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  1. Thats not Correct. You can Find very Big and Impressive Holes in the Ground. That are "normal" Holes with no Ores in it. Yeah it was hell as fu..
  2. Uploaded the wrong File .. miss done ;)) Change the video in a few seconds Thanks for the info
  3. Hello Everyone, i would like to talk with you about the T4/T5 ores on ION. In Around 200 Scans on Ion we got 6% of Cryiolite and 38% of Rhodonite. I think NQ made her an mistake with the Ore appearance. And another Part are the bugged Walls in meganodes where the scanner think that there are still ores in Did you guys have the same experience? One thing about the T5 on ION can you find in my Video: Best Heartbeat
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