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    Walter got a reaction from Zeddrick in Live Support Initiative Feedback   
    Please allow fetch for org ships with the Legate using the fetch 
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    Walter got a reaction from eviltek2099 in Live Support Initiative Feedback   
    Please allow fetch for org ships with the Legate using the fetch 
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    Walter got a reaction from Hagbard in Live Support Initiative Feedback   
    Please allow fetch for org ships with the Legate using the fetch 
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    Walter got a reaction from FuriousPuppy in How could smaller than L core PvP ships ever be balanced?   
    Give XS and S core a unique torpedo platform that can do heavy dmg with a long reload time. These ships could still be shot down by an L core but having them in a Fleet will be a huge plus.
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    Walter reacted to FuriousPuppy in FELI BLOCKADE OVER!!   
    The Feli blockade occupied by the AC forces was an overwhelming success and the operation is concluded. With all refugees and stranded ships rescued and brought to Alioth markets for repairs, we breathe a sigh of relief. The surrounding space of Feli had been unregulated space since the landing of the ark ship, until now. We had many ships challenge the AC military, from blockade runners to capital warships from many of the more influential organizations as well as some newer companies. More recently Empire and Penrose joined forces to challenge the blockade, with another fleet battle earlier with Justin Grim in command as well. Havoc and BOO were no where to be seen during this event, the skull armada silent. The blockade was breached at one point by the infamous Sneaky Snake pirate, he was able to break through the blockade and escape successfully. However many other ships tried to run the blockade and were met with extreme and lethal force, including smaller bandits and no permit smugglers.
                       A total of 4 Large core ships, 6 Medium core ships, and 14 Small and Extra Small ships were shot down and recovered within Feli space despite our open warnings on all vessels.  We placed space cores all around the Feli planet's combat zones to alert local ships of the boundary limits in place as there was warning to anyone caught outside in AC controlled space. A total of 7 Strategic positions were constantly monitored as well as others around the moon and back side of the planet. We used a total of 34 Ships owned by Atom, Hyperion, Shield, ATS, HOZ, TNS, Zenith Corp, and DSI. Our members flew home exhausted and ready for shore leave as we were rotating shifts to maintain the blockade at all times. The AC leaves Feli space, a now much safer and pirate free zone. However they will return and when they do, so will we. 

    Regards, AC Military

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    Walter reacted to FuriousPuppy in FELI BLOCKADE   
    The arrival of the relic on Feli has shaken the planet to its core, its biome ruined by an alien artifact now gone silent. The planet is a graveyard of all the colonists who tried to create a life for themselves on this new frontier. Now too dangerous for ships without special equipment to enter its effective atmosphere, it is an unapproachable existence in the solar system. With floating planet crust and atmosphere reaching deep into space, Pilots with unfamiliar knowledge of the existing hazards surrounding the planet fall prey to its lethal environment. Relief efforts have also been in vain as the surrounding space has been invaded by deep space pirates with cunning skills and ships built to be above all others of their professions. With bounties on the boards for wanted pirates and a cry for help from the ships in need of immediate aide, the Ascendancy has stepped in to overtake and occupy all of known Feli space. Starting today (03/19/2021) all surrounding space of Feli is occupied by the brave soldiers of the Ascendancy Alliance who hunt pirates and make combat their specialty.
    Be warned, non-AC personnel are not welcome to the planet Feli and its borders. Permission has been given to relief effort vessels to warp in and out of the safe zone but all encompassing space is off limits. Failure to heed this warning will result in your untimely demise. To those about to die, we salute you

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    Walter got a reaction from Elitez in Comrademoco - A Fond Farewell   
    I intend to play until Arthritis gets me so here comes the obligatory: Can I have your stuff?
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    Walter reacted to Elitez in Spaceboys ask big wipe   
    You failed to provide information why a wipe is needed . Also the Developer said there wont be wipes. That is what lured people in the game. Thats why subs are running.  There is nothing wrong with the game atm and atmo pvp is few months away. Lots of ppl will leave if they wipe the server because if you are a big org and you lose the progress for no reason, you wont have a reason to play.

    Take a break, take few steps back and enjoy Christmas if u r bored.

