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  1. Holy mother of god... I just looked through your posts.... You keep calling for people to be banned because of this and that. You need some time off of the internet, really. Take a break, go outside and realize boy will be boys, frustration is frustration. Go for a walk, take a break, take a deep breath of outside air. Were done here.
  2. That's the part that bothered you? Do you hear yourself? Do you? You just shoved us into a digital elementary school playground, where we are all 13 years old and your that kid that didn't like what someone said so you yelled 'I'm Telling!" and then ran to the recess teacher. Not to tell, but to see if that's enough to make the other kids stop... lol smh Do you hear yourself? If you're going to be a tattletale, be tattletale. Don't talk about it, just do it. Then stand in front of a mirror and explain to yourself what you do online, and realize the mountain of embarrassment you have on your shoulders. The issue worked itself out. Why did you jump in with 'im telling''? Just let people work it out. The devs have more important shit to deal with than every single 'superhero-hall-monitor' that wants brownie points.
  3. You're threatening me with forum rules? smh... Ok, lets paly. What forum rule am I breaking?
  4. My insults are not baseless. The idea that you don't know what safe means in this context is stupid. What is even more stupid is the way you try to defend that stupidity. I know you're not a stupid person, but you are like a 13 year old brat trying to use reverse sockmology to get around the obvious meaning of 'safe' in this context. You are doing the exact same thing... Then what are you F'n crying about??? How are you bored if you're doing what you think is fun?? Are you a 13 year old brat?
  5. 1. you're full shit, you know the safe zone means safe 2. How do I make the game boring? 3. How are you bored? Why aren't you PVP'ing in space with the PVP'ers?
  6. are these alts, or just three different avatars?
  7. You didn't know that the safe zone means SAFE?? BS, you knew. Players like you are the worst part of this game.
  8. People want FFA PVP so they can destroy anyone at anytime, but we can't have rotation because a planet might destroy your ship?? Jesus Christ, the priorities in this game are completely out of whack...
  9. This would be good. I would also add, Make the planets rotate around the sun. Not constant. But weekly resets will move them around their orbit a certain distance depending on planet and distance form the sun. That way the warp cost would be different every week, and there would be an 'ideal' time to warp to certain planets from other planets.
  10. If I don't lag out, it takes 5-20 min to load everything so I can get my purchases...
  11. Yup, this all sounds about right. I have been saying this for weeks. The griefers are going to cause another exodus as soon as surface PVP is introduced. The game will have its PVP climax and start to fall into becoming a zerg fest griefing game, and then a dead game...
  12. This is a game of HOPE. The game has all the variables to create an equation that can make an incredible game. The current equation is bad, but I hope they can change it and make the game DU was always meant to be..
  13. You can look at the current state of the game and think to yourself.. "where are the helicopters?" You're that guy aren't you?... that guy that brings buns to a burning house and, with all sincerity, asks "so, who's got the hotdogs?" smh lol
  14. You're right, the builders will not support the whole game, but they will add a significant amount to the sustainability of the game. $20 for 3 months, for a good building game. I don't think that's going to scare many builders away. 0.23 did way more damage than the sub. PVP is going to be FFA in the outer planets, instant climax and then nose dive into the ground. I hope they can do something with PVP that doesn't scare more people out of the game.
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