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  1. Thats what a few Orgs did already with the Asteroids since the start of them. Why does it need a change? The Point of Removing the second Part of the DSAT screen is only because you got ganked on an asteroid. PVP Space is not a safe space and the game is not a single player game, get People together dont fly with unarmed ships out in the PVP Zone and let atleast one people in the ship and watch the radar. If you got contact all people go back to their ships and defend the Asteroid or the hauler. And their are many Orgs that know how to get rid of the possibility to get attacked because of the second screen. If you dont want to lose an ship then go to the Safezone asteroids they have plenty enough ore on it and the number got massivley increased. And for the timing, on the Weekends most of the People have time to Play so its still the best timespot to spawn them, so orgs can plan activites to go mining, yeah People who work on the weekends cant go there but if you spawn them on midweek more people gona cry.
  2. No Venting is not Possible for the Aliencore.
  3. In the Fight there will be an 10 Minutes Counter that will resett after every shot to the Core. You need to repair the Core with normal scrap and then its your core. Since right now every Alinecore has an Active shield on it and this shield didnt get completly destroyed it will automatically fill up his Life Points after that 10 Minute combat Timer is done. If it gets completly destroyed you need to replace it with an new one, but for that the combat timer also needed to be done so you can go into builld mode.
  4. You understood it correctly, the question is how accurate are these shown numbers? Are they modified after they recorded the Video? Will the Industry finish their last Run like the Patches before or will every machine stop?
  5. Yeah it would be cool to see some "NewsPaper" like article from NQ with some other Infos about this fight.
  6. Every scene in this Video is with normal speed and wiht low FPS your Ships isnt really moving that fast like it should. So this is more or less the Problem you guys had. but if you didnt think so, what do you mean causes your problems?
  7. Yes, we tested it with two ships but nower Days the most of the AC uses Lasers or Cannons and not Railguns anymore so the DPS gets much higher and the damage again Gold is much more.
  8. Hey everyone, so the event was a few weeks ago but no one talks about what happend their. At the moment when at every PVP Battle something wierd happens and an Member from Hyperion taken part of it, everyone says that Hyperion is using Cheats or Glitches. Yes the two ships which takes part of this Battle uses Stacked Elements and Burried Elements, but both is allowed from NQ at the moment and thats really not the Problem. After this Battle we dont know what happens, so we decided to do some research. We figured out one really big Problems that game has at the moment. We have this Information a really long time but i dont know why my Leadership or NQ didnt put an offical Statement on the Forum or so. So what we figured out: If your ship gets enough DMG from PVP fights your PC uses much ressources. In this Fight the most AC members shoot with Railgun which makes good Damage but the Damage per Seconds are low. Both Hyperion ships shot with laser which has after Cannons the highest DPS. Both Ships got 4 Seats of Laser which means per Ship 24 Lasers. At the moment Hyperion engaged the Boo Ships their getting so much damage in an shot time that their PCs are "Burning". The pc off the Pilot is the "bottleneck" in this Part, on his PC the Ship gets calculated. But the biggest Issue in PVP fights at the moment where the Damage at the Voxels, at every shot your PC Downloads the "new Voxels" of your ship. The Boo Ship got a really big Part of Gold Voxel which creates microvoxels with every shot/damage so your PC Downloads really much Voxel changes. We tested it and the Download is the biggest Problem in the actual PVP. My PC in the Video got: i7-8700k(overclocked to 5.0Ghz), 32GB Ram, Readon RX 6800XT, Samsung 970Evo M2 and and 1Gbit Internet Connection. First test 11 Gunner, 50 Missiles, 4 Railguns to a Plate of Gold Voxels Most shots missed, network spike 40Mbit/s, lowest FPS around 20 Second Test: 8 Gunner, 48 Lasers to a Plate of Gold Voxels Min of FPS: 2, Network spike to 254Mbit/s Third Test: 8 Gunner, 48 Lasers to a Plate of Iron Voxels Min of FPS: 5, Network spike to 159Mbit/s Fourth Test: Ethernet Limited to 16MBit/s 8 Gunner, 48 Lasers to a Plate of Iron Voxels Min of FPS: 5, it takes around 2 Minutes to load every Voxel Change. You can watch these Results in the Video:
  9. So we are not Sure how this Works. We didnt know how the other ships get into Space. We are trying to reproduce it. I have a short Clip of it, after the Core was shot down. One of our Members get to the other ship and it fly away. But i havent a clip of the 1 1/2 hour flight from its original position to the PVP zone. But it was an L Core so there is no Way to Parent this construct, like there is no XL Core at the moment ;). But your Story telling the whole time, doesnt make sense from my side. There were so much stuff on the Ship, this cant be the mor ore less first time you do this. And i think this ship is also not stolen by you from the creator. The Account with that you are writing here is, created directly after my post. You can only steal ships at the moment in PVP or when you where superlegate of the org of the Ship. So if it was in PVP, you can see how much time and damage it takes to destroy the core. So in my opinion, this account is an Twink of the Creator and you made this show multiple Times!But thats only my opinion. I hope NQ will look after it and find a way to fix this really fast.
  10. Hello Everyone, so one of our Members got a Problem two days ago. He was on Madis to Mine a bit, at the end oft the Day he leave his Ship on an Claimed Territory from him. At the next Morning his Ship was 30su away from Madis and was shot down. They looted an Warp Drive and three Territory Scanner. We dont know at the moment how they get the ship into Space. The Ship was shot by an Player Called Zelight who is member oft he org „THE GUILD OF CALAMITOUS INTENT“. At the next Day our Member and a few friends are back on Madis to mine. They were mining in an unclaimed Territory, after a few hours of mining he wanted to go Back to his Ship and markt hem via his core list. The Ship was 70km away, after an Force Respawn two of his Ships are parked in the middle oft he L Core called Reclination. This Ship was only Build to hijack ships and shoot them down in the PVP zone. The Ship got 6 Lasers and all are directed to the middle Plattform where the ships were parked. But there were no other Player on the Construct, so we think that the Owner of the Ship (Zelight) docked all the Cores fly it up in tot he Space, but in the Safe zone and logged out. After our Member got back to the Ship it was speeding up to 4000km/h. So we decided to let hiss hip fly into the PVP Zone and shot it Down. The Ship was originaly Build by an Corp called „Kori Design Studios“ which Superlegate is member of the SilverLight Industries. It takes around an hour to destroy his both Cores, but we beat one „Scammer“ boy and thats worth it. But NQ should fix these actions …. https://youtu.be/cksf9bGuLsw German: The Ship: The destroyed Ship: The Designer of the Ship:
  11. Thats not Correct. You can Find very Big and Impressive Holes in the Ground. That are "normal" Holes with no Ores in it. Yeah it was hell as fu..
  12. Uploaded the wrong File .. miss done ;)) Change the video in a few seconds Thanks for the info
  13. Hello Everyone, i would like to talk with you about the T4/T5 ores on ION. In Around 200 Scans on Ion we got 6% of Cryiolite and 38% of Rhodonite. I think NQ made her an mistake with the Ore appearance. And another Part are the bugged Walls in meganodes where the scanner think that there are still ores in Did you guys have the same experience? One thing about the T5 on ION can you find in my Video: Best Heartbeat
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