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  1. you forgot the pay to build method with DACs
  2. LOL! "Will we get what you have promised?" "No" lmao. Solid 5/7
  3. Haha, yes. Maybe he played DU in the Room of Spirit and Time
  4. I wont play this game again. 3000k hours of your life scammed away with a false promise and you still think about playing this game. Its your choice, but loyalty like this make such behavior from companies possible. But i can understand it
  5. Why only talent points? why not wiping all BPs too? so that we have all wasted our time^^
  6. if they hadn't posted two years ago that there would be no more full wipe without Magic BPs, I would never have played the game seriously. That will definitely be a lesson to me.
  7. Oh my Gosh. This game is a "KI enslaves us all" Simulation! Hello Lambda, are you the boss of NQ? Hello?
  8. yeah. No fun in game but fun in the forum. And you dont even need a subscription for it !
  9. You're right, that's absolut. I'll just trust you on the source, I think I remember reading that once. Then I also have to retract my statement that it would be unfair not to wipe the core BPS. Because then it was clear from the start that there was a residual risk of loss for everything except for the core BPs. Thanks for clarification
  10. Where is the source of the core blueprint commitment? What is different to the statements at the beginning of beta "we want to avoid wipes, its the last blablabla option"?
  11. Wont play again, so it doesnt affect me. Keep your Blueprints. But wipe everything else is not fair, this should be crystal clear. To prefer one playstyle over another is not good. If fairness is really a goal, they should wipe everything or nothing.
  12. They may not have a choice. There is only one menu in the canteen. The cooks are still discussing the second menu.
  13. At this point i dont think those people matter anymore. I loved this game but a wipe is a nogo for me. But the communication is far worse. They dont lose more people with a wipe because the people which dont want a wipe are already gone. At least for me, the game is not interesting anymore because i have no single piece of trust left for NQ. I am still here just because i want to know how this "trololo we are still discussing"-show ends
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