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  1. I agree we need shield bleed fast to counter this
  2. Stop that heretic speech it angers me that it is, even considered to do this to our precious big ships.
  3. But I like that NQ focus that. They giving us a blaster would also make me very happy.
  4. When you enter build mode in the first tab is an element list put the cursor on the stacked element that will light up red on the ship and you can go move it a bit
  5. Ehm Nope, for many of us that what you suggest would pull the plug. We spent a lot of energy all of Beta to be erased and start over again.
  6. We need to change such setups of airbrakes anyway soon, they will be obstructed otherwise the top side of them must be clear
  7. Yes for some it might be a big deal, even I have a few ships with the problem you describe but we can not always ask NQ to revert development.
  8. This is one of the changes that players cry much and get reverted. But listen I first was overwhelmed by all my ship's red messages and thought the same, why on earth? If I did no stacking it is like this now. Then I figured out that once you fly the cursor to the marked element that seems stacked it shows red on the ship in build mode where it is and you just move it a bit and then it's ok. So it is not the big deal and I think as a player base we should just fix our constructs for benefit of the game.
  9. What? Reducing speeds on larger constructs why? That will be horrible please don't it will take ages to haul Aphelia missions.
  10. I think we reached a new level of ship's ugliness in pvp if this is the new meta I refuse to fly any of these I prefer to be wrecked in my old-style ships designs. And I agree with OP on all points except that making one weapon class have a shield pen, all shields should let pass 20% of dmg as shield bleed-thru. And these Engines should be 100% obstructed where the logic in this, are we now in Looney Toons?
  11. There is no effort at all to install a shield on your ship to avoid being ganked like this. This playstyle is much needed and should be promoted not fought in my opinion.
  12. Nah my eyes hurt after being too long in any of these ice Worlds you can keep Teoma if you want snow. Just kidding I dont think there is any special reason why these planets have no roids.
  13. Lacobus Symeon and Ion, these planets will eventually be removed 😛
  14. Imagine how boring DU would become if they restrict players more on how to play, as wanted by the op. If I do PvP I want to be able to craft Exotic weapons and also mine my ore for it and later be able to also build a ship. Idk if it is only me but it's how I think it should be.
  15. And there is the problem: NQ can shift things how it did now resulting in making living on outer planets less attractive for some. I left Alioth behind because everything is like full of constructs and towers everywhere. For me it does not change much, but I know a few others living on Sinnen that the lack of much T1 could be a problem.
  16. Before Demeter we had plenty T1 and now none ( I was wrong there is all T1 on Sinnen but you need to have the tiles with it. my tiles just have Limestone)
  17. I lived on Sinnen for all of Beta and made my living out of Malachite that was plenty available there. Then we get Demeter and of sudden Sinnen has no Malechite instead it gets Limestone why was this a needed change? We have now fewer planets with copper ore. I can sell Limestone now yes I get it, but this change wasn't asked for. And yes for us living in the outer planets it would be welcome help in self-sufficiency instead of making us dependent of T1 from elsewhere.
  18. Sad to hear how it is, from a new player perspective.
  19. Did any of you try out DU PvP with friends on a not staged fight? One can repeat what one hears from others like a parrot or try it out. DU PvP can be real fun if you are introduced to it by knowing people. Here is an example of something else than an L core in DU PvP XD
  20. I agree 100% the only limit is then the risk each player wants to take for the mission run. And would suggest NQ to lower rewards for mission by doing this,
  21. Railguns are the worst choice for weapons right now. NQ stated that there will be further balancing of weapons so there is still hope rails make a come back. Right now until then you better get drops for Laser from someone else.
  22. Railguns need to be buffed these are not viable right now
  23. What happens when I need to buy big things and need to come with agg ship to pick up? Is 2 km airspace clear also for quick pick up?
  24. M core Nano is as good as L core nano right now only wins for L core Nano if he uses the range advantage but fast M core Nano can mitigate that.
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