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  1. Excellent, thanks for posting this!
  2. Cool concept I wish to see this wandering monstrosity at some point
  3. I was trying to embed the video NQ-Nyzalter posted in the OP but I don't think I can or I am retarded
  4. Well I am sold again, thanks for clearing that up!
  5. Honestly I am just hoping for a space engineer that runs better.
  6. So it seems the sleuths on Reddit are claiming that the ships from the E3 trailer are not in fact made in engine but are actually bought models, is this true? Reddit thread. Edit: Claim has been debunked, pitchforks can go away again.
  7. "Also asteroid mining and orbital processing facilities... 1 good size asteroid in real life could contain as much as or in some cases many times more material than the entire woulds mining efforts produce in a year... especially in regards to rare earth elements." I guess they are not rare space minerals then
  8. Name: Simokon (probably) Role: Explorer, finder of rare goodies.
  9. Simokon

    Gas Giants

    I do hope they have a wide variety of planet types and moons included in the game. Variety is the spice of life.... and space.
  10. I will do youtube stuff for this certainly, not sure about streaming though. Will have to see how my schedule looks when the game is out!
  11. I would actually love to have the skybox as something I could customize myself and use whatever I want for it. I don't know how feasible or exploitable it might be though.
  12. Customization is always welcome even if it is something simple like recoloring of various bits and features on the suits. Since it is a small team lots of customization might be out of scope though.
  13. Have you guys thought about what sort of restrictions you are going to be putting on trial accounts? 2-4 weeks is quite a long time for the unscrupulous to wreck havoc.
  14. E3 hype train crew reporting for duty.
  15. Pay to play is perfectly fine with me if this game delivers on even half the stuff they are planning to do.
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