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  1. ATOM will be at the blockade in full force. Preliminary efforts have already resulted in a fleet fight with CVA as well as another light skirmish. The results of one of our fleet ships after the battle. DU pvp is still alive and well, even without support from game mechanics. The blockade will continue.
  2. Bye spicerub! Your reasons for leaving are all spot on and things we all worry about and struggle with. I hope you enjoy whatever game you move onto. I’ve always been a big fan of your ship building and will miss seeing your designs out there. obligatory can I have your stuff?
  3. One thing I would like to add to the discussion is that it’s a rather known issue that when a ship starts taking a lot of voxel damage the game lags for that person involved. Also note we out numbered boo by quite a lot and had a lot of ships/gunners in the fleet. When the ac fleet first was entering the pvp zone the very first ship in range was a HVC ship which most of the fleet started shooting at once as we flew by, 10 ish ships shooting at once on one target, the first reported bit of lag. Next when we started moving deeper in the pvp zone we ran into a second target, the bl
  4. To be clear the reason ATOM was there was because the last public event BOO attempted to form and crash it but just couldn't get the numbers. The only being there because atom was narrative is a little weak. BOO has a real activity problem and can't seem to keep their members playing, their actual presence in space is very rare. They can field the numbers to put out a fleet every month or so. The real story here is how badly BOO got beaten without AC even having to form. half our fleet were starwars event ships and the non atom AC people were just participating in the event and reshippe
  5. Still just going to be people warping everywhere without changes to warp mechanics/cost. Won't actually increase traffic in space. Still excited for something new to do though 😃
  6. hello sir, do you have your mining permit?
  7. oh please do, been trying to find you for forever
  8. Does anybody know NQs stance on some sort of npcs to fight? i have no idea
  9. Reading through a lot of the responses I think one of the issues with du is that PvP is so new to DU. Being one of the last pillars to be introduced to the game a lot of the old vocal alpha players are strongly against pvp. It makes sense. For years the Kickstarter backers have been playing Minecraft in space and have built their own image of what the game should be in their heads. To me the biggest issue with DU is the lack of endgame content. Without a competitive advantage or side of the game there’s no point for emergent gameplay and it comes down to discord pvp. People resort to
  10. Some of our pvp. Sound warning! A small fleet fight we had last weekend. Need more PvPers
  11. Space stations built, industry running, and kills have been had. Still recruiting
  12. New player friendly org with a focus on content. Get in touch with us today!
  13. New players are welcome! We also run an ore buyback program to make that quantra!
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