game and get ideas from it. The reason is because this was honestly one of the best games that ever came out. The economy was great. Crafting was tedious. I know as a new company things can kind of be hard to figure out but I'm honestly giving my honest option here. Mines No. Like I said I hate to base this game on another game but god damn. I went to the mines because I could reap what I sewed. There was actually a purpose. I understand that this game is in development but if you want to keep your player base I would keep your team on understanding why people want to play these games.... OR should I say simulation? Seriously. Yes we work hard and it HAS been a second job but for you to implement these new patches is like saying...... Everything you did is not reset and we force you to the mines. Players period.... are gone and will leave. I'm guessing that at least 50% of your subs will be cancelled that’s just imho. I wouldn’t be here writing this if I didn’t have hope in the DU vision... trust me. Element destruction: I'm a; Ok with that but other people are not. I think we should ( sorry others) should repair it with injectors etc or whatever the element required to make it. That would increase market demand and etc? Isn't that what you wanted? Schematics : not very happy about this. On release woulda been fine but; maybe you could have done like 1 per 10 or something. Maybe even industry destruction /decayed production after every completed order. Or maybe even if a “PERMIT” in order to even run x factories. We all know you wanted to stop GIGA factories. I'm just here trying to give you player options. Personally me; schematics woulda been fine on the actual release, but you essentially halted everyone on an inferal of the economy. IMHO the steps you took were very very bad for the player base. Remedy: Honestly Your team needs to NOW take a serious look at FFXI economics. It would be well in the interest of the team to set up things. I know you don’t like BOTS, but what's the difference from a bot from a NPC? I say put bots ( like 1000 of quests and shit with missions) and I know this is on your list but..... you put this patch first because it was ready. So.... We need missions/q. Say you bring me military thruster to this planet and you get x q. You know what that does? Incentive. It pulls things off the market; depending on where the market is. And here is the kicker. You don’t tell anyone how much x things cost per planet. The player has to find this out themselves. I want to reference FFXI because honestly it was one of the best games in history imho. IT took years and years for players to figure out where to go and what to do. All they had was vague hints from the NPCS like ….. lets say.... a npc was like: There was a mountain; true it was; it rose as high as the sky from alioths peak of mountains: ( This cryptic message is how ffxi did their sh**) They made players work and work and figure out what it MEANT. FIGURE OUT. IT TOOK YEARS AND YEARS for the players to find out these cryptic hints of how the missions and quest actually got completed. Honestly I'm not here to rant or rave I just want that legacy forwarded to DU. I WANT THE TEAM to seriously put that DEDICATION into the game on how SE ( SQUARE ENIX) did their Quests and missions. NO one KNEW WHERE TO GO, all that was given was a few hints) Isn't that what you want? Honestly honestly I beg your team to plead to my cause and listen to this. If you want this game to be the best game EVER. I think you guys have everything going for you. I just think you need to revert the patch to remove schematics and refund everyone the Q they paid for em, then focus on the what I have stated above. Yes, there are options to go about what you already did already in a better fashion. There needs more Q injection however. THE POINT is... Q injection. MISSIONS/Q etcs. A game is built on going about randomly viewing random quests and missions. Heck you might not even complete a quest on purpose untended. The rewards might be great. The fact is it actually takes time to figure out these missions and quests. I cannot stress this ENOUGH for your team. ENOUGH. If you really want your game to be great. ( I'm not saying its not great as it is but) IF YOU REALLY REALLY REALLY want it to be awesome. You have to start implementing the quests and missions firsts. Every player will deviate from mining/industry because they have a REASON to do so. I'm honestly pleading with all of you NQ to reconsider your development team and implications!!! I want you guys to succeed, and I HATE to see you guys go down this road. Please please; Devote your team to Quests and Missions before you do any more updates. ~Teso91 I have more suggestions if you are willing to hear. Comments from community and suggestions:: Tyrellx Today at 8:46 PM Sadly I got muted in the discord for getting a little too tilted with a guy who couldn’t use punctuation lol. Suggested change to schematics: keep prices create element: schematic hub. Looks and acts the same as a container hub. It stores schematics, and industry units within the same core can craft the thing. 1 schematic can run 3 industry units. 