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  1. I left a while back after the 0.23 patch, and there was talk of NQ trying to find a way to re-seed the ore on the celestial bodies. I've recently found myself specifically missing the mining gameplay loop DU had and am considering returning to the game. I know the devs added asteroid mining, but I can't find anything on the forum about whether the planet/moon ore was ever replaced. Anyone have the answer?
  2. The increased price of raw ore is not a "holiday bonus"... Lol 😂 Most players can only do low tier ore mining due to the. .23 Death Patch. Which made this game unplayable for solo and small org players.
  3. Is it just me or do the responses seem to show frustration, with just a hint of resentment? Each answer seems to show an increasing level of anger, like he's mad at the players for what they've done with his game. 🤔
  4. You did nothing to fix the all too frequent disconnects. (Plus now there's the bonus possibility that my ship may impact something before I can log back in) You did nothing to address the server lag and "Pending Operation" errors. (So I'll likely be getting stuck 800m down, unable to continue mining. As has been the case lately) You did nothing to address the fact that the planets and moons have been stripped of higher tier ore. (There's nothing more disheartening than arriving on a new planet, only to find those huge holes going straight down) What you did is make it so I can no longer use my warp cell factory. Which I use to enable safe travel to my bases, which allow me to mine the T2 and T3 ores. You also made it so I can't use my cockpit controller factory to make cash to buy the ridiculously overpriced T4 and T5 ores. I just finished setting up bases on Symeon and Teoma to supply Chromite and Natron. But those bases are now relatively inaccessible without the ability to make warp cells. My goal entering this game was to create a small company that specializes in higher end ships with custom voxel design. But with this change in industry that path is no longer tenable. There is basically nothing left for me to do except grind out tens of millions of credits via low tier ore mining... Nope. 😎
  5. *waves hand slowly in front of your face* You want to gift one of your amazing silver accounts to me... Didn't work, did it?
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