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  1. I would like the ability to excavate around a core, like they did when they dug out our cores after the terrain reset in beta.
  2. While this is one of those things that make sense being implemented sooner rather than later, my greatest fear is that it’d end up just one more hoop to jump through before you actually play the game. There’s already enough tedium in the game, and so far everything is already kind of a chore. It’s not an unreasonable want, but I don’t know if I’d call it a need. Before you even get to a hunger mechanic, how about avatar HP, armor/defense stats, personal defense shields, and weapons. That’s a whole industry waiting to happen. Then, some combat and support skills you can train and drop into your hotbar. I want to be a space marine! Afterwards, weapons could be given a separate effectiveness and range in atmosphere, so we aren’t nuking shit from the next moon over. You know, stuff that goes in direction of AvA; a long promise forgotten. Anyway, there’s so much content the game needs. I just hope they add things that resemble game play, and not more units (water extractor/irrigators/harvesters/etc) to micro manage.
  3. The only way I could see the 90 days shrinking is if there were some kind of auction system in place where players bid on the plot and all proceeds go to the player/org who lost the tile, or something. It IS kind of annoying seeing a nice plot with virtually nothing on it sit there counting down from 90 days. I don’t care about your M container and two basic mining units, I just want your sweet ass plot.
  4. Honestly, they could just make it a bonus amount rolled into a units production over 72h. Like 200l/h on a 100% cal, with max talents. Skittles don’t respawn, so harvesting is kind of a really specific skill that could disappear and no one would care, I think.
  5. The game is tedious enough for me without adding survival elements to it. However, boosters and stims would be very useful and relevant if they add player HP for AvA. Consumables crafted by players that give avatar physical trait boosts, “focus” boosts that up hit % using weapons/weapon elements, first aid kits (duh), HP buffs, xp boosts, etc - pretty standard fare. Could even add a fallout like withdrawal system, with detox consumables. Or hell , make it to where it wears off after resting in a bed x amount of time.
  6. You’ll never know, for the same reason they didn’t tell us about the wipe. They want to dangle the carrot in front of you as long as possible, right before they pull the rug out and hemorrhage more players (if not kill DU). It’s tragic. The game has potential to be great, even with its limitations. It can even be fun at times. I didn’t see myself coming back, but I did - I’m even considering a year sub. I WANT the game to survive, but I don’t see any signs they care at all. 3D-mf-blogging? I didn’t even know people still blogged. You want to attract an audience for the sustainable future, why not the multi billion dollar a year gaming industry? Not an emerging market inevitably dominated by FB/Apple/etc, that may not even have sufficient technology to support it within the next decade. I couldn’t give 1mg of shit about the meta verse, blogging, or anything else. Just gaming. None of that other stuff will ever compete for my time or money. They do DU and us wrong, I’ll make it a point to rag on every other future endeavor they undertake out pure spite. I’ve never had such an abundance of simultaneous contempt and hope for a single company, but here I am. The saddest thing is, all this frustration could be alleviated by simple communication.
  7. A little late for that, IMO. That’s a lot of builds that would be borked overnight, and obstruction is wonky enough as it is. I’d rather they leave it be and focus on other things.
  8. If I’ve learned anything over the last 7 or so years, it’s that NQ prefers to do things without lube. I’m afraid it could never be.
  9. I used to be in NovaX during alpha, but I left because I just didn’t have time to play and didn’t feel I was able to be very helpful with how sporadic my DU presence had become. I remember the discord only having half a dozen or so people, but optimism was abound. In fact, my first time leaving alioth was with NovaX; we crashed on Madis at the base of the canyon and had a hell of time getting to the surface. It was grueling, but somehow hilarious at the same time. Good times, somehow. Most of my nostalgia is from that period, really. Even if my time with them was limited, they were a great bunch. I’m sorry to hear so few of you remain.
  10. Same. Not one issue until the “fix”. Now I’ve gotten ore from maybe 6 out of the last 20 calibrations.
  11. lol, can’t disagree with any of that. Though specialization IS kind of like classes/sub classes, but more the FFXIV sense. I can do something else, but if the rug gets pulled out from under me or something isn’t viable, it’ll be a while before I’ll be effective at the new thing. It’s not back breaking, just inconvenient. Honestly, I miss old school mining too. It’s cathartic in a way, and more challenging than calibrating. I’ve only got 6-700k in the pool, but I was going to dump some into classic mining and try some roids eventually, myself. Still finishing up T5 flight element talents and building a 400L/1.8kt mission hauler now, so I’m just not at a point financially to assume the risk. Soon, though. I haven’t been in an (non-self) org since alpha 1/2, maybe now is the time to find one and do some roids. I’ve only been back a month and a half, and shuttling rocks around all by my lonesome is getting pretty boring. Maybe it’s a blessing in disguise. I still haven’t figured out what keeps me coming back to this damn game, but here I am.
  12. Yeah, I’m gonna have to disagree here. “Do something else” should never be the solution when something becomes too burdensome, especially when it’s a result of a development decision. Blaming the players on any level is ridiculous. That’s like someone rolling a character in a traditional MMO, and rather than balancing the class to be viable again, someone just says to just reroll another toon, instead. It’s not a solution, and it won’t fix itself. Never mind the fact that people like myself have invested MILLIONS of TP into MU output and surface harvesting. The game literally introduces you into it during the tutorial, and nothing else. (As an aside, there should be bases with different types of start up emphasis, like industry). It would take weeks/months to get skills to a comparable level doing something else, and then you have all new start up costs associated with that. Not everyone wants to get into industry, either. If everyone switched to roids, it’d be slim pickings at the rates they respawn. Imagine schematics became more expensive and you need twice the input mats for your BPs. (I use that as an example, because you could do all your industry on one tile, so even taxes wouldn’t be as much a burden) It’s all good, just do something else? Ah well, not viable. Not giving NQ any fault for it is what flabbergasts me. They literally balanced things and introduced taxes in beta with market bots as the model. If it was the plan to remove them all along, it should have been done in beta so they could see the impact, examine margins, and make adjustments before launch. It is completely their fault, no one else’s. Not saying bots should have been there at launch, mind you. But removing them without knowing the market consequences, and not having a plan to keep that “class/profession” viable was a mistake. Also, yeah builders have HQ tiles. Not even the issue. Kind of odd though, that only miners have to pay taxes…
  13. Alt Universe, mirite? But yeah, sometimes I forget my erratic playing habits cover up for charge deficiencies. I’ll play 2-3 days and then take a day off to recharge, literally and figuratively. I’m honestly surprised I play that much, all things considered…
  14. I started back right before they killed the bots, so I haven’t even considered expanding operations, yet. That’s a fair point. If I didn’t oopsie invest tons of TP into it when I got back, I’d probably be doing something else at this point. Honestly, they could just make HQ tiles (or your first 3-5) tax free and it’d still be a big boost without over compensating. They killed 60% of the value of ore overnight, a few tax free tiles is nothing in comparison.
  15. I wonder if people have considered what I’m doing, and just run fewer tiles and use smaller units. Ex: a tile has 400L of ore. If you use 4 L MU, each one gives you 2400L a day, for 9600L. The calibrations for each is another 16k a day or so, for a total of like 26k, not counting adjacency. Conversely, you can run 12MUs small and get the same passive ore, but still get 4k+ per calibration. That is 9600+48k daily. 57k total (Usually closer to 70 with harvesting bonuses) More charges, yes, but double the output for the same tax rate.
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