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  1. Pve BOSS feedback (event) 1) Announcement. Every player should know an event is happening. Notified Monday while event is on Saturday is minimal notice we should get. In game notices + social + discord 2) Boss needs to do voxel damage, event loses all the difficulty without it. Can be discussed. At min all ships MUST take element damage to encourage repair/loss. 3) Time zones : Lock down mechanics or multiple spawns (Sat/Sun) in different time zones to get all involved. More info at bottom of post 4) Rewards. I believe a community discussion should be involved as to exactly how/why but each person should feel rewarded. Not only time but for assets used 5) If rewards are quanta/physical objects an x amount of damage should be involved to get rewards to prevent people cycling through alts on a ship 6) Mega laser should swap between it ALL ammo types. This prevents people from pushing resists against the aliens main weapon. 7) PVE vs pvepvp. If the boss is spawned in pve area the difficulty needs to be higher (higher damage/health) to make it challenging. Pvp = more rewards (not exclusive rewards) 8 ) Boss shield resist should auto adjust to damage its taking to prevent the community from bringing highest dps weapon to overwhelm it 9) If Pve enemies (like ones in instance fights) were spawned around the boss attacking ppl the battle would be A LOT more fun Time zones are always a pain in global games, du being a very global game it's important to strike a balance. I have 2 main suggestions 1) Lock down. Example being boss spawns EU timezone Sat, this will encourage EU time zone players to go lock the core down (damage = reward so it's saved) The next day in middle of NA time zone the lock down ends which allows NA players to come finish the boss. Both phases should offer same rewards (same mechanic as alien cores so not hard to develop?) 2) Multiple spawns. 1 on sat, 1 on sun, in different time zones to encourage participation without the lock down mechanic. Even if the event boss was a one time thing for the event I do believe any type of pve boss enemy can easily be translated to a game loop without many steps from what we recently saw.
  2. PVE mission Feedback : 1)People are able to sit still and overwhelm enemies with firepower while skipping piloting aspect. Needs fixing 2) Ammo types need to be more balanced. Enemies should shoot more types/random ammo. 3) Random factor is a bit to big. Example VH mission can feel easier then H mission because you rolled easy instance. 4) Reward system is....not okay. Proper reward systems are crucial. This is IMPORTANT. 5) Boost rewards for VH to encourage people to do more than spam solos (s/m). Group game play should be rewarded to encourage it. 6) Leader boards. By player and by org (may get confusing if ppl are in multiple orgs but i'm sure this can be figured out) Ranking/goals is very important. 7) Announced rewards. Players need to be told directly at the end of the phases an event will happen to encourage participation. 8 ) New mode. Survival with leader board. Waves of enemies that get harder over time. Rewards to highest placed players.
  3. Will these missions have time gates like missions/other vr quanta gaining activities? If the pve is limited to once/twice a day for example the disappointment all round will be huge. I hope nq has really done the math on the quanta injection this will bring into the game and make sure it's sustainable - Unlike what happened with missions being introduced in beta.
  4. Loss Consequences: We are currently finalizing what happens when players lose a mission, with the goal of not being overly punishing. One possibility is allowing players to salvage their ships if they fail a mission. I feel like this can be dealt with fairy using the difficulty scale. For example Level 1 - No punishment - Ship is returned with max lives and no quanta punishment but the down side is you get less quanta for doing so (preventing vets from spamming it) Level 2 - Ship returned with no damage, You pay a quanta loss for losing Level 3 - Ship returned in a damaged state forcing the player to repair it and take element lives lost - At this point you're considered a vet so rewards/punishments really come into play Level 4 - (vets) Must repair own ship + quanta loss. - Highest possible quanta reward but also difficult. Punishment should go up as rewards do. Its important that element loss (aside from fuel/ammo) is used here. If items are damaged a fair way this could go a long way to keep the markets moving for both quanta and elements.
  5. Thanks for saying the silent part out loud. Now players can finally address the obvious issue of most of the devs working on other projects and finally move on from a game that's barely been on life support since day 1 of launch. We appreciate the confirmation.