2 schematics in the hub for a screw means 6 units can make the screw etc. Next patch, introduce some kind of operating cost for industry. Maybe a generator industry element that runs on nitron. Talents for fuel to power conversion efficiency, and net power output. Make it either linked or static to the core unit, IE 2 generators provide X watts to the entire core unit. Higher tier industry, more power needed. Longer craft times, more power needed long term. IMO this stays true to JCs vision, industry has a cost to it. Schematics are not free, power is not free, running a factory is not free long term even after your startup investments. Gigafactory players and orgs have choices to make; do they bother with the operation expenses of running industry to craft precursors, or go to market and buy them in order to begin crafting higher tier items. Thanks for doing this compiling and writing, hopefully it gets where it needs to go Sybily This is the beginning of your direct message history with @Sybily. December 11, 2020 SybilyToday at 8:33 PM lower the price of schematics SybilyToday at 8:34 PM get rid of the censorship mods NEW SybilyToday at 8:43 PM a mining multiplier for correctly timed clicked so we can at least use 4 brains cells when mining instead of just 1 we need farms [8:54 PM] something other to do than mining Sanctuary planet- Tutorial only. Auxxrsaxxn Today at 9:06 PM Make schematics a one time buy, I shouldn't have to have 100 of the same schematic for all my machines. Should be one localized schematic bank that all machines that are placed on that construct be able to access them BraxxxxxwbieToday at 9:09 PM Schematics 1 time buy = Faster progression, tradeable item, exploits. Schematics 1 time per machine buy = Slower and safe progression. We just left the Faster progression. Don't suggest them to add things to make the progression faster because they will laugh Teso91Today at 9:30 PM NQ really needs an immediate missions/quest update to fix this catastrophe. and I mean like now. lol pawsToday at 9:30 PM Then here are the two biggest issues I see. There are obviously a lot of issues, but I see these two as having the largest impact in game long term. [9:31 PM] 1- bootstrapping. All players should be able to make space fuel, and atmosphere fuel. To reach other locations and other planets. Without this, people get stranded, especially newbies. paxxwxxx43sToday at 9:33 PM 2- collisions are too punishing. It is very easy to crash, due to bugs, tiny pixels of dirt, griefing, etc... Those collisions now destroy ships. Rebuilding a ship due to a minor glitch has a very high penalty. It also makes expensive ships prohibitive even in safe zone, leading to less demand for higher end products, leading to less economy... you see the chain im sure. pxxxawxxx23csToday at 9:35 PM those are the two issues if you are taking them to the devs helping all players and especially newbies have basic necessities like fuel and making the frequent collisions, often due to bugs less punishing Teso91Today at 9:51 PM Theres another issue with tickets now. I mean i was waiting for 6 territory scanners to get back in my inv when the container bug was going on. I removed 6 scanners to move to another container and guess what? I LOST THEM ALL. I couldn't go back and even give them my logs because the logs only go back so far, and i was on vacation. Yes, i got f... and I chocked it off as a loss. Its very hard to see them accomplish tickets now, and they will be still swamped in tickets. For example i have a CORE with a surrogate unit ( Abandoned: named remove) its been sitting on my base for about 5 weeks now; ive asked multiple times for admins to remove it and all they said was they were going to look into it.) Yes. Nothing gets resolved. I'm very sad to see this. [9:55 PM] Six territory scanners gone. That was easy now; or should i say back then. What is to happen now? Six territory scanners is a godsend now. More bugs to come and more being as in no more help; as they are swamped in tickets. I see it being very hard for them to resolve this issue. They should have done a reroll on the patch; and fixed all the old tickets before updating a new patch. Why would you roll out a new patch when you have thousands of tickets being resolved? Just to go back and have another 10,000 tickets added to the que of tickets being resolved? yes , im an advocate for the game. But I'm here trying to get suggestions on how we could better suit our gameplay. There are issues which obviously stop the player from playing.... But if we continue to see bugs down the line which incrue player loss items with this schematic phase and tickets like mine not being resolved... I don't see how you can keep the player base..... Customer satisfaction is key to keeping customers.... Teso91Today at 10:41 PM I think we can all agree that Mining should not only be the way for Q injection. Am i wrong? Yes quests/missions shoulda been here before this patch to the mines? Lets be clear here... 90% of you have done your time in the mines. We need a new mechanic if any of the old player base is going to abide by these new patch updates The mines are not the place for 95% of the player base. I think honestly that 90% of the server is pissed because they have guess what... "DONE THEIR TIME" in the mines... and you know what? JC sends them back to it ThexcMaxstxcerRocdsloToday at 10:47 PM I am actually more of a lone wolf player, sure I am part of an org but I have received very few things from them and all at the current market price of when I bought it. These changes suck but it will all level out in the end. Nothing will ever be fair in the game because it is about building a civilization. This inherently means the there will be the wealthy and the poor. Wiping just puts a band-aid on this it doesn't solve the problem
