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  1. I tend to agree about the lack of respect. Developers are focused on realism at the cost of fun. The implement taxes based on current ore prices but those prices fluctuate so there's the potential for taxes to exceed the earning potential of the property. They ignore those who want to set up manufacturing as income in their math. They want massive space battles so they try to force people into pvp. They ignore the lack of responsive maneuvering in space that would give the fun feel of combat like star wars. They also ignore the failed attemps at forced pvp in the gaming industry and follow those failed policies. I'm only still with the game hoping the new ceo will bring a change in the focus of the game and balance realism with fun. Otherwise I don't see how this game will be more than it is with population density or survive monetarily.
  2. Does the shield mounted on a parent ship protect a docked child ship?
  3. Maybe voxel substitution when deploying the blueprint
  4. Why force pvp? The bullies are trying to say the point of the game is to pvp but pvp was originally only one aspect of the game. There should be things to do without being forced into pvp or caging us in a small area. This game isn't set up for all the pvp thats in it now. I'm not saying nerf pvp, but they have to add more in for nonpvpers to make some of the game elements feasible. This will mean adding a way to escape pirates other than fighting.
  5. Even eve online realized ffa pvp isn't sustainable and imposed limits
  6. If I can't mine t5 ore, regardless if I need it or not, because the pirates are using the Asteroid for bait to ambush players, that's locking players who don't find it fun out of the game. To be able to destroy my ship in 1 shot to the point it won't even show up in the map to try to fix and recover the pieces is beyond reasonable. To tell me I can't work for months designing a heavy haul and take it out into the Asteroid belt without ruining all that time and effort, that's not a game I find fun. There has to be a balance between pvpers and nonpvpers in the mmo industry to have a viable game. You want me to not be able to participate in the higher end games, I will move onto another game...which I've already started looking into. Enough gamers get sick and tired of the pkers within your pvp community, the game won't make money and you won't have a game at all. There is a reason ffa pvp mmogs don't survive long term. There isn't a market for them. They aren't financially viable. They don't make enough money to keep the servers on. I'm not asking to take away risk vs reward or pvp. I am saying there has to be limits to pvp in order to appeal to a larger gaming audience. However so be it. I will move on.
  7. Asteroids were ment for making mining more fun. They lock t3 - t5 Asteroids in pvp zone so we can fight over resources(their words) this isn't fun for me. And the pvpers on here are telling me to just stay in the safe zone. So basically I can't explore. I can't gather higher level resources. I can't play the game as a lone wolf explorer. And if I want to build or run an industry with higher level materials, I have to hope they are for sale like a red headed stepchild. Not fun. Some have said I should wait until the pirates aren't play or stick to cheap ships. Which locks me out of the socializing during peak hours or building a heavy hauler. Not fun. I won't play a game I don't find fun.
  8. All ffa pvp gamers aren't griefers. And some griefers are pvers. However there are rules for pvers so that they can't ruin the fun for others and when someone finds a way around those rule, it changes so people can just grief. Ffa pvp without rules can't do this. There has to be limits to pvp to so the game is financially viable by appealing to a larger audience.
  9. As a casual gamer, I get an hour or 2 a day. Sometimes not even that. Having ut destroyed with a single shot isn't fun at all. If I'm going to play, it's going to be in a fun game. If du isn't fun for me, I'll move on and I'm not alone. That being said, it's beta testing people. Now is the time to speak up to make the game more fun to more gamers.
  10. I'm saying that the current state of the game is no fun to me because it's too focused on pvp. Pvpers keep saying that the games objective is pvp. I don't enjoy being forced into pvp all the time and the drop in subscribers seems to support my assessment. Pvp game don't survive long in the gaming industry without limitations on pvp so griefers don't ruin the fun and drive away clients. I'm not saying pvp should be taken out. But it does need limits or the game community will not grow. You can't force people to play. My experience with the current state of the game isn't fun for those non pvpers and I am concerned that I don't see much love for the non pvp gaming community in the roadmap. I'm also concerned that the developers are so focused on pvp that they took an aspect ment for mining and gave it to pvp by restricting t3 to t5 asteroids to pvp areas. The developers say they want to see massive space battles but that won't happen without a larger community. You won't have a larger community without the game appealing to more gamers. I've made my recommendations. I'm trying to make a better game.
  11. In the real world, full time pvp players make a relatively small percentage of the gaming community. It's why games aren't catering to the pvpers more and the ones that do are in a niche game. Nq has stated they want a fun robust game, their focus on pvp right now is making a niche game. For du, pvpers can do everything themselves, but if you want a large universe thats populated, you need pve. Your choice, small pvp game or thriving universe with pve.
  12. Seems real arrogance and ignorance in the prior post. But they have a right to their opinion. I made a ship, shared it with a friend via blueprints. He couldn't make it because is was no small landing legs for sale at any price. I am working on a heavy hauler. I want to put a large agg on it. There isn't one for sale at any price. Seems to me that's a shortage. Maybe pvpers don't notice it because they don't need it. If it's worthless to mine anymore, why bother improving that aspect of the game at all? As for stockpiling ore, I guess you're happy with the population of the universe and don't want new players in try the game and have the opportunity to build their own wealth. It seems that is true for many pvpers. You maybe able to force people into the pvp zone by locking content there but you can't force people to play the game. If you want more than a few pirates running around, you have to make it enjoyable to play. Not everyone enjoys pvp. I am not saying to take pvp out of the game but there has to be respect for non pvpers in a persistent world to have a thriving ecology. If you want a populated universe you can't be so selfish
  13. Nq won't get the kind of population without doing more for pvers. The marketplace will struggle with products without bots supplying elements and the universe will be as barren as it is now. The focus on pvp is unsustainable without proping up the support because there isn't that many gamers interested in playing with full time pvp free for all and dealing with griefers.
  14. Agreed In a persistent world, the life can't be sustained by predators alone. If nq wants a self sustaining universe, there has to be more than pvp. If they want this game to be successful, they have to either artificially sustain the support of pvp via bots in the marketplace or not make the universe about pvp. My hope is that pvp is their focus right now but they will focus of other aspects of the game to make things like exploring more important later in beta testing. I'm voicing my concern here to give nq my point of view to make a better game, not to take pvp out of the game. That being said, I've seen many game not make it out of beta testing to release by focusing too much on pvp. And a focus on pvp, as the pvpers who have shared their view in this thread have stated was the object of the game, will make this game nothing more than a niche game without the hope of bringing a large community. DU is a large universe. It will never feel populated if pvp is the objective.
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