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  1. I (and maybe many others) had a problem with lights going through all voxels. lights off (5 vertical M) lights on Now it looked like a red-light-district. But lowering the colour number solved it (a little). this bright red was 240,0,0 and now i have it set to 35,0,0 lights off lights on But still strange to see lights going through anything
  2. This!... is why I land 5km from the market and hover towards it. part of the problem is my pc, another is this advertising-jungle
  3. Yes but the seconds are going much faster.. if it says 2 minutes, it wont take 2 minutes but less. You can see that in your nanopack if you have upgrades for that. Seconds passing by real quick. I queue my nanopack up to 14 hrs... but 10hrs later everything is finished
  4. Hi there, So how long can your bought items stay in a market container? And is there a size limit of your market container?
  5. And even if you have windows 10, can your pc handle the game or run it with sufficient fps to play(lets say 10fps) ?? Since you are still on win7, you might be outdated.
  6. So its another wasted talent that doesnt work.... They should implement it with harvesting, so it will be easy to check, it will make harvesting more interesting too.
  7. For a new player, develop piloting skills and industry skills. like better handling of flight element or effenciency with industry (get more pure material from your basic ore). Also work from your nanopack a lot, then you will discover the industry you need to develop anything a stage higher. When you log out after a day of harvesting and mining, dont forget to put your nanocrafter at work for 10+ hours. It is a great way to make progress and understand the building section of elements in the game. Industry is for level 2 (uncommon) and up, the rest you can craft yourself within the amount of time given.
  8. Is there a way to check if your mining talent work? I have +20% but because it doesnt show on harvesting I have no way to check if they work. Has enyone actually scanned a hex, found a big node and harvested more than the stats gave you after a talent upgrade?
  9. So if this happened in an expensive ship, you would be fucked?
  10. It is meant as an extra option. Allowing solo builders to experience the game and upgrading themselves. Maybe introduce it as a red blueprint, that can only be used by you and cant be copied. You can only have one of each sort and it can only be used on one machine. That would solve a lot of issues for people who just like to build (enjoy the game in their own way).
  11. My 2 cents (again): talent points for schematics (as an added option, maybe "red" schematics that cant be sold)
  12. Im a real nanocraft master. This is how it looks when I log out at least 4 times a week, always at least 10hrs of crafting Others like me, or are people busy setting up expensive machines?
  13. Moon 4 or Moon 2? More people seen this sloppy naming on other planets/moons?
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