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ISS Wandering Mountain

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Our plan is simple:

  1. Build the biggest starship that ever there was: Big enough to fully enclose an entire society from mining to shipyard. Think of it as a city state on the move or an Independent Starship State(ISS). The First of its kind.
  2. Wander, this will be first after completion of the starship, a testing phase so to think where we test out and improve all the ship's systems. This will also be a key time for gathering crew.
  3. Leave. I know we just got here, to our new home in the systems around the arkship but we must explore, go further than anyone has ever gone and keep going. We will take what we need from the planets we pass and processing it all on board as we move on.

Everyone one is welcome, we are going to need hundreds of members to build and maintain such a massive ship on such a massive, (endless) journey!

We will continue this nomadic existence possibly forever, maybe stopping off for weeks at a time to build upon our great starship that will be the core of all we do.

Maybe some day we shall return, until then we will wander the skies in search of knowledge and transcendence!


Possible crew positions:

  • Board members: Vote on what the ship should do
  • Admiral: Carries out the orders of the board commanding ISSWM and support ships together
  • ISSWM captain: commands the crew of ISSWM
  • Internal security: Repels boarders, manages internal security systems like internal anti personal turrets and internal bulkheads
  • External security: Runs the drone, fighter and other support ship squadrons to tackle anyone trying to attack ISSWM. Also responsible for scouting for enemies.
  • Manufacturing: turns natural resources into what we need.
  • Hangar crew: responsible for maintaining all aspects of the hangars, from refueling to repairing to replacing destroyed ships.
  • Constructors: responsible for keeping the ship running and constantly upgrading it. Will of course be responsible for making the ship to begin with.
  • Miners: responsible for prospecting and mining be it with a fleet of small mining ships, a huge mining rig carried by ISSWM or huge mining tools built into ISSWM itself.




Sections of the ship:

Very probable

  • Bridge (huge) Think a massive control center
  • Hanger: where ships of many shapes and sizes can dock, repair, refuel ect. (maybe even capital ships)
  • Manufacturing: Natural resources in one end, what we need out the other, be it ships or parts of ISS WM its self.
  • Propulsion: This thing needs to move. Not fast but we need to get to places. FTL drives hopefully included.
  • Crew Quarters
  • Cargo: Where we keep everything (ships, ore, food) until we need it later.
  • Point/anti fighter/anti missile defence


  • Parks: Large open green places inside the ship for recreation and enjoyment
  • Farms/food production
  • Living areas, think a city on board. Like a massive crew quarters but well... nicer.
  • Capital ship weapons
  • Orbital bombardment weapons
  • built in mining equipment


Probably not

  • Doomsday class weapons
  • Battering ram on front
  • Asteroid/capital ship deconstruction unit. (a massive mouth that eats things.. big things!)
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I hope to one day bump into ISS Wandering Mountain by chance during my travels. Looks like anyone who signs up for this journey has to be committed for the long run - unless they just want to be left in some asteroid field somewhere :) Best of luck to you in this endeavor!

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Wow! Thanks for all the replies and support!


I'll add more details soon!


As for what happens when the ship gets taken: well yes it will be game over (for now) but hay: BRING IT ON!


As for being in for the long run we hope there will be a few ways to get back from time to time. For that we will have to wait to know more about the game mechanics!

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I hope to one day bump into ISS Wandering Mountain by chance during my travels. Looks like anyone who signs up for this journey has to be committed for the long run - unless they just want to be left in some asteroid field somewhere :) Best of luck to you in this endeavor!

And us you! We will certainly return at several times, maybe to kit out more guns or mining equipment, basically anything we cant make on board (hopefully almost nothing!)

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Is your plan to have the ship enclosed in a giant dome, or are you thinking more of a ship/city that grows as new "modules" and expansions are added to the sides of it?


If so, sign me up for owning an Apartment in your market district :)

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We intend to do something similar, but it will be a small fleet of ships. A massive capital ship, that either lands and acts as the base of operations, or smaller equipment ships for any planetary operations. Miners to go out and harvest asteroids, and a few larger combat escorts with lots of drone ships covering us. 

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Both OP and Devis, we (Vulture Corporation) can design and send blueprints of cheap to manufacture but effective light fighters...

We will also try to find a way to make them operate as a USV (unmanned space vehicle) in order to minimise risk to both your valuable and non-expendable crews.

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Greetings from the Stratum Corporation.


We are a business that specializes in mining and the extraction of raw materials. As the chairman of the Stratum Corporation I am officially extending the offer of our services to you. If you wish to procure them please let me know through PM.


Thank You,

Stratum Corporation

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Wilbo... This is like what I have been thinking about, although my take on it was to create something more like a starbase. Have you set up a group somewhere to discuss particulars? Just my first thoughts on this here:

  1. Organization is going to be top priority to begin.
    • Get dedicated people who will take their roles seriously into the key positions. This will make the group run more smoothly and enhance the enjoyment of everyone (your crew as well as the people who encounter you).
    • Like it or not, a free-for-all is generally a nice way of saying 'clusterfuck'. Make sure that your group understands that the RP is as important important as the simulation itself. Although, going too far is a quick way to turn off players (try to limit the number of jack-booted thugs that are running security, lol).
    • Single or shared visions for design/operations of the vessel.
  2. Critical Mass
    • Since it's too early to know how resources are going to be acquired, it's a challenge, but you'll need a critical mass of players to accomplish your vision.
    • How many players are you going to need to have operating mining/processing/manufacturing facilities in order to build your starbase? 
    • How many players are you going to need to construct it? Guard it? Maintain it?
    • Lots of questions, but no solid answers until we know more about resource management in the game.


I'd love to dream along and help hammer out the details of this project. Post a link if you've got a group set up somewhere! If you don't, think about setting up something where people can contribute to the vision.

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