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  1. Railguns are the worst choice for weapons right now. NQ stated that there will be further balancing of weapons so there is still hope rails make a come back. Right now until then you better get drops for Laser from someone else.
  2. Railguns need to be buffed these are not viable right now
  3. What happens when I need to buy big things and need to come with agg ship to pick up? Is 2 km airspace clear also for quick pick up?
  4. M core Nano is as good as L core nano right now only wins for L core Nano if he uses the range advantage but fast M core Nano can mitigate that.
  5. Yes, I am talking of the real thing real capital ships like the ones that fought pre-Appolo, not the poor Nanos that fly around now most elements only. And yes many complain about the nature of DU pvp but if you get in a group and play pvp with gunners engineers and pilots Du PvP is great fun and that's why people can't reach a good asteroid these days and not being shot down because many of us really like DU pvp how it is.
  6. If an Org invests 500 mil in an L core ship and how you suggest xs craft get a unique weapon like a torpedo that costs maybe 10 mil the whole thing and pop the L core ship then the balance will further go down to hell. Right now NQ made a balance patch that made M cores viable against L cores even with rare weapons. This was a mockup fight between one 2 seater M core vs a Nano L when fight ended L core nano had 68% shield and M core 60% shield and M core suffered from half of its weapons being obstructed. If NQ removes the range limitation of XS, S, M the balance will shift to smaller cores. L cores need to remain strong because of the investment they represent for an Org thus me calling them Endgame.
  7. Yeah sure. But he wants that NQ installs the locking range how it was at the start at beta that's a nono. Give all sizes the same radar Range I can see that would work. But core sizes are not classes like mage archerer or else. It behaves more like Battleratings from War Thunder you there not go with a biplane to fight jets. While you can it's not a great idea
  8. Please don't we don't want the xs cube of death meta to come back that was awful. That you were sitting in a large ship and you could do nothing to defend yourself from xs cores. BTW a large core is supposed to be Endgame.
  9. Yes it was a soft wipe of sorts all previous combat ships are useless now. And all effort put on them was a waste of time.
  10. I support this. We need smaller shields on all sizes smaller L weapons and not forget smaller DSAT.
  11. I asked for scale down weapons a bit only the railgun was reduced but these weapons are huge now and break the designs of many ships
  12. I like the idea of all ranges being the same except for advanced rares and exotics, so we do not get again that situation we had with the infamous xs cube of death meta one had no chance to defend yourself with a bigger ship. I wish weapon sizes be scaled down to previous sizes so we do not have to redo Gunpods for all our ships. Like the Railguns are so big now that they take away all attention from the design of the ship. Shields sizes should also be scaled down and be core locked in my opinion because if you saw the size of the L shield it feels unnatural to fit it in a small frame like XS. For sure it won't be a Sci-Fi fighter look with that shield. For a small xs fighter is even the xs shield too big and limits the design. DU is about to have fun in building but the elements should be complementary and give you many options. I feel limited by these new changes in PvP because for the lack of the voxels life now we have to build really big and make huge blocks or else go the opposite as small as possible on a M, L frame like an element ship. This current Meta allowed L PvP ships not to be a Cube and had many shapes and we had fun building them.
  13. An L ship is supposed to be Endgame not the underdog. Balance the game needs more than just make current Meta class the worst performer.
  14. The game must have progression you start with XS to end up with an L core ship but with these changes, you make L ships not viable because of the cost-effectiveness. Making too good smaller ships is just not worth flying big because if you lose you lose so much more. An L ships cost can be 100 times more than an xs ship but can be destroyed now by these changes by 4 XS
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