  9. Updating DU’s Map Initiative Opening statement: As we venture through this phase of Beta through Dual Universe I have come here to offer a few suggestions of future updates. My suggestions however decided upon DU’s course are stated in the following summary below. Intro: I am proposing a course of recognition to territories placed by territory units placed in the game. This will make it easier for players to identify regions and organizations they might see fit to join. The reasons for joining are up to the player. These can be identified by planet; region; displacement of ore; displacement of org fractions etc. However; evidently DU is still in the making and they will not go down this road until they have a well driven path of how they want their players to react to each other. None the less they want the players to create the game, so here I am offering my assistance. Intro 1 Focus: Alliances/ Map allocation --- We all see DU as an interactive open sandbox. However, as we create the game space and game play we need a few rules to follow in order to play to the future gameplay. These might not necessarily be considered rules but are the premise to the question. Further more, I will be stating theses “RULES” as bullet points below to emphasize the importance of further continuing this line of questioning of the gameplay down the line of development. Note that are not necessarily rules, however points. Rule1: Who are we supporting? Rule2: Where are my people that I am supporting? Rule 3: How can I Distinguish regions that I am supporting are friendly are unfriendly? Rule 4: Do my friend’s territories contribute to my cause? -- subnote -This will always come into question; however in my opinion the allocated user must render the territory to a fraction or org. Throughout this section I might refer to territories associated to fractions, because evidently that’s what thill we become adjoined to. Above are the main 4 rules that I think that DU dev team must abide to on their development. Of the “How's” are we going to do this. I’m sure more of this could be gone into depth, and I'm sure I have more to add. However.... In the meantime I have given a baseline of a minimum update for territory recognition. Intro2: Understanding Territories and regions. As the game goes on we will become more diverse in the actions and cooperation of organizations. Mutal Pacts and Non Aggression Pacts will be formed. The real question is... “ How do we quantify this?” Intro2: Color coding We have seen that at the current stigma of the map territories are colored as three classes “Purple/Red/Green” There however needs to be other glasses of coloring assosiated with this. This is an open discussion for future development of how the team needs to work towards creating an environment for DU’s future. I suggest that regions be classified to an org which they are associated with and they must dedicate their allegiance to; however this might get complicated with the amount of orgs/colors. There must be a clear distinction of the region in play. If you want orgs to work together and create another goal for an example you must give them the tools to do that. Note: The Parameters of the territories' allegiance must be dictated by the user who placed down the territory unit until future PVP updates come into play with territory warfare. In my personal opinion I Think it would be well suited for these regions to become associated with themselves and their community before they decide to go to war. Note that War must “”NOT”” under no circumstance be ENFORCED under a “ONE-UPDATE” policy without these parameters being previously incorporated, otherwise shit WILL HIT THE FAN. Summary: As a DU player you will go through the world viewing all sorts of awesome encounters. However there will be no significance if you can't document them of where there were; the state they were in; who's orgs they were owned by etc. You will want the game to create a history for itself. The best thing to do with UI Map integration is to give us a tool or a better view and control of how we manage organization map control under color coding, and further more this will obviously be put into another DU player ? Forum of suggestion/input. I don’t have all the answers, but hopefully I have set a few ideas which can make this game a better place to play with all DU players. “Do not just throw us into war one day without knowing the enemy” ~Teso91 Thankyou for reading, And signing out ~Teso91
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