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  1. So, I'm in favor of a complete wipe for release. We're getting closer to a good state and game loop (though not quite there yet). I do wish that paid-beta backers could be compensated for paying for a persistent world that wasn't. Now my idea; There will always be new players coming in and massive wealth stockpiles. People also like a fresh experience and not facing a giant, well established war machine. We also got promised new solar systems and gates to travel between the two systems; I think combining the ideas would be neat. A new solar system with a new Arkship that is disconnected from Alioth's solar system where players could elect to start a new character. To 'link' the systems, both sides would need to construct gates; the 'old' system would be able to construct it fairly quickly, but the new system players would need to start from scratch and have some sort of hard time gate from several months to over a year(talents, infrastructure, build time, something). Once the gates are built, the two solar systems are connected and everything syncs up (gates should be able to be destroyed, but that's just the nature of things). This process could be repeated every couple of years whenever NQ decides to release new solar systems.
  2. Is this enforced by game mechanics, a gentleman's agreement, or a GM having to intervene? Is there anything preventing a player from requisitioning an abandoned static and then burying it in dirt or surrounding it with another construct to physically prevent the previous owner from getting to it?
  3. A lot of folks, including myself, are wondering if power/energy mechanics are coming. Any PvP rebalancing seems a much lower priority should power mechanics rebalance the way ships are designed in the first place.
  4. These new mechanics are appreciated, but they seem like a stopgap measure until more advanced PvP mechanics are realized.
  5. Asteroids are a huge opportunity to bring that emergent gameplay to DU that I believe we all want. Non-aggression pacts between orgs, group organized mining (pilots, miners and scouts working together), and piracy/org vs org conflict all come to mind immediately. In my opinion, asteroids should address these issues: Alterative to terrestrial mining. A way to gather large amounts of T1 and T2 without meganode hunting; T3+ content may be dependent of that particular asteroid belt spawn. Bring 'civilization' outside of the safe-zone (be it for cooperation or pew-pew) Get some ships destroyed so more ships can be built. A few ideas regarding these asteroid fields: I think they should be non-static in nature. They should spawn in, persist for a few days, then de-spawn (or turn into just rock). If they continue to spawn in indefinitely, eventually their will be no need to share or contest them. The also means if one doesn't spawn near your base, the next one might (or might not). With the proposed mechanic of needing to be scanned down first, this would give those that are scanning a limited head start. Combat ranges need to be evaluated carefully and hopefully mechanics adjusted accordingly. Depending on the size of the asteroid belt, I'd think a sensor range dampening effect (that extends well beyond the belt itself) would make both hunters and scouts work harder without allowing those L Railguns to snipe folks from way outside the belt. As @Physics suggested, I like the idea of the belts being dense enough that one can't speed though without colliding with something. Having the asteroids be large (and huge one's hollow) would be nice as well. Probably not getting this one soon, but requiring guns and missiles to have line of sight to actually hit their target would be great. Being able to evade that combat ship by keeping an asteroid between you and them would emphasize the pilot's role and give any hollowed out asteroids a tactical value. A mechanic that allows people to communicate or 'hail' another ship would be appreciated. The idea of having them in the safe zone should really be limited to T1 with limited T2 with the thought being T1 and T2 should be the stepping stones to progress to T3+. If people are going to be able to live in space, maybe a space Market? (Or player markets if you REALLY love us?)
  6. I always felt that lock ranges was an important mechanic that just needed balancing, not thrown out the window. Obviously core size was a terrible metric to determine the lock range, but maybe total construct mass or something?
  7. An idea that I would think would be great fun is to copy from Eve is the Decorations system. It is a completely for-fun system whereas an Organization can bestow a medal of commendation to a player for whatever reason. Medals are designed by the Org leaders with a name, design and description. These commendations would show up on a player's information screen somehow, and could be removed by the player if they choose to. These medals could be given by Legates of an Org for any reason they could come up with, with ideas like: Org participation and/or Contribution Reaching a milestone (PvP kills, Constructs Produced, Hauling Jobs completed) Taking part in a major battle/event Making a huge mistake and laughing about it (crashing a huge spaceship, setting RDMS wrong and stuff getting stolen) Leaving the Org on good terms
  8. This is very true. Locks only keep an honest man honest. If a thief wants your stuff badly enough, he's going to find a way to get it. Making yourself as small and unappealing target as possible goes a long way. Then again, some folks enjoy the challenge of breaking security, not for gain, but for the thrill.
  9. I had two ideas about this, both of which I think could making purchasing/stealing ships relatively safe while keeping Lua codes secure to their creator: 1. Definable "permissions". Basically an option on a control unit where you tick which permissions you with to allow the unit to have and blocking others. Think of the Google Play store where when you d/l an app, it tells you which permissions it wants to use. With the control unit permissions, you'd get a checklist of things you want the core to be able to do, and if that function is blocked, then the Lua code can't perform the action. Sure, this might render a construct unusable, so you have option 2... 2. Ability to clear all Lua from a control unit. Basically resets everything to default, and allows for editing. You'd have to 'own' the construct to do this, not simply have permissions to it. If you buy or steal a construct to gain ownership to it, but don't trust it to have malicious Lua code, then you can just wipe it, making it safe to use, but also protecting the original code. If you want to buy a tricked-out ship with lots of Lua code, you'd better trust the seller...
