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  1. The devs don't bother to communicate with their cattle. They never have, do not now, and never will. They feed the cattle and leave before the moo's start.
  2. Yes, this works. Also works for any other game. Should be made standard at this point, really.
  3. The devs have been ignoring the forums for 7+ years... Any good ideas you guys come up with have already been covered and ignored several times. Have a nice day.
  4. You are calling off work for this game, in its current form?? you deserve your frustration and disappointment
  5. This game is nothing more than a cash grab. Taking advantage of the normies and the gamers suffering from SFB. NQ is cutting their losses and making back what they can and then milking this barren, lifeless, pay-to-wait, boring, non-sandbox sandbox game for the little it's worth. The real entertainment will come from the reviews. Watching the white-knights try to defend this game from real criticism is going to be fun to watch. P.S. all you plebs that said you where not going to play if there was a wipe... lol Looks like you're all still here, lol /feelsbadman my saltiness comes from what could have been if the devs made an adventure game around the voxel building and industry, instead of treating the builders like the red headed step children and catering to the corporation and pvp players. /RIP what-could-have-been-DU
  6. I love being that guy, so here we go. The excitement you feel is manufactured in you imagination, there is nothing wrong with that. But the game does not have the foundation, the pillars, or the game loops to turn your excitement into something real. You are flying high gents... good luck on the landing.
  7. Exactly! Just look at Valheim and V Rising. They are just re-skins of basic crafting/adventure games with their own unique changes. Those games are huge success stories. NQ is over here trying to reinvent the wheel at every turn, only to fail and fall back on.. time gating?? I'm baffled, just baffled. The only way to make sense of any of this, is they are cutting their losses and trying to milk the release for whatever they can recover.
  8. So, instead of adding actual fuel to industry, like every other factory game, NQ is turning schematics into fuel... The correct answer is right there, it's in every good factory game that I have ever played. It should have been generators leading up to reactors to give more elements to play with and manage... This is a train wreck. I didn't think anything would surpass New World for the most epic-dumpster-fire-trainwreck of a release, but NQ is lining it up so DU has a really good shot at surpassing New World for the worst release. And just like New World, the only thing more cringe than the train wreck itself, is the white knights that follow saying everything is fine.
  9. This is some pathetic attempt at reverse psychology... Those who don't want a wipe are terrified of being surpassed be new players... See how stupid it sounds. It sounds stupid because no one has brought that argument to the table, until now... as some pathetic attempt at reverse psychology. At least come here with something good. put some thought into it.
  10. All guessing games just to prevent any accidental fun.
  11. Finding a loop hole to get around the word cheating is low, really low. It's NQ fault for not taking away ill-gotten gains as soon as they happen, but it doesn't change the fact that you got something, or too much of something, when you shouldn't have. And all of those ill-gotten gains are gone with a wipe. Everything else we earned we will get back in a short time.
  12. This would be great, and I would agree, if the game wasn't dying. We are not enough to keep the game going, you have to understand that. That why NQ is preparing for release, to try and get more paying customers. This hasn't made sense all the other times it's been said. If you will gain everything back after a wipe, why are you against it? The ill-gotten gains are the only thing we lose with a wipe.
  13. You missed the last question: How is that better than starting over with no ill-gotten gains to try and save the game itself? You may not realize that you're surrounded by cheaters, but you have to realize the game is dying. You may not care about twinks, or cheating, but do you really think new players are going to be ok with it? How could you be a legit player and not want to maximize saving the game? You realize, if the game shuts down, there is no game where you are surrounded by twinks so you can not care about it.
  14. YOU will be ok with no wipe, I will be ok with no wipe, everyone who is playing now will be ok with no wipe. WE are all OP AF. Wea re all twinks at this point... Why always about you? Why can't you focus on new players? Try to be honest here: New player experience with the AH cornered, twinks, and seal clubbers from ill-gotten gains.. Good or bad experience for new players at launch?
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