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    DecoyGoatBomb got a reaction from KwarkM in Municipalities and Governing System   
    Knowing more about how the game mechanics are turning out I think this can all be done with an augmentation to TCUs.
    Why not have a TCU be a player bound incorporeal object. This would be their one and only TCU. Once put down it can claim adjacent tiles overtime either through UI or with a smaller TCU extender item (that can only be placed adjacent to TCUs). Each additional tile would get exponentially harder to claim and maintain. This TCU's territory could be committed to an org or the player. The main TCU can be destroyed but after a cool down period it can be placed on an unclaimed territory. 
    I think this encourages orgs to control zones rather than a patchwork of individual tiles. It allows for more territory (zone) based game mechanics. Also, this would allow individuals to have atleast one TCU that they will have throughout therir entire DU career. Just throwing it out there.
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    DecoyGoatBomb reacted to Zephos in Realistic incentives for City building   
    Great post. It gave me some ideas.
    When they implement orgs in the game, they could do the following:
    Each org gets an Organization Territory Unit and several organization static cores. Once that territory unit is placed, members above a certain rank can deploy and edit the static cores ONLY within that territory in close proximity. Them more members you have, the more cores the org gets (maybe even one per member?). If the org reaches a certain size, they get more territory units.
    This would allow orgs to build bases/cities and create the clustering you talked about. They could also get a lot of the other benefits you mentioned. Maybe they train skills faster when inside the territory/ base? That kind of thing would work.
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    DecoyGoatBomb reacted to Kuritho in Dads of DU   
    If someone starts an argument inside of your group, would it be a "Daddy Issue"?
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    DecoyGoatBomb reacted to Cyriac Daventria in Dads of DU   
    Dads of DU will be an offspring from the Dads of Destiny Europe Clan for the game of Destiny.
    I have been leading that clan on PS4 since beta of Destiny 1 and we are still going strong!
    The same camaraderie, friendly atmosphere, beer-and-pretzel jokes and cooperation to achieve something larger than the sum of its parts will be the foundation of this Organisation within Dual Universe.
    It's a place where the dads can find likeminded people. Where your brothers know what its like to have to interrupt your gaming session yet again because you need to change a diaper.
    Its a place where we dads can become Galactic brothers in arms and build something great within a virtual world of endless possibilities and do it with those who know what it is to have sleepless nights for weeks on end.
    We don't enforce strict rules of activity. Those rules are already in place in real life. We come here to blow off steam and join a place of make belief and immersion.
    So once that moment finally comes when you are excused for a while and don't have to be 'daddy', you will know your Dads of DU will be eager to join you on yet another great adventure!
    Rally here, Dads of Dual Universe!
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    DecoyGoatBomb reacted to Yuu in Municipalities and Governing System   
    We need to erase this before New Genesis find it !
    function DeusVult()
       if planet.intruder.heretic() then
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    DecoyGoatBomb reacted to CoreVamore in Municipalities and Governing System   
    He/she who rules by the gun decides the rules.... now where did i put my gun... ?  ?
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    DecoyGoatBomb got a reaction from Yuu in Municipalities and Governing System   
    For sure. I think simple tools can go a long way with our input and colaberation. It would be interesting of some LUA be used to augment city management. 
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    DecoyGoatBomb got a reaction from Yuu in Municipalities and Governing System   
    Hey All,
    I think DU is a game that could do justice to a system based around municipalities and governing. This may sound like an overreach of the free play nature of the game but I think the extremely capable playerbase will be hamstrung without these type of options. I will break it down some suggestions tier by tier:
    -Cities- (Mayorship)
    Facilities: city core unit, power, lights and respawn hub
    Commerce: unlinked market terminals and sales tax
    Zoning: city blocks, streets and zone based taxes, mining rights
    Policing: street level defensive structures for preventing violence in the city
    -Territories- (Governorship)
    Facilities: banks (terminals), warehouses (large vault style containers), trade hub (planetary terminals), planetary transportation
    Commerce: Import tax, city trade deals, industrial incentives
    Zoning: ability to claim adjacent territories with city progression instead of a physical territory units
    Policing: Major ground defenses to prevent outside aggresion
    -Planetary- (Lordship)
    Facilities:  One specialized core unit chosen from a list
    (Large Scale Shield, Trade Center, Senate, Industrial Center), Spaceport (interplanetary transport)
    Commerce: Trade Center (interplanetary terminals), Org trade deals
    Zoning: Sanctuary zones, Conflict zones (within your influence and population)
    Policing: Planetary defense (Large Scale shields), Large anti-air defenses
    I know this is not all necessarily easy especially when you get to the Planetary tier. I believe some of the things in the first two tiers are very beneficial to having a meaningful player city experience. I would like to clarify a few things that may seem vague or odd. I know the idea of transportation hubs is odd when you have vehicles and spaceships but the idea is it to be a very fast way to travel from point A to B (at a steep cost) rather than physically traveling all that way. With such a large map this would incentive players to at the least pass through cities and traveling via personal ship would still have a place as you would only be able to travel with your character with this system. This would also generate a need for spacport adjacent ship storage. In my experience as a mayor in SWG this created a more interactive player population. Another thing that may seem odd is giving seemingly military facilities and roles to a municipal power but I tried to keep it to policing and defense as that is something a city does in real life. Lastly, I know some may see this and think this would take away the ability to build custom facilities and everything would become to uniform but most things in this list would be implemented into the game world via a core unit that could be supported by terminals and other types of units that would be linked to the core unit. Two examples of this would be a "city core unit" would be where you manage all of the linked city facilities including power, lights taxes etc... another example would be a "Trade Center" would have a core unit that would be required but then you can also attach additional terminals. From this you can physically make a voxel based building to fit whatever form you would like.This is just some ideas so please feel free to add or take away anything. The main goal is to keep it simple as I know designing and implementing systems like this is very difficult. Happy to discuss in the comments.
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    DecoyGoatBomb reacted to Kuritho in Physical financial securities   
    Two words: scope creep.
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    DecoyGoatBomb reacted to gorkounov in Realistic incentives for City building   
    I think when organizations have a certain territory locked down they'll want to rent out land (or buildings/hangars) to make money.
    It would be in their interest to have services like markets and such to incentivise people to live there. If I was a miner I'd rather rent a hangar to store my stuff and ship and have the org take care of the security.
    If a organization is successful in making money from a city from rent and taxes then other organizations will fall suit and compete. I think the leasing and selling of secure land will be a key driver in cities appearing and I'm sure the devs have other ideas to create incentives to make cities appear naturally.  
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    DecoyGoatBomb reacted to Rabbyte in Link-able fuel input port   
    Fuel tanks being exposed is generally a bad thing, and we generally tuck them away from the hazards that would damage them.
    To allow access there are fuel lines leading into the tanks from the exterior of vehicles.

