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  1. nope what walter said before is true (don't forget rate of fire etc and you'll see)
  2. so many feedback voxel nerf without keeping same ratio on pv / kg is absurd now you can do lithium borg L cube with 14G easy... (and with more pv than same weight iron / copper /silver /gold ship ?) shield need to be adjust maybe n-1 n+1 should apply so : xs core can take xs / s shield s core can take xs / s / m shield m core can take s / m / L shield L core can take m / L shield about shield another issue : they are ultra weak 45s -1min to down L shield with 6gunners (tested with lasers -1min 30s / 1min 45s with missiles) size of weapon .... enormous big gigantic nerf for design and optimisation railgun L ...... useless with less damage than xs cannon Another issue for PVP is fuel usage of engine (also for transport / asteroids mining / missions) reduce it by 30-40% to allow ship to manoevre more in fight (also allow to not loose money while trying low tier asteroids actually doing the mini game to discover one will cost much than ore value on it ) pts issue : lag on the serv made many of us unable to test things (some can't play) astéroids cycle seems to be a too low with one week respawn maybe it'll be better acurate on 3 days (more opportunity - more fights -more ore) astéroids cycle won't be regular (if not some time zone will never see any exotic / rare ones) FOR PVE BOYS WHO WANT GLASS COCKPIT ON PVP SHIP OPEN GOOGLE AND CHECK WARSHIPS (they are big metal blocks) - ( and think that spaceship would be more like submarine than yaght )
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