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  1. I want to report a 5 million quantum scam. Discord nickname Sansha#9212 promised to sell Beta key, but after receiving the money, he blacklisted my Discord. Game nickname Gliderian. Is it possible to impose sanctionson accounts Sansha and Gliderian ?
  2. We can only guess about the goals of the developers. But it seems to me that they do not want to attract a large number of new players to the game, and I approve of that. Because there are too many problems and bugs that can scare new potential players. We have already managed to fall in love with Dual Universe, despite all the current problems, because we are loyal fans. But it will be very difficult to explain to new players why there are so many bugs, why such low performance in Districts, etc.
  3. Hello. I changed my email a while ago. And now I do not receive news from Novaquark to my new mail. I think they sent to the old email. Can you check it out?
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