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  1. 100% agree, please give us the old one back.With the old one it was much easier to aim at planets.
  2. -improved displaying of expanded_tweets -fixed a bug where forum posts would not get loaded correctly
  3. Hello, we are providing a dev tracker for Dual Universe until Novaquark may provides their own. It tracks the Twitter accounts (@dualuniverse, @jcbaillie and @Novaquark), Forum accounts(of course not pre-alpha posts) and the news page (https://dualthegame.com/en/news/). Maybe we will implement other channels later, e.g. reddit. You can find it here: https://hyperion-corporation.de/tracker.php It supports notifications for new posts (you must select the "Notify" checkbox) and automatically loads new posts (no refresh required). If you find any errors, feel fre
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