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  1. My appologise for the confusion this announcement has created, we thought it is a good idea to put the message that this position is available out here to spark interest. As you might be able to see on Muad'Dibs responses he is rather stressed out and has difficulties in real life because of which we search a replacement for him as Minister of Research and Development. Because of the troubles currently surrounding him he also sadly forgot to include the requirements for this position that are already fulfilled by most of the TU members, as i state them here now: - Being a Member of the Terran Union - Having no affiliation with another organization besides the Terran Union
  2. I actually don't see much RP in the current state, but it seems there are some people who confuse seriousness with RP. Backstories can be considered RP but from my point of view its more creating a basis for possible RP then RP in itself, some people just enjoy to create living and breathing worlds and being creative. Of course there are also people who enjoy the opposite.
  3. Also you should be more careful with the picking of your "Targets", even i got such a message.
  4. Hello all of you, If you want to join the Terran Union please apply here: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/terran-union Afterwards you will recieve a message with all further informations. Kind Regards, Darius Sanguine Natus Leader of the Terran Union
  5. If you don't know how it is then shut up and don't you dare to judge others in matters you have no experience in. And you also don't know how real life leaders act if they are alone under friends, unobserved by the public, they're all also just humans and why do you not know how they act if they're unobserved? exactly because in real life you wouldn't dare to harass or to nose out these people, not to mention that it is a multitude more difficult, illegal and you get excuted or deported to very unpleasant locations in some coutries for this. Also i bet you're this kind of person who complains about the politics in the own country, but doesn't go voting.
  6. Many many thanks for this amusing thread i laugh heartly. First off thank you for clearifying how afraid you all are and don't tell me otherwise, because if it wouldn't be that way you wouldn't care. Second thank you for narrowing down our list of suspected spies. Third and last, please don't think that you did anything just because Neo and Astro got a bit emotional, also don't credit yourself for the creation of the charter which is already under construction for quite a while. And speaking of caring, for someone who claims to not care you seem to care quite a lot and also for stuff that isn't really your business, that seems quite interesting. But it doesn't really matter i for my part just enjoy watching this overly toxic and paranoid "community" and laugh my ass off.
  7. rolls laughing on the floor He has outreach he says ....... wahahahaha ..... Exclusively from the CSYN Senate chat he says ...... wahahahaha Please stop i can't anymore i die here due to laughing hahahaha
  8. Sits on the side and watches the thread burn, while giggling about Outlandish's "outreach" Who wants popcorn?
  9. Greetings and best wishes from the Terran Union. Just a little hint, while i agree with your view on weapons in real life, i think that it is not the best idea to take away personal weapons in a game where you could encounter hostile individuals at any given time outside of secure zones. Also it might not even be enforceable with the given game mechanics, except you want to kill weapon owners right where they stand, if you even can see whether they have a weapon or not. @Cybrex This kind of structure has various reasons/advantages. For example lets assume you want to provide secure areas, so first off you need to protect it against threats from the outside (military), next you need common rules (laws) and somone to enforce these rules (police). Okay now something happens where it isn't quite if it was against the rules or not, so you need someone to decide about it (judges). Then there happens something that isn't covered by the rules, but it needs to be covered because someone got hurt by something that someone else did/not did, so we need someone who makes new rules (legislative). So that were the basics, of course you need also administration for that stuff, who makes what when and all this, also these people that serve the community/society must be supplied so that they can do their jobs. The structure and organization is here quite important, because if you have high numbers in members and just let everyone roam totally free and they can do whatever they want whenever they want you end up with a huge mess in which nobody has an overview anymore. This will lead evantually into the collapse of the secure area that you wanted in the first place. One advantage of this kind of structure is that you can have specialists, while it might be not impossible with the BOO system it is much harder to achieve with it, simply because your system is more or less based on the survival of the fittest/strongest. This means everyone in BOO must be at least to a certain degree be a jack of all trades, to be able to survive in this environment. In opposite to this we have the governmental system, there you can train and specialize in a secure environment, without worrying that you might be attacked or ripped off, which results almost automatically in a higher skill level in a certain area, because there is no necessity for certain skills that are needed in the BOO system. Let us now assume a contest between the BOO system and the governmental system, while the BOO people might deliver an overall mediocre result, the people out of the governmental system will deliver an excellent in their fields of expertise. Another advantage is that it is for you as group much easier to achieve great things, like stargates, capital ships and great monuments to honor the honeybadger , simply because the structure is already there. So thats it for now hope i could help you to understand it a bit better Cybrex
  10. Hallo danke für eure freundlichen Worte @Fireee Wir haben keine Aktionen geplant, wir spielen aber gelegentlich zusammen, je nachdem wer welches Spiel hat und lust es zu spielen. @Christopher_lecerf "Hirsch" freut mich zu hören Wenn ihr beitreten möchtet bitte bewerbt euch hier: https://community.dualthegame.com/organization/terran-union Für die Kommunikation nutzen wir Discord ( https://discordapp.com/ ) und hier ist der link für unseren Server: https://discord.gg/4ZyUnE6 Ich freu mich schon euch da zu sehen, allerdings ist das meiste der Kommunikation auf Englisch, auch wenn wir schon ein paar deutschsprachige Mitglieder und einen deuschsprachigen Kanal haben. Also please use english on the DU Forum, its a matter of politness towards the community as whole.
  11. Yes you're right that forums in different languages would attract the native speakers of this language, but you overlook the fact that the game will only be in english at release (might be translated later down the line, but for release only english is planned). So now you have the players that can only speak their native language on the forum, what do you think will happen if the game releases and they're suddenly confronted with an english-only game? *Rant mode on* Also if you continue to demand a french subforum just because NQ are french (the team is international as far as i know), i will begin to demand a german subforum just because roughly 10% (1.10.16 6am CEST) of the total pledges come from germany and german speaking countries (actually there are almost 100 pledges more from germany, then from france). By the way, where i come from its considered as very arrogant to go somewhere and demand something just because you share the nationality with the owner of this place. *Rant mode off* So have a nice one, cheers
  12. NovaQuark already stated that the game will be english only, at least at game start.
  13. Sorry my statement was a bit misleading (forgot a word), we don't have 1000 people, we need probably 1000 to run it. I fixed it in my former post.
  14. It isn't premature at all, because we certainly need the time to develop everything, set up our structures, create the the tools we need, until the game launches. The Terran Union is no less ambitious than Dual Universe itself. What we want to create is something that is normally provided by the developers of a game, a nation within the game. When the devs implent these nations, they normally provide services to the players so that they can do what they want to do. But Dual Universe won't have this kind of dev created nations, so the TU is there to take this place, but because it isn't supported by the devs and the game mechanics we need not only to plan the services we want to provide, but also the means to be able to provide this services and to support our structure. This means a lot of bureaucracy and this needs a lot of planning. Even with our most optimistic estimations currently we come at a needed member count of 1000, alone to run the complete government. Not to mention the time that we will need to set everything up and get running.
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