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  1. Currently all jammed industries stay active 24/7, obviously we don't stop them because there are no downsides for letting them active. If a player leave the game, all its industries will remain active. The more we go the more there will be abandonned industries. Adding to that automated industries, could it be a server load issue? Only NQ can answer this question, so this topic is not about whether or not it could be a problem (I don't mind about discussing it tho). It's more about what if it's a problem and what workarounds can adress it. One way to shut down industries is the power requirement, but if I recall correctly, NQ said it would not be mandatory but only a buff to industries. Also, it would need to not be automatable. Other than that, I don't really know other sane ways of doing that. NQ can make a rule like the abandonned hovers, they shut down industries sometimes (each day/weeks/... ?), or when certains conditions are met (no interraction with the industry or the core during X time). Any idea?
  2. It would kill the current game we have now, the 10 links limitation making us play satisfactory in DU. Is it good or bad? This is the eternal debate of "should you casualize your game?".
  3. 1. Everybody waits that, I don't know if it's on the track at the moment. 2. It would be to powerfull, we could automate the crafting of everything with a simple setup
  4. Let's say the game is done (at least at a playable MMO state) and perfectly polished for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X (assuming they can handle DU). Everything works well. Time flies and as always, theses new consoles are outdated by new PC components, will you keep upgrading DU disregarding the consoles spec? Will you cancel new features if it's not adapted to the consoles? Will you adapt the game according to the consoles? edit: will you rename the game Dual514 ?
  5. discordauth:lvM3mvIeFUj-6jPdrCYXzFsPVs16y5VwlIqop_fDPIY=

  6. Hi o/ Intel Core i7 2600 As this CPU is a bit old, i prefer to ask here. Does it support the so-called AVX ?
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