  6. Delusions and nonsense. It's held by an alliance. If you don't understand what alliance means I suggest googling it. It is currently held by 5 orgs, all of whom clearly have super active members if they've been able to hold it. So here you have 5 super active orgs with members who all want the plasma that only comes into the game at 2/day. No one in any game would willingly give up not only a monopoly but resources they are currently still giving to their own members who earn it. Let me repeat this. THE RESOURCE IS BEING USED, WHY WOULD WE GIVE IT OUT TO OTHER PEOPLE????????? As with beta, when the WINNERS have enough they're satisfied with their EARNED resources it is likely it will become available just like it did in beta. At set prices set by the WINNERS. You see how this works? If you control the point you get just that...control. I'd also like to mention. A second ALLIANCE, one that basically mass recruited everyone in the universe did successfully take and hold the core, they have plasma. Plasma exists outside legions control. Go and ask them for plasma/access to their beacon. When they tell you no chance, go earn it your self you'll realise its not just "one group" nonsense. Edit : If this other "alliance" actually gave their plasma to the community maybe their members would be more likely to come contest it but we all know where that plasma is going
  7. 1.2 and 1.3 updates seem to be aimed at what the players want the game to be instead of whatever plan was being worked on previously and it shows. Keep up the communication and creating a fun game to play. Looking forward to PVE teaser photos!
  8. Asteroid changes are underwhelming but understandable. Asteroids needed to be addressed very quickly so I'm not going to throw a lot of shade on it. Its very disappointing we did not get public broadcasted mega roids everyone can see so orgs have something to fight over. There are easy wins for both sides here. Tactical map memes are on point and well deserved. Tactical map is completely pointless unless we can see further then 2su. If it can see further (4su for example) this would be an extremely welcome update and welcomed by all pvpers. 2su radar with ships flying at 47k is just silly. Smaller updates focusing on improving game play exp is a good step in the right direction short term. I do hope more stuff is added for new players like better tutorial rewards, better achievement rewards and t1 space fuel. All rather easy things to achieve and will greatly improve the playability for the game for many. Like/dislike what nq has to say regarding updates, the communication has been improving. Deckard and nyota taking meaningful feedback and forum posts explaining why a decision has been made is a step in the right direction. One of the things I liked about this forum post was right at the end that says we will get 1.3 info soon. This is very important. Players should always have something to look forward to (even if they're smaller, short term updates)
  9. Below is a video link to new death mechanic. https://twitter.com/dualuniverse/status/1546894540895883265 While this death mechanic works well for survival games it does not fit in the slightest with dual universe. This isn't a survival game, we do not have survival mechanics and we're not humans in a survival game so the heart beat makes no sense. If anything the sound of explosions should be louder to give you a better feeling of the disaster that is befalling you while you die in a ship. I like the idea of the death mechanic but its simply not a good fit. More explosions, more gun fire and less survival... I believe the death mechanic should be a few seconds longer as well, It would really help with the feeling of loss in pvp. What are you thoughts?
  10. Hard pass. I can understand a tax of quanta per x time to help support the org but anything like a tax on income or sales will make orgs even less friendly.
  11. While I think this is a clown suggestion I need to be sure everyone is on board with this. NQ will be selling DACs, You'll be able to trade them to people for quanta. It is literally legal gold buying. Make no mistake, whales will p2w pass people.
  12. With the upcoming launch the general chat in game is going to be flooded with gold sellers, account sellers and general spammers. Please don't say sub fee prevents this because as know from plenty of other games it does not. My suggestion is to make some changes before launch while we have time to test it. I believe the ability to use general chat should be based on character age. For example you need to have existed for a week before you can use it. While not perfect it's a lot easier to manage the crazy amount of spam. Org promos like "join my org x" and adverts like "join my twitch/youtube channel" should be completely against the rules with bans being handed out for doing it.. We don't need the global chat spammed. While the entire chat interface needs to be overhauled I believe a few simple rule changes and a few extra channels such as anyone on your planet/within x distance (long range shout) will go a long way to helping the transition to launch.
  13. I would like a more powerful flashlight mode. For example f+1 to use flashlight mode 2. I understand we can't all walk around with mini suns in our pockets blinding other players so I suggest the following : I want a super flash light that can light up an entire area while making that light only appear to the player using the flash light. For many months flash lights didn't appear for other characters so I don't believe it would be extremely hard to add.
  14. This is just one of those QOL things I think are super obvious like bp deploy preview. Its so obviously needed it shouldn't even need a suggestion. I'm behind this.
  15. The reason it has to be limited is due to services. For example I can say everyone who has x mission put your package on this one ship and I'll warp them all at the same time and taking payment on the other side. If warp cell price goes up so much its not profitable people will fall back on hauling, if the prices come down because more hauling is being done then people will warp again. Regardless of how its done I am on board with the whole daily thing feeling forced. Not a fan of that kinda game play my self Overall I don't think allowing warping is the solution but I don't want to shoot down ideas without even offering a suggestion for it
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