    You are in a middle of a wipe atm, soft wipe but its still a wipe.
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    Walter reacted to [BOO] Sylva in RIP PvP?   
    Hmm. I believe in the interview that JC said the core size limitations for weapons were temporary until the further mechanics can be developed. 
    I'm far more concerned about core units not being fixable with scrap. That means you can't claim a ship unless you have a replacement core unit. Those L cores are gonna get expensive to repair/claim. 
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    Walter reacted to Volkier in Devblog concerning Elements/damage/detoration   
    I'd make this sound as diplomatic as I can, but I do apologise if it sounds like I'm raging or venting - because I sort of am. This mechanic is the absolutely the worst idea imaginable not only for the current state, but also the overall atmosphere of the game. For the love of everything holy, if anyone at NQ stumbles over this, I urge you to reconsider - at the very least based on the sheer volume of feedback you have gotten over the past 5 years of development where people explicitly stated they don't want this to become a survival type of a game. I'll use bullet points from this point onwards as I cannot articulate my arguments without the sheer volume of disappointment otherwise:

    - Replacing destroyed elements on ship builds would become impractical and impossible due to how clipping of elements currently works. You will need to strip off half the ship to place an element in it's original position, because the original position is 'too close' to another element - so you'd need to replace everything in order. This will only further encourage box ships taking away from immersion and spirit of the game. 
    - Arbitrary system of "this element got destroyed X times = perma death" would make ships with a couple of elements that were already damaged before obsolete, as players would try to replace those at first opportunity. If anything, this just seems like a fundamentally the worst possible and the least practical way of implimenting the mechanic.
    - This is further expanding on the first point - but mechanics like this work in games like Eve because you have a pre-existing number of hard points to which you slot in desired modules. It takes a matter of minutes if you have the modules in your inventory. It would NOT work in a game where you would need to spend hours replacing one element due to placement priority on a ship. It would NOT work when some elements can break and other elements can break at another time. Other building games that started off with this, had to implement game mechanics to fix the issue - Empyrion with repair projectors that automatically fix up your ship, space engineers with nanite bots etc. And those games have a "clip to box" build system, not a free standing one like DU. DU is going BACKWARDS by implimenting this.
    - The whole "but muh economy needs money sinks!" argument - to date - has been a myth. Markets haven't crashed. Prices haven't plummeted. There will always be people leaving the game. There will always be people abandoning constructs. There will always be new people joining the game needing stuff. There will always be existing people building more and bigger stuff. If money sinking becomes a requirement, add element disassembler that strips an element to it's base component (at reduced efficiency if you want), add a mechanic where you can only repair using scrap to 50% of element's hp and efficiency while simultaneously adding a repair module that repairs using crafting components. Make the mechanic fun and challenging. The current proposal is literally the worst way you could impliment it.
    - If you want harder penalties for crashing your ships - which I fully 100% support, claiming destroyed cores needs to return for a start, or/and increase the cost of scrap, or give people options to use components INSTEAD of scrap to instantly repair an element. Again, make the game more interactive, fun and challenging. Not less.

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    Walter reacted to PeteComma in The problems with Planned updates and how they will kill PvP   
    To start id like to say i doubt that NQ is going to listen but the problems that will arise with planned updates can be completely avoided and I also apologize if i show some people think they didn't know.
    1. Durability will kill PvP.
    The point of PvP right now is to kill the other guy and take his ship. the battles my not always end in a win or loss but when somebody loses, the elements you recover are enough to cover fuel and ammo and maybe the voxel damage that happens to your ship. with elements being completely destroyed after a fight what do I get for killing my opponents ship? i'll tell you what you get, parts that can never be used again! for those who have ever fought in real PvP you know that parts a destroyed way more than 10-20 times.The already low reward of PvP will be reduced down to nothing.
    2. The "rebalancing" of PvP can be easily bypassed with little to no effort due to the docking mechanic.
    (This one is multi faceted so please read the whole thing before you rage reply, also if you haven't done any PvP this won't make sense to you but if you know you know) 
    Currently the list of PvP rebalancing  actions will be.
    Bound weapon sizes to core sizes
    energy consumption
    radar lock ranges unified
    Hit-Miss formula changed to account for cross section instead of core size. 
    To bypass all of these all i would need to do is follow these steps.
    1. Use a L core to build a ship with the same cross section of  a Small core and use all of my energy allotment for engines only
    2. Build M cores that are only Large weapons and dock them to the L core.
    3. Go shoot anything that moves because i have more guns.
    Ways to fix these problems.
    Stop docked ships from firing weapons
    Have better rewards for Killing enemy ships combat (quanta or skill points)
    constructive criticism is welcomed but disrespect will be ignored.
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    Walter reacted to le_souriceau in This game is too easy. Some Thoughts and concerns.   
    Yet, big orgs (who indeed bounce back) not only meaningful entities in game. And not only voices against.
    Actualy, its reasonable to say, "middle class" people (ironicly as in typical IRL problems) will suffer worst -- all active solo/small group players, both old and new, who tried to relativly keep up with big guys by hard work and preparing some reserves for future. They will be completly gutted, but they obviously have much less "staying power" and "raw muscle" then big orgs to go back in action and many will be feeling extreamly exausted and even cheated of their hard earned assets.
    Per example, by local millions and kilotons of ore standards I relativly "poor" and usualy deeply frown upon hysterical "i will quit" things as argument... But to be super honest, if they wipe like before "release", deleting all ore I mined (and other work done), I will very seriously consider if I want to play DU again and re-invest all this time. Just no more stamina. On personal level.
    NQ obviously made chain of insanly bad and unresponsable choices (with JC sometimes barely understanding how his game really played, living in world of fantasies in a way), that poisoned game and now we all paying price (generaly in both cases of non wipe scenario and wipe scenario). Its just difference between slow "necrosis" damage and shock bloody fountains damage.
    I really don't know how they can repair it. All options are just tormenting lesser evil things (that a quite not lesser).
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    Walter reacted to swkonstr in The market UI   
    NQ, really, please!
    The market UI is ugly.
    - 6 rows and too much free space on screen - it's terrible.
    - Add price/market/etc filters for a sell and buy screens (independents)
    - Remove the default 0.01 price in a sell order - you force 99% of traders press to delete every time
    - Add default 1 quantity for a buy order - we newer buy 0
    - Give us the opportunity to fully use the market warehouse - this saves us from hundreds of containers installed around the markets.