    I propose an element that achieves this same function in Dual Universe. It could be linked to a tank (possibly several) to allow for one way fueling to the connected tanks. it wouldn't make the tanks capacities shared in use with other elements, but would allow for them to be internalized in the vehicle protecting them better from outside complications.

    The logic goes as follows; you can fly a plane with one engine, but not without fuel. Propulsion systems would be completely compromised if fuel tanks are taken out.

    Internalizing elements is possible (as seen in the tutorial videos) since voxels can be temporarily moved, but having to move them after every few flights seems very inconvenient. Then there is always internalizing most of the tank but having a "window" that exposes part of the tank, but that still has the vulnerabilities associated with an exposed fuel tank. 
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    DecoyGoatBomb reacted to Loughlin in Tutorial: Voxelmancy Essentials   
    Yes, the corner points would be vertices.
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    DecoyGoatBomb reacted to Tordan in Tutorial: Voxelmancy Essentials   
    mostly useful data, but I'm going to quibble.
    A Voxel is not the corners. it is the space defined by the eight corners. It is far better to think of a voxel as a center point with 8 corner points.
    The center point does not move relative to other voxels. each voxel is exactly the same distance from it's neighbors. 
    Each voxel shares each corner point with the relevant adjacent voxels, so when you change the location of any corner point you effect the corner point of 7 other adjacent voxels.
    There are air voxels. they have the same corners but no fill map.
    visible voxels are filled with some texture/color map
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