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    ISS Wandering Mountain

    Wilbo... This is like what I have been thinking about, although my take on it was to create something more like a starbase. Have you set up a group somewhere to discuss particulars? Just my first thoughts on this here: Organization is going to be top priority to begin. Get dedicated people who will take their roles seriously into the key positions. This will make the group run more smoothly and enhance the enjoyment of everyone (your crew as well as the people who encounter you). Like it or not, a free-for-all is generally a nice way of saying 'clusterfuck'. Make sure that your group understands that the RP is as important important as the simulation itself. Although, going too far is a quick way to turn off players (try to limit the number of jack-booted thugs that are running security, lol). Single or shared visions for design/operations of the vessel. Critical Mass Since it's too early to know how resources are going to be acquired, it's a challenge, but you'll need a critical mass of players to accomplish your vision. How many players are you going to need to have operating mining/processing/manufacturing facilities in order to build your starbase? How many players are you going to need to construct it? Guard it? Maintain it? Lots of questions, but no solid answers until we know more about resource management in the game. I'd love to dream along and help hammer out the details of this project. Post a link if you've got a group set up somewhere! If you don't, think about setting up something where people can contribute to the vision.