  10. Big bad pirate here. If I'm cruising around in my pirate ship looking for someone to pillage, I'm going to be using stealth myself to get as much information and as close as I can to my target. If I can be 100% invisible, I'm going to have an easy time following someone from a trade hub back to their base when I call my fellow pirates to do piratey things. If only ships can be detected, but bases hidden, I can still follow a ship back to its base, to which point I call my fellow pirates to do piratey things. As Lethys suggested, detection mechanics based on game mechanics would be very interesting. Learning how to fine tune your base to remain hidden means tradeoffs and planning, which is a good mechanic in my opinion. If you haven't, you might want to read this DevBlog on Territory Protection: https://www.dualthegame.com/en/news/2018/01/30/our-toughts-on-territory-protection-mechanics/
  11. According to the WIki, during the Kickstarter AMA, this came up: https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Archive:Kickstarter_AMA_Q%26A,_Part_One#Territory_Trespassing Q: If you are flagged as not having permission to mine in my owned territory, can you still dig and mine, and just get flagged for breaking that, or does the game not let you mine or dig at all? A: You will not be able to mine, but you will still be able to enter the territory (and be flagged for that), and possibly destroy materials by using weapons (if not in a safe zone) instead of mining equipment. With the ability to destroy the ground with weapons, I can simply tunnel around defenses and find the 'weak spot'. Or, if you have a large underground complex, you might build in the middle of a cavern with a protected structure in the middle. Or you might try to be sneaky, and build an underground bunker and not deploy a TCU so no one notices you are there. I guess it's also worth linking another Q&A from that AMA about how deep you can go: https://dualuniverse.gamepedia.com/Archive:Kickstarter_AMA_Q%26A,_Part_One#Planet_Depth Is there a limit to how deep you can dig? To put this question into better context, I would imaging that you would want to hide your possessions from other players. I am wondering about what are the limits of editing the environment? There are no technical limit to how deep you could dig, but we will put some limits for gameplay reasons. The exact depth is not set yet, but below something like a few kilometers, you will encounter lava, which will help making the job of deep mining prospection more dangerous (like in Minecraft, actually). We may have a few small moons that do not have this restriction. And, yes, hiding your stuff underground will be a possibility. But we are looking at ways to make this a bit more difficult, so there is a tradeoff, for example adding the need for special gears to breathe in the depth, requiring costly cartridges to operate, etc.
  12. PvPer here, probably one of the future bad guys that will be looking to rob, steal and ransom my way to riches. I walked into Eve's sandbox three years ago with a huge PvE mindset. "Oh, a MMO SciFi Sandbox spaceship game, let me give that a try." I stayed in Hi-Sec, ran missions, went on low-sec roams with my corp, but no PvP focus. Then my corp got Wardecced, and i got caught in my FIRST CRUISER ship and LOST IT. I was disgusted and immediately logged off and didn't log back in for 3-4 days. I was devastated that someone would just kill me for no reason... but I also got a huge adrenaline rush from it. That incident was probably what set me down the PvP path. In Eve, and in DU, when your ship goes BOOM, it doesn't get magically replaced. There is real in-game loss of assets. In WoW, and most other MMOs, you die and you just respawn exactly as you were, or minimal penalties. If it's not something you've experienced before, the loss will probably hit you RIGHT IN THE FEELS. If, and only if, you can realize that it isn't griefing/trolling/harassing just to shoot at other players, but rather a person vs another person fighting within game-established rules and mechanics that gives you that rush of adrenaline, you might choose to compete rather than play a victim. Learn the game's mechanics. Learn the meta-game. Don't complain about being ganked (gankers love tears), but instead learn how not to get ganked. You'll be playing the game the way NQ designed it, not how you want it to be. Or don't. I'll be just as happy to kill you and take your stuff.
  13. Timers are a necessary thing, though I do agree Eve does overdo it. Offline raiding aside, I think the biggest reason for timers is the fact there is no instant-travel options in DU. In Eve, you can jump clone around, or even jump in a Interceptor and get where you need to go in a max of 20 minutes or so. With travel possibly taking hours or days in DU, if your base is attacked, you're going to need time to even get back to your base. The way I imagine it is that your automated defenses are strong enough to deter anyone not willing to commit enough power to reinforce your base, but are underpowered compared to when they are manned and the base is being manned by defenders. Once reinforced, that gives your org enough time to rally or evacuate. A smart and dedicated attacker will watch for people trying to get back or try to prevent people from evacuating.
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