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  1. Disregard

    The ancient chinese won't agree with you on that, within their 36 proverbs they have a stratagem that means "Do nothing and let the others fight"
  2. Armour ideas

    sounds slightly sarcastic to be a little more exact with what i wanted to say, i don't talk about giving some random attribute like strength, perception etc. but reasonable attributes for those pieces. Helmets can have different light sensitivity, special visions (nightvision, infrared, internal close range ore sensors etc.). Chest pieces can have different ranges of energy production which defines the total amount of energy your armor can use or they can have additional inventory slots. Boots can give movement speed, jump heigth, noise while walking, there are many reasonable attributes that parts of the space suit can have which help different play styles.
  3. Armour ideas

    If its just cosmetics then meh, i'd prefere if they design more decorative elements or alternative art for functional elements. If Armor pieces have specific effects/attributes/energy consumption whatever, then sure, give.
  4. You can discuss everything in the internet as long as you stay with facts and don't get offended if someone has a different opinion. Having to moderate discussions about any topic, as controversial as it might be, shows only that either the community members are unable to control their emotions and have a proper argument or that the moderators suffer from the "I'm offended because others might regard the topic as offensive"-syndrome. No topic by itself is offensive! If you want to test if a community is able to have proper arguments just ask them to list some positive points about something they most likely hate, be it a different religion, the third reich, genocide, communism or whatever. If they can give several positive arguments despite being absolutely against it then you can proper discussions about most topics. If you get answers like "nothing is good about that" or "you can't talk about that" then you're in presence of people who are unable to be reasonable and you should probably try not to be to engaged in that community.
  5. Cloaking Tech

    we do, some are cloaked as tv sattelites while in reality they are and send just garbage^^
  6. Cloaking Tech

    In the end, if people invest a large amount of work and wealth into detection components they really should detect every ship that comes close, but i'd imagine that all the necessary components will be quite big/heavy/power hungry so you would need a dedicated "radar-ship" if you want foolproof detection.
  7. Cloaking Tech

    sensors and jammers can also have different tech Levels, so just because a fleet includes every possible sensor it doesnt mean they'll detect everyone.
  8. Cloaking Tech

    i absolutely and fully support that.
  9. Force Fields as a defense?

    it doesnt make sense that static force fields have a higher member requirement than dynamic ones in your answers, static techs are always easier to archieve than mobile versions. Besides, I dont think there will be something like "org skill tree" Ultimately everyone will be able to build everything, if he's able to get the required tech and components, thats a different question.
  10. you can add endless grind thats obly inportant to the player himself to the game, but its definitely impossible to add long time, grindy, jobs like those to the game if other players depend on them. Boring work is only feasable if you cant live without it, this sense of urgency is impossible in a game. And i dont talk about the few instances of hardcore rp here.
  11. There would be no benefit in doing that aside from a little higher security. In contrary, a shared market between many orgs would lead to lower prices because there are more people selling the same stuff, thus its not desireable.
  12. Exactly that, all current MMORPG have prebuilt cities which normaly serve as trading hubs. We wont have that in DU, so most trading hubs will be on the sacntuary moons and, if possible, maybe at the arkship. There is just no need at all to build a city just for trading in some random location that isn't save from if there are no other incentives.
  13. trading hubs, sure, yes, that's one of the only reason for players to build something resembling a city. Gas stations? just another shop in the trading hub if there is no special element for fast refills. Transports? either ships or player inventories, construction companies are most likely unneeded and materials just count as another item that shos, ships or a players inventory caries. And most traders won't really build a house around trading hubs, because traders live from being able to move. They will build their stall and thats it (players, especially traders tend to play in an economic way). I think most of the reasons you think would lead to growing cities are just wishful thinking.
  14. thats exactly what i wouldnt want to see in DU, because is basically magic, not really scientific.
  15. Letting people design space suits? i dont think so, else those backer-only designs wouldn't make any sense. Remember, this is not a space second life, and while it might be fund to have mechanics and possibilities for nearly every part of life, its just not possible for a company of NQ's scale to code something like that. They know what kind of game they want, and they will have chosen their priorities accordingly. Mechanics that have only a small impact on the gameplay wont make it into the game anytime soon, maybe after the first few big after-release updates. DU is a bit to ambitious for that.