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  1. wouldn't that be the perfect timing to give us a brief outlook about what big content updates you have planned for DU in 2024?
  2. yeah, i'm still waiting for the incentives of building large bases that i again and again suggested and theorycrafted since before the pre-alpha. Would've created a lot of emergent gameplay and actually keep ppl together instead of everyone having their own small base. that 'small' sample size is roughly 30 players. If you call that small compared to DUs currently active playerbase then we agree on that point
  3. yes, its a more or less arbitrary guess, but its based on the ratio of native:steam account players i know about from the group of players i play with (orgs and racing community). The assumption that this can be generalized for the whole DU-community might be wrong, but its unlikely.
  4. thats just the steam client tho, the majority of players use the native client which wont show up on steamcharts. If Steamcharts show 50-60 concurrent players, then the actual amount should be 400-800. Still not a lot, but also not as bad as you make it sound.
  5. Does "a small hauler" mean its limited to s-core ships?
  6. First time in a while that i really like what i read, hope its rather coming sooner than later
  7. Please add some scrap (Tier depending on the item tier, maybe randomly 2-5% of the used pures worth) to the items you get from recycling, as it is now its pretty much useless. If we could get some scrap besides the random part, then recycling would have its uses in case of crashes or if you escape pvp but have serious damages and need to repair some essential systems. If you could do that then the recycle system would be pretty useful. (And let us stack elements with the same number of lives, as your streamer yesterday expected it to be, no one wants to right-click -> recycle a few hundred times)
  8. NQ doesnt like giving definite times for more or less important dates (like the release for example)
  9. Yes, taxes probably would have to be adjusted, But in the current state of the game, T1 will be worthless one or two months after the start of the game again, because MUs just produce to much. That problem would (probably) be solved if we get a proper wear&tear system, which would require regular replacement elements and thus bolster T1 element sales. Concerning the industry, i never said anything about limiting what we currently have. What i want is jobs that work similar to talent boosting, that give additional benefits to the running industries. Just that its not completely afk-able, but needs a semi active player to keep it going (which is why the job level is bound to 2-4h playtime per week) people only wont be bale to pay their taxes anymore, if t1 becomes worthless, but in that case i'd consider reducing the taxes per hex or similar. But currently there is no need for asteroids, because after a while MUs will completly satiate the ore market. (And i never pvp'ed in the past 1,5 years, so i'm not saying it because i need targets, but because the economy and the game needs it)
  10. A while ago there was a discussion in the discord about limiting access to certain resources to the PvP space as well as the importance of PvE-players for PvP-players and vice versa. My conclusion to improve this interaction, is to improve the PvE aspect, because only if PvE-players hold a value to PvP players (besides target practice), a meaningful interaction can exist. Currently PvP-orgs require barely any purely PvE-players, because everything from resource acquisition to crafting can be more or less automated. The solution is a more active and specialized PvE gameplay. 1. Mining Pre-MU planetary mining was in a pretty good state if you ignore its lack of excitement (which could be introduced with rare minerals/gems as random encounters). It required active play and every successful org had at least some dedicated miners to supply them with ore. With MUs now that completely changed. Ore can be acquired passively, and especially the yield for higher tier ores (T3+), which you mostly need in smaller quantities, can easily support a large org. No active input besides the calibration by an alt once every 5 days is required. For miners to be valuable again, mining has to consume active playtime. For that i suggest a few changes: significantly reduce the MU output, especially for higher tier ores. Without indepth calculations, i'd suggest to reduce the yields to 50%/40%/20%/10%/5% for T1/T2/T3/T4/T5, respectively. randomize the spawn time and increase the spawn rate of the current asteroids in the safe zone, make the ore node size more variable (no meganodes necessary, but the occasional supernode would be a nice find) place a few copies of Thades moonlets (or moonlets generated similarly) at a region outside the safe-zone and have a significantly increased spawn rate for asteroids in that region to create a more or less dense asteroid belt for mining and PvP base building randomly (time and location) spawn large amounts of surface rocks of a single ore (5000%+ of MU-mini-game generated ones) on the surface of planets (T1-T2 in safe-zone, T1-T4 in PvP space), with a rarity of the spawn relative to the tier of the ore. This enables repeated scouting of planet surfaces for surface rock deposits, gives new players the ability to start mining without neglect able initial costs and adds to the importance of surface rock picking talents. These changes require nearly no new mechanic that isn't already in game, but would improve the value of active mining and thus the value of dedicated miners for orgs immensely. 2. Industry Industry is a bit harder to tackle, because its automated by definition. The schematics update is a step into the correct direction, even tho i would prefer to have a proper CPU/Power system which would have similar and more effects. One way to increase the importance of active game time in industry (as well as other aspects of PvE) could be the introduction of a job system that is based on a players ingame activity and provides boni to cores or elements. Each job has an activity bar, which fills whenever a player does certain ingame activities. The amount of actions to fill the bar should be relatively low (fill-able with 2-4h standard game time) and reduces over time (exponentially dependent on the fill status, very slow when its full, faster when nearly empty, from full to 50% without any actions it should take a week). The maximum job bonus should be kept as long as the bar is over 50%. In addition you can only have a single job active at any given time, and changing jobs will reset the job-bar to 0. Let me give four examples: Job: Miner Actions to fill job bar : calibrate MUs, mine/harvest any ore Effects : Increased mining efficiency with hand tool and calibrated MUs (0-30% depending on job-bar) Job: Industry Manager Actions to fill job bar : interact with any industry unit (limited to once per day and unit) Effects : decreased ore, pures and product consumption (0-10%) and craft time (0-20%) (applied to a core, not to individual elements, limited to a low number of cores) Job: Pilot Actions to fill job bar: fly any mobile core Effects: improved handling of flight elements (0-20%) Job: Soldier Actions to fill job bar: shoot&hit other mobile constructs Effects: improved hit chance, improved radar range (not a PvP guy, so no values suggested) With this system we could encourage specialized and especially active game play. As a bonus the impact of alts on industry would be reduced as well. Due to the core-limitations for the Industry Manager boost, every org with several factories would require several players that focus on doing industry related activities ingame to have an efficient production that can compete with market prices. If we get a CPU&Power system that would limit the maximum amount of industry units per core, so you can't place 5 or 6 large production lines on the same L-Core, in the future the effects of the job system would be even better. With the following increase of importance for PvE-centric gameplay, DU could then start to put up higher incentives or stakes for PvP-space, like adding exclusive resources that you can't get in the safe-zone. Bcause the new incentive for trade between the safe-zone inhabitants and the PvP-space occupants, a good and enjoyable interaction between those two pillars of gameplay should be possible.
  11. This turns into a friggin joke, exactly 1 month left and still no time for the releas? Why should players care about DU and show up when it goes live if NQ doesnt care if ppl can play their game? Can you deal with a game release more amateurish? Its a damn disgrace and dissapointment.
  12. Why did you even waste time writing that post? There is literally no new information that wasn't already given in the stream or past AAs. We don't need you to reiterate known information, we need a definite time for the release! Time zones are a thing you know? If you want to start at server launch you need to know in advance at when the release actually is (27. or 28., 3AM or 3PM etc.) thats the most important information needed to prepare for the release.
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