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    Walter reacted to Moosegun in STOP the free repairs, fuel and teleports, cut the apron string and pass it to the players   
    Been thinking about posting this for a while but thought NQ would have done something already.
    Going to post this as politely as I can but the support giveaways are a COMPLETE JOKE.  50% of people are lying, this is obvious because they say things like:

    "I crashed when coming into atmosphere, logged back in and my ship was destroyed" - bullshit, you crash your ships stops what they actually means is "I have a really heavy ship, I crashed the game coming into atmosphere because i couldnt slow down, logged back in with zero momentum and my massively overweight ship fell like a rock"

    "I just died on XXXXX insert planet and have magically teleported to Ailoth, can you port me back" = I was mining and tried to use the force respawn to cheese back to my ship, but didnt check my node before I used this soft exploit
    This is causing a LOAD of problems, firstly you are completely shielding these new players from any survival elements of the game, experienced players know to fly with good scrap and extra fuel.  New players arent learning these lessons because when they make mistakes (and most ARE player mistakes) they get freebies.

    The worst part about all this is that they are making a huge section of gameplay / career paths completely redundant.  In alpha there were loads of players planning to set up as repair / refuel crew or taxi services, I have reached out to several of these to see how business is and there ISNT ANY.  The game has limited career paths as it is (without really knowing the game) these are some of the more obvious ones and you are making them irrelevant.  The longer this goes on the worse it will get.

