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  1. A copy of the dev blog without the images : https://fasrtraveler696.weebly.com/blog/dual-universe-trailers edit: NQ uses Unigine to process the voxels procedurally generated, there is no bigger dataset for bigger planet, at least for the core terrain. The additionnal data for voxels are all additions that NQ did on top of the core generation (here is a video about their editor), and all players modifications to the terrain. Add to that all the constructs with elements. All of that is stored on the RAM, the more you have the more detailed the world is. To faster this process, the game client stores data locally in a cache folder. It checks for deletions or additions of the voxels with the server and avoid redownloading every voxels data for the place where the player is. As DU is not a single player game, all of this data must be synchronized between players, but not only voxels. All positions and orientations of constructs, all elements states (broken elements, lights, engines, force fields, etc), must be known to be correctly displayed and in sync with each player. The CPU generates optimized meshes with the desired LOD for the terrain and constructs, then the relevent data is sent to the GPU to display everything. As said above, the culling is done on the GPU instead of the CPU. I might be not right on all aspects of the game, but at the end, it needs so much hardware to work decently that I'm concerned by the targeted player base. Not everyone can run this game decently. Add to that the niche game design, at a time where fortnite and short game sessions and fast consumption of games dominate the gaming. But the potential of DU is immence, so believe in it To speak of NQ as a compagny where not every employees are devs, I wouldn't compare a prototype voxel engine (as good as it is) or other voxel experiments to a functionning (as far as it is) multiplayer game, with an immence single shard world and all of its new techs (client and server).
  2. Just a small precision about multiple accounts: the benefit is not to get multiplied rewards, it "only" allows for multiples missions at the same time. The player still has to carry all the packages, and need the right ship to do so, and expose himself to a more risky life outside of the safe zone. In the current context where this is the only new mechanic to generate money, this is powerful and is the best advantage one player can have. Like in other mmorpg, having multiple accounts is often a massive advantage, so we could say it's a form of P2W as the game has too few gameplay loops, and this one beeing the most rewarding (is it?). But I don't think it is that overpowered, mechanically speaking. In a world where DU is massively played, with a big economy and player made missions are legions, one player should be able to run enough of these missions to fill entirely his hauling ship and make aphelia's missions obsolete (think of EVE Red Frog corp). Is it really possible to make Aphelia's missions absolete? it all depends of the reward itself and the game economy. We're not yet in this wonderful world of course...
  3. For the moment, the district market 6 is the most active one, making this place a black hole for low configs, and generally a bad shopping experience for a lot of players. I don't think regional trading would be a thing when keeping different district markets so close together. Unifying all of the disctricts markets by having a single hub accessible from the 10 current places would spread parked ships across them, it would allow all players to have a decent experience when shopping. The only advantage I can think of for the current setup is for ads, having only one place to cover is easier than 10. I'm not a trader so if you see some pros for keeping them as is, share it.
  4. What will happen to de-docked ships? Will they be ejected the same manner as players? If so, can we use this like a trebuchet as a launching mechanism to save fuel? What happen to a shuttle in front of a carrier going at max speed? Does it get ejected at a faster speed?
  5. Thx for the effort. I hope you don't get tired of this work. Do you plan to add some key items like cores, territory scanners, beacon, etc ?
  6. What I imagine with this is that an L core with 1 voxel of the best honeycomb gets max shield, depending of the amount it can be too much for small sized ships. I would suggest to also cap the amount of shield depending of the total mass or amount of the ships elements, big ships gets more shield. If NQ is going to add shields, it will probably be related to energy managment (resistances, recharge rate, etc).
  7. Yea but how? The construct was not made from a blueprint, all constructs are now DRM protected.
  8. Yea, I can't edit but still have access indeed. So, is there a way to remove or add DRM protection on deployed constructs?
  9. Apparently, every constructs in the game have now DRM protection (overriding RDMS). I thought only constructs made from blueprints were getting it.
  10. Which RDMS right will rule the access of this bank?
  11. 17 millions quantas remaining for this mission. Check completions here: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Aj1ZPyqrkhbVPQXnhJtXNC_4DL8V8VgdPhAMzxSORfc
  12. @sHuRuLuNi to help me. Did you use a programming board?
  13. I have a mission for you, it is available at each market near disctricts or at the Station VR: Mission Artifacts.
  14. Why did you choose Pann as a name? Is it a reference to something?
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