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  1. Please allow fetch for org ships with the Legate using the fetch
  2. Give XS and S core a unique torpedo platform that can do heavy dmg with a long reload time. These ships could still be shot down by an L core but having them in a Fleet will be a huge plus.
  3. I intend to play until Arthritis gets me so here comes the obligatory: Can I have your stuff?
  4. I understand the OP and if they would wipe I would still play but all my constructs only a few would be built again because me already burned from mining
  5. I smell a big party tonight on the Talemai pvp zone
  6. Well too late now it's out. Yes, the only drawback is that if you make a very small L ship it does not have too much hull or elements to sponge incoming dmg.
  7. I have a ship xs size that is like a Taxi to get from a to b swift. That thing while being a good ship when I park it sometimes it starts to dance like crazy and destroys the core. Things like this happen all the time in different Scenarios I think this change will leave a sour and bitter feeling when it happens again.
  8. Lustig ist das du es langweilig findest und ich kann gar nicht mehr zu meinen anderen MMO zurück. Das DU Sonnensystem ist riesig und es lauern nicht künstliche gefahren sondern echte Spieler die dir dein Schiff und deine Erze wegnehmen wollen. Du baust alles mögliche und kannst kreativ sein. Ich denke mir eine DU build ist Spiegel der Seele des Macher. Wenn Du einer grossen Gemeinschaft dazu kommst wirds lustig mit dem ganzem Drama und ist für mich besser als eine Serie mit Intrigen auf Netflix zu schauen. Das spiel ist in seinen Anfängen keine Frage aber die Spielzeit für die ich bezahlt habe
  9. More Engines more Acceleration. Acceleration is important for evade pvp with no warp. Acceleration is important for pvp to get at target.
  10. And me not defending the cubes I can appreciate a well-built ship in DU. I would like those weapons to get locked to core sizes and that we would get shields so that other builds get a fighting chance. People in PvP build right now to win a fight that is the fact. Last Weekend I built such a cube and flew it and got bored out of it that ugliness so I return to my non Meta ships. But to keep it short I agree with you that this situation is not sustainable in the long run even when I say a good cube to make is not an easy task.
  11. How I said a good cube is in the placement not in the design. It is not that easy. NQ shared its vision with the Backers long time ago. Now you come here and want to bend all in carebear fashion
  12. I want safe zones to disapear , but Allioth and moons. It is what was promised to us I hope NQ delivers that.
  13. The OP thinks to build an XS Death Cube is very easy but it's not. true from the outside, it might look primitive but the trick is in the right placement of the elements to cramp all these large stuff inside that relative small building area to be effective. There will always be a Meta and you as a designer will always have to make compromises that the craft does what it is supposed to do and was it was intended with it. Right now PvP builders build to be effective in this way but later on shield bubbles might be added for lets say break a bit current Meta. NQ could also restrict weapons to co
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