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  1. good choice to revert the previous changes to support.
  2. DU needs to be saved, yeah, but i think much of what you suggest goes in the wrong direction. 1) automated mining is nice and all, but can't be allowed to replace manual mining, because mining is one of the main means of income for new players (who certainly can't set up a plant themselves) 2) Warp shouldn't be cheap, if anything it should be more expensive. I'd rather have them add XXXL warp gate elements to the game which need loads of power but can enable warp channels for ships to use cheaply (in contrast to the expensive individual warp ability of ships). This would impr
  3. general rule is that you can't place anything behind engines/wings (or rather in the direction the force arrows show). Anything that isn't obstructed even tho something is behind it can be regarded as bug.
  4. having less posts than a player that doesnt play, he should be ashamed of himself then i guess The problem DU currently has that the production of nearly all elements is way higher than the demand, which leads to collapsing prices whenever more than only 2 or 3 ppl sell the same type of element at the same location, and the schematic exploit only made it worse (which is why its even more weird, that it wasn't adressed properly) Without a huge influx of non-undustrialist players or a good and meaningful system to destroy elements that wont change and the economy will stay as cr
  5. "To provide better support we will now treat everyone equally and make you wait 1 months for issues that could be solved within minutes if you pm a dev in discord or ingame" Really? Sorry that i post here, but really? For better support? Does NQ think we are retarded? At least don't come up with such an obvious lie as excuse when you don't want to provide the manpower for real time support...
  6. I completely agree with Lethys, it has to be a bit more complex than giving one wallet and every rights. We need at least a division into "every right" and "can only add quanta" And it is also very important to be able to create more wallets, or as lethys said, divide it with individual rights for each partition. Its just way easier and more conventient to have a market wallet, taxes wallet, savings wallet etc. Please do not half-ass this just because you can't/don't want to spend more time on it!
  7. Its already been 2+ years since i made more than a small post regarding a feature in the game, so in the hopes that the community mangers indeed forward ideas and posts to the devs i will try it once more, because its something quite important and adresses one of the (in my opinion) core issues of DU. So.. Currently there are three main purposes of building static constructs, as platform for industry, as showroom/store and non functional art/rp. While i don't see a large issue with the latter two purposes, it feels quite lacking, that the only function of a static construct, that i
  8. the other way around, create means to get quanta from the system. But i fully support a whipe as long as we can keep Talents and probably BP
  9. its not crying, more like despair because you aren't able to grasp the difference between "you can use warp beacons to be safe" and "you must use warp beacons"... but might just be a language barrier, i'll give you the benefit of doubt.
  10. ppl who feel superior while talking crap sure are hard to argue with, i'll leave it at that. No point further discussing nonsense that will never happen.
  11. see, there we slowly close in on yoir real intent, capitalizing on warp beacons. Thats all your argument seems to be about. wow this forum sucks on mobile :x
  12. Let me explain it to you once more. You proposed two things 1) protection in any kind for space constructs 2) disable warping to planets No one (so far) disputed point 1. But you seem to fail to understand that being able to warp to planets doesnt automatically mean its mandatory, you can very well warp to a space station (which is protected if point 1 is implemented) even if you have the option to warp to planets, so taking away the opportunity to warp to planets doesn't make any sense. You like risk? Warp straight to the planet. You don't like risk? Pay the bill an
  13. then you dont understand what i'm writing And no, there are several of those aspects that can be usefull in the current state.
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