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  1. Yes I can see your suggestion be good ones hope NQ takes it into consideration
  2. We asked for Shield bleed and got instead a petite Voxel buff and a slight nerf somewhere else. I thank NQ for their effort but it is how you say not enough. Someone said the reason behind it is that a fleet of moving Capital ships is stress to the server so they prefer not to make these relevant again. And even if they would get good at some point who has the will to fly for hours to get to a Roid or an Alien core at 20k kmh they trully nerfed the big ships to the ground. It could have been worse tho if they had made the xs craft relevant in this patch.
  3. Walter

    Hey Pirates!

    I am one of these bottomfeeders and these days it's extremely rare for me to camp. Cuz I dislike the current meta so me mutating every day more into a carebear is the thing I swear never to become.
  4. Easy primary Target if its the only one in a fleet comp. Here to watch as it stands now with the L cores.
  5. I get it to make them slow. But that should bring the benefit of a tank against smaller ships only to be able to be taken out by M or L Weapons
  6. Just fly to any rare or exotic roid by chance you will find someone. Every day after 16:00 utc seen people camping Jago pipe. But everyone with shields down can just run to safe zone there.
  7. The only thing that works for now are swarms of S core ships with cannons. Go larger will only slow you down and will cost you much more for worse results even in a Multicrew M or L core ship. The only use for a large ship is a static defense situation. No Alien cores atm and if there was a defense situation you still need to get that heavy ship over there at 20k max speed its not funny and if you are to be found that L core is a sitting duck. S cores attacking that L core need just to go out of its range vent and come back. I like big ships but in the current situation not worth it to take them out. How to counter section tanking? Increase even more voxel tanking benefits Iand increase tracking on guns all around other weapons need urgently better tracking like Laser and Railguns
  8. Why always NQ goes to the extremes? Once only XS core pvp ship was meta relevant then L ships and now S cores and nothing else works. It would be nice they unnerf a bit M and L PvP ships and give xs ships a gunner seat. So all sizes have something to add not just S cores
  9. Easy fix: Increase radar range by an element that only goes into L core ships and works only in PvP space so you can see 200 su distance the pvp players will take care that its not too easy to fly missions anymore by then.
  10. Yes this is a thing now. Our ship was over market 6 when I respawned to it the ship exploded and crashed to the ground all elements destroyed and each and everyone respawned at base. I waited 2 days for support to help me with this and had no answer had to repair a big ship with t1 t2 scrap. Try to repair An advanced military space engine with it you will hate this bug.
  11. We agree that L cores need a buff. But these still viable on a fight on an Alien core what they need is a way to protect radars since rng goes first to radars and you can only repair them a few times.
  12. Hello für ein M Schiff eignen sich gut Präzision Railguns M rare oder exotic auch Kannonen sind gut braucht aber bessere fliegerische Leistung. Ein Script wie du erwähnst gibt es nicht kannst Sleim22 anhauen für ein aktuelles PvP script suche ihn im DU discord. Du musst schon selber mit Remote Controller fliegen und ballern.
  13. This is 100% intentional by NQ and for every PvP player one of the most fun things to do to jump on an unexpected target. It is great and should stay
  14. Amazing I agree on all your points and want to double down on the need to balance ores also that asteroids need huge nodes of ore it is very frustrating to have an ore on tracker and then it's just 400 L, or that you track T5 on an asteroid and the node is filled up with T1 on the inside. People loved to have mega nodes back then. For some to mine these it was therapy of sorts. I know many that ended playing DU because planetary mining was removed. On your final point, I found once an Exotic asteroid 2 su from Madis safe zone what it's a complete joke on the intend of it.
  15. Instead of a game, I searched for a salt farm that is sadly not to be had. We came close to it at Beta at one point. DU is full of safe spaces now and with warp you can skip 5 hours flight in an instant. Legion is able to project a large fleet due to warp and there is no other group that can put these numbers. Not to forget that other groups are broke and mission will remain nerfed for long.
  16. From your narration, I understand that our Opposition did not even consider building a real fleet with spare ships so when someone is shot down he spawns at the nearest spot and grabs the next ship, and goes back into battle. Well if the Situation for the adversaries of Legion is so bad in an economic term then I understand why everyone else gave up. But even your suggestions in nerfing warp would not make a difference in our commitment to defend our cores. The point is that the PvP problem will not be solved until there is a huge population increase. Even after a Wipe at release, the situation does not change unless there join big alliances from other games. And even then it's not the same as a group of players grinding for a nice city base or fancy PvE ships in the opposite of an Alliance that is battle tested and is just grinding for PvP dominance. I find your arguments in the case of the Opposition to Legion intruiging and that deserves its own thread. This is about that DU gets some sorts of pew pew. Yes people need to get experience somhow
  17. If they can implement something like NPC craft I know it won't be quick. At gamma fight the adversaries of Legion were so close to winning then came the radar bug and PvP in DU lost momentum since then. If other groups would organize and work together a few cores could be taken from Legion.
  18. I have built already what I wanted to build until next PvP meta change. Alien cores are secured by our Aliance keep getting Plasma and t5 ores each week. Have a few bases on them factories running that I feed with ores I get from Mu's that's Endgame. And that there is nothing or no one to shot just makes this endgame to anyone that want to pew pew unattractive. And that is a NQ problem
  19. Once NQ made a stress test with plenty of bots these can be the pilots and gunners and NQ needs to script a flight path and create some sort of turret that autofires why is this not feasible?
  20. I like your first idea but second idea does not work because you are not able to shot in sz
  21. I grind ore fuel and elements for the sole reason to be able to PVP in Dual Universe. Sadly due activity is being low these days there is no one to fight on an Asteroid or an Alien core. - I suggest for NQ to make a Dreadnought that patrols the pipes and fires at anything that comes close to it 2 su with maybe 8 seats of firepower and 90 mil of ccs. When dead in the containers to find random advance rare and exotic shematics. -If a large org wants to abuse this by sending more ships the Dreadnought spawns more dangerous drones equivalent to the numbers of ships present with in 2 su. The Dreadnought spawns at random times and goes for an example from Jago pvp border to Sanctuary moon PvP border and despawns Archeage had a similar gameplay with the Kraken that spawned on certain times I borrow this idea from there.
  22. Its funny that you want the PvPers to be wiped OP. In my case I doubt the ones that are not active will return to start fresh again. I would not.
  23. If it was not fun we in Legion would not be eager to have again such a fight.
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