    My solution - send out an email saying that the daily quanta is being continued but it is being called BETA SUPPORT INCOME, it is paid to ensure players have funds in case of emergency.  You then reach out to verified support services orgs and bring them into support via some additional channel, where you can send people who need there services.
    This needs to be done soon, as you are making a massive rod for your own back by giving this crutch to new players (although seen several vets abusing it too).
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    Walter got a reaction from Ater Omen in The Point of Designing a Cool Ship?   
    The OP thinks to build an XS Death Cube is very easy but it's not. true from the outside, it might look primitive but the trick is in the right placement of the elements to cramp all these large stuff inside that relative small building area to be effective. There will always be a Meta and you as a designer will always have to make compromises that the craft does what it is supposed to do and was it was intended with it. Right now PvP builders build to be effective in this way but later on shield bubbles might be added for lets say break a bit current Meta. NQ could also restrict weapons to core size in xs core only go xs weapon and so on. The investment a player or a group does on a big ship should have benefits not like is now just a bad thing to fly large. For now PvP is avoidable and if you want to show of a build that is for expo then why fly it to the pvp zone where the only guys going to see it are they sitting on a gunner seat aiming at you?
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    Walter reacted to JohnnyTazer in When will the space safe zone be removed?   
    Then this game isnt for you. Same people cry over and over about being ganked in eve. I dont give a fucking shit what their reasons are, because they are wrong. Point blank. Because the DEVELOPERS of eve said high sec isnt safe. The DEVELOPERS of NQ said the majority of the universe will be open pvp. I don't go to carebear games and whine and complain why I can gank someone, instead I just go to a game that let's me (eve).  People will argue about money, saying a developer should do whatever brings in the most money but that is just absurd. They are trying to make a game, their game, and a somewhat unique one. 
    Here is another thing, I'm more valued customer than the solo carebear. There is no denying it. A lot of my pvper friends in eve sub lots of alts with our credit cards, and purchase lots of Plex. Same will happen in DU. Some months me and a buddy would spend over 1k a month on eve. He subs 12 accounts with his CC, I do 6. And we buy plex packs. NQ already knows they if they go back on their promise of freedom and open world and player driven they will lose massive money, because at that point they are backing off on the original vision they sold us on, the reason we even backed the game.
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    Walter reacted to MagnusElectron in Frust   
    Es ist wahr das es zu früh für einen öffentlich Start des Spiels, vor allem in Verbindung mit monatlichen Beiträgen, gewesen ist.
    Man muss aber auch noch dazu sagen das zum Wohle der Kundenfreundlichkeit eine Zwichenlösung getroffen wurde: Ein freier Monat Spielzeit
    Novaquark hat sich an etwas herangewagt zu verwirklichen, was sich viel größere Softwarefirmen erst gar nicht trauen und das
    1. in einem Bruchteil der Zeit, und 2. mit einem Bruchteil der Kosten.
    Ich werde hier, weiterführend, das Extrembeispiel StarCitizen benutzen das ja, voraussichtlich,
    noch nicht einmal in 5-10 Jahen fertig sein wird...  (von der  Kundenfreundlichkeit ganz zu schweigen...)
    Warum wird nicht über eine Sache gesprochen die wirklich gut bei Dual Universe ist?
    >> Zum Beispiel der Support, den ich persönlich wirklich Klasse finde.
    >> Ein weitestgehend freies Spieluniversum indem man sich fast alles selber zusamenbauen kann.
    >> Die "Möglichkeit" (auch wenns Sauschwer zu erlernen ist xD) praktisch alle Spielgegenstände zu Programmieren.
    Ich könnte diese Liste noch verlängern aber jeder sollte jetzt schon wissen worauf ich hinaus will.
    Nun zum Extrembeispiel:
    StarCitzen ... dort bekommt man fertige Schiffe für viel Geld vorgesetzt (Hier Kunde ! Fress ! Das Schiff ist Cool !)
    die einem das Spielen unglaublich vereinfachen "können" nach dem Motto: PayToWin.
    Und Hammerhart was die Entwickler für eine Kohle scheffeln ist unglaublich...
    SC gehört Boykotiert bis sie fast pleite gehen, wenn du mich fragst...
    Aber das Gegenteil passiert... Und ...Scheinbar juckts kein Schwein...
    Für mich ist Grafik echt nicht alles. "Es darf auch mal ein bisschen weniger sein"
    Da kann man sich doch eigentlich gar nicht über DU aufregen, oder?
    Und Startprobleme gehören in diesem geschäft einfach dazu 😋
    Wenn mich jetzt meine Aussagen zum Weißen Ritter machen, finde ich das völlig in Ordnung.
    Ich weise aber darauf hin das ich dir, Tulucan, nicht unbedingt "unrecht" gegeben habe, sondern einfach nur relativiere da ich glaube das man Novaquark
    mehr als "nur ein paar Chancen" geben sollte sich auf dem RIESIGEN Markt der Onlinespiele zu etablieren und... Mal ehrlich...
    Für "das" bisschen Geld was NQ zur Verfügung hat ist das Spiel doch echt gut, oder?
    Aber! : Es braucht auf jeden Fall, in Zukunft, noch ein paar Zusatz-Server. Das ist wohl Wahr 😁
    Dennoch : Dafür brauchts Geld das es weiter gehen kann, "mit" neuen Servern 🙂
    Ich habe jedenfalls, vom Start weg gleich 120€ ausgegeben (in der Alpha-Phase) und somit mit einem Schlag soviel
    Geld ausgegeben wie in den letzten 5 Jahren (Kein Schertz! ich habe, mit DU, in 5 Jahren bloss ungefähr 250 - 300€ für Spiele ausgegeben! 😁)
    und ich habe es bisher nicht bereut.
    Aber, Tulucan, bleib weiterhin Kritisch
    Ohne Kritiker gibts keine Veränderungen
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    Walter got a reaction from yamamushi in Congrats to Yamamushi (and possible feedback on Novaquark Employee Policy)   
    I am happy for Yamamushi and wish him a good time with NQ. When I was a newbie in DU he helped me a lot, will be always grateful to him for that.
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