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  1. A trick that someone on gerneral chat taught me is: that you connect each fuel tank to the same amount of engines and so you only have to connect 1 tank to know at what level the fuel is. But thats just a work around for me, it doesnt always work of course with the amount of engines and I do not like it! (stomp stomp)
  2. With al these prices going up, the schematics become relative very cheap. And so now I see less people dive into the market to buy something, as making them yourself has become much easier; We get more quanta for our mined ore and so can buy schematics easier. Ive seen that lots of things are not (or barely) available anymore on the markets because players can make everything themselves. And so we are almost back at pre-0.23 We will just keep on balancing.
  3. When you have more than 4 fuel tanks of the same sort (atmo or space), the fuel window gets a scrollbar. The command seat has only 10 connection available where 1 is already taken by the core. So why not have a fuel hub that only takes up 1 seat connection and have the hub display the fuel tanks in a window with a scrollbar? I think its pretty lame that we can only connect 10 things to a command seat. Also I think that solving this problem with lua-fuel screens n stuff should be an option, not mandatory. An L-core is a pretty big ship, 1 AGG, 1 warp, 1 radar, 1 ECU, 1 core, 1 gyro, 1 shield and there goes 7 of the 10 connections available, with a fuel hub this would not be a problem (you can still have 20 fuel tanks on this massive ship). And the on/off switching of engines. we can already connect them to relays/switches, why cant we turn them on/off? Yes it can be done with 'simple' lua, but I dont know why I should learn lua for this game when the things are already in place. Why doesnt the on/off switch work on engines, but you can connect them? Is it more fun to make it difficult for players? For parking in space or taxi on the runway, its very handy to have some engines turned off. What you guys n girls think of my complaints/suggestions?
  4. I was pointing it out because of the experience in the game Avorion, where engines and directional thrusters are not blocked by exterior design. With 'allowed' stacking, there would be a chance of more beautiful builds with much power. Instead of building a super design with outside element uglyfication, we could have ships that are superpowerfull and still look sleek. It is somewhat already implemented with airbrakes, I only ask for a way to implement it into the game so everyone can see it is stacked.
  5. Thank you very much!! I still dont think it should be banned, I think it should just has to be exposed somehow and even implemented into the game.
  6. Can someone explain to me: -if you have 2 engines, you use up 2 times fuel -if you have 4 engines (2 are stacked so you 'cant' see them), you use up 4 times fuel? Or does stacking prevent fuel use? If it doesnt, I think it should be a feature in this game. Sure 2 military= 4 basic engines, but the weight!!! yes yes I think some designs maybe deserve stacking, really!
  7. But how does this stacking work? Dont you just need more fuel & tanks now? Doesnt it add weight to the construct? I mean, if so, then I dont mind stacking. Designwise its cooler to use less space for more power and sleeker design. I would love to be able to stack my retrobrakes/adjustors, as they kill the exterior design of my ships. Is overlapping allowed with sliding doors, cuz when they open they go through any element?
  8. Is there a build zone limit around space stations, like for example 250meters? Or can someone have a xs space station and then me, the trolling guy, building a station around it with 6 S-cores and enclose it so the other player cant reach it? Or, like some stations are rings, before the player finishes the ring, I go and place a core in his buildingpath? Build a station on top of someones landing pad? Or will the devs watch this, and how? Like some payers havent been here for 6 months. I can use the station (landing pads) and build my own cores on it to sort of expand it to my own use. Since the player doesnt log in, he/she will not report this. But when he/she will log back in after a while, can he/she still kick/repel me, the occupy player? Whats the deal here? Or, what should you guys think how this should be settled? I think a safe build zone should be included in rdms so you can set it up that way
  9. Ive got invalid cell version all over the place now, wasting 10 minutes trying to figure out why i can place a 10x8 voxel floor. And in the end I just move to another part of the building/ship. Pending operations while building, are you serious??? This has become a building game where you cant even build. What else is there to do that doesnt crash, besides mining? This game is so time consuming. And not because of the game, but because of all the errors this game has, that you have to fix yourself. Repairing your ship because you crashed after a game-crash takes a lot of time. I was slowboating, the game crashed, I log back in and Im flying solo (it puts you on top of your seat and for me it glitched between the roof and put me outside) in space , at full speed, without my ship!! Trying to brake with your jetpack when you are going 27000 km/h and then have to jetpack back to your ship.... thanx, just wasted another hour and a half on boarding my own ship... Im trying to keep supporting this game(11 months now!) but im into my last two months if this continues. I simply dont have the time or patience for these jokes. Save this game NQ, by making it stable plz. I dont care about coloured engines!
  10. Are you explaining to us how this game should be played?
  11. I ALWAYS use the arrow and pgup pgdn keys to place an element. Becayse I play so laggy on a GTX640, pointing precize would take forever, so I use the coordinates in the middle of the screen to place elements. The main advatage is for me that I can move around the placing of the element without the element moving. I can even place an element while Im not even looking at it or that it is in screen, just follow the coordinates in the middle! This is really handy when wanting to look around the element your placing and see how it looks. With, for example, wings its really handy. In the center of the screen, take the right column with coordinates. The lower halve (under the words "intact element" on your picture) gives the coordinates you have when placing your wing on one side. The wings can easliy be alligned with each others if you remember these coordinates. Dont need the "U" option for that. Also, when pressing the "9" tool for moving elements, point at an element and it will show its coordinates at the centre (Handy for building one side and the next side later on). You can also press "U" when pointing, and instantly move the element with the arrow keys. For sliding doors, making combo's with sliding doors to make bigger entrances, sometimes the element (door) will stay red because it 'collides' with another door. Simply 'open' the door that is already placed and place the sliding door. Aso, sliding doors can open beyond your core and can be used as horizontal extended platforms as well, remember that!! So I dont know what they changed, but this is how I place all elements. Hope it helps
  12. I think these should be skins/colour schemes, I dont know why they should restrict these things to a single unit. With a colour scheme/skin it could be applied to much more elements I have some designs that look good because of the red space engines. They would look totally diffrent when upgrading engines, I whould want freedom of choice in this. that way i can make the same colour ship with diffrent colour/wings/engines etc Maybe even choose my own line, like orange engines are upgraded to lvl4 or something. Which leads me to my next suggestion: applying talents to elements by a menu, so you can choose the lvl of upgrade the element has
  13. I can "watch over" the nodes for you and see to it that no other being will mine them
  14. Yesy thank you for your anser and what you say is true. But as a suggestion in this topic, that was my input. Instead of too many scripts running, which can have an impact on performance, a much more of a simple solution. That is, if it worx the way I suggested: Just an on/off switch to work on engines.
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