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  1. If ther eis a full wipe (which i would prefere) then there should be a way to regain the old talent points, because thats bascially what ppl paid for. Be it that they get all their TP back 2 months or so into the game, or an increase in TP/hour until the "legacy TP-pool" is empty or whatever.
  2. they said once they wont do it because their servers might not be able to handle it.
  3. Don't get me wrong, its something, but adding "lmb hold improvement", to the roadmap? Shouldn't the roadmap be for larger things and not for tiny improvements? That being said, i'm quite curious how the alien cores will turn out, hopefully its not just "here we have a small static construct that regularily spawns items into a container". Please tell me that some elements for military space stations etc. is also included.
  4. I dont like it. The total of 200 sounds ok'ish, but considering the time and TP it takes to get to that point means that many builds will already be destroyed by the time the necessary skill lvp is reached. So either we get more time before the first abandonment, or a TP boost or a complete skill reset. Else the inpact of this change will simply be to late.
  5. they never respected the time of their players, just remember what happened before demeter. They confirmed in a dev video that old scans would carry over, making many players spend 2+ weeks scanning tiles, just to flip flop later on without any compensation for those wasted days. As for me, when they don't change their core limitation plans i'm out, and its final this time. I have ~40 cores in MUs, ~10 in constructs for different uses (race car, market hauler, atmos hauler atmos/space haulers etc.). My race track desert oasis uses 100+ cores and then there are some smaller bases on other planets which i could probably scrap. But even tho, thats at least 150 cores, and if i have to delete even only 10% of them, my racetrack will be gone, and so will be I.
  6. they really need to change the colors tho, the greenish color is barely visible on arctic hexes (at least for me)
  7. indeed, just look at those glowy rocks that make pretty much every biome look like sh*t
  8. I dont see where those suggestions would help anything in the problem of quanta/hex mined vs taxes you have to pay. Yes, it would be great if there would be no need for bots, but with the tax system NQ destroyed that possibility. Without a drastic reduction in taxes or the introduction of buy bots that also affect higher tier ores owning T2+ mining hexes is a loss-operation.
  9. So, as predicted T2 and some T3 prices are often below T1 bot prices by now, which makes those hexes very unprofitable, considering that you can often claim 500 ore/h T1 hexes, but nothing like that for T3+ and in most cases you rarely have a T1 above 100 as secondary ore on them. NQ said they watch marketprices and will act accordingly. The time to act is now! Either lower hex taxes, or introduce buy bots for T2+ at logical higher price levels than T1, else no one will be able to afford keeping those T2+ hexes, because they just cost more than you can earn with them even if you keep nothing for your own use (or alternatively add buy bots for finished products). DU isn't remotely close to a playerbase where there is any ore scarcity with the currently available mining hexes which would drive the prices up! (and please, i dont want to hear anything like "players aren't supposed to own more than 1 or 2 T2+mining hexes" or any of that, because without mining there is barely any gameplay left that is directly supported by the games systems)
  10. The current max chunk complexity is simply to low, even a simple office building with a few rooms without any furniture is already near the limit. Its not possible to put some color in the rooms or voxelfurniture because it would go above 100% Increase the maximum by 20% or so, that's all i ask for. Don't artificially limit the creativity of your builders!
  11. NQ doesn't care about the players tho, so why bother talking to us?
  12. exactly, yes for wipe, but not at its current state, its just not worth it. We'll have another dozen exploits and game breaking bugs, so there is no use in wiping now. Its completely fine if its just before the "release"
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