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  1. discordauth:9rN7owZms0ytgpR1iiMBcFbwnkwno2N2ggrvqgd99fI=

  2. A brand new RX 580 and 16 GB Ram arrived just in time for the ATV event tomorrow. Waited over a year for this!

  3. Sounds pretty cool. Best of luck!
  4. Totally neutral, eh? Sounds great. Best of luck!
  5. These are all very good ideas. I suppose it's up to the developers to decide what they want to do with the Community Portal.
  6. Always nice to see new organizations popping up. Loving the name! I recommend adding more information about your organization. To me, it sounds like you are some kind of banking/economic organization.
  7. The last few Dev Diaries have been a little late. UnderhandAerial is right, though. The next newsletter and video will likely contain more information to make up for the late release.
  8. This is actually a very nice idea. I hope the developers consider this.
  9. I have to agree, the only problem is, it's not very easy to balance these kinds of weapons. As soon as an organization gets their hands on one of them, it could mean they hold all the power in the game.
  10. Oh, you're not? Well, the post is only two days old, so I figured you guys were new. Oh well! Welcome aboard, all the same.
  11. Welcome to the forums! To clarify what @Lethys said, it will be possible to build a structure as large as the Deathstar, but it will not be possible for it to function like it does in the movies. In other words, weapons of that scale will not be possible in Dual Universe.
  12. Mm... Orio McFlurries are pretty good. :]
  13. What the developers mean by "No automated mining" is that there will be no way to script a machine, using LUA, to automatically go out, and mine for you. I'm not sure whether or not we'll have drills on ships, I don't see why there wouldn't be. If asteroid mining is going to be a thing, (Which no one has officially mentioned that I am aware of.) then we will be needing drills.
  14. I'd like to offer you the best of luck. Welcome to the show!
  15. Looks interesting. I wish you the best of luck!
  16. Code14 definitely deserved first place, I'm quite happy with my third place, too. Congratz everybody!
  17. Looks like Code14 is going to take the cake. Also looks like we'll have a tie for second place...
  18. Very nice. Great to see others joining in.
  19. Certainly, if you plan on watching the latest Star Trek.
  20. Here we go, came up with this over the period of a few days. I've been busy these last few weeks, so ordinarily I would have had it done in less then a day. Anyhow, bask in it's greatness. Only picked up vectors two weeks ago or so. Still working on them lens flares, but otherwise I'm pretty happy with myself. I'd appreciate some feedback!
  21. Well, we could always start a poll asking members of the forum to vote whether they would like custom made weapons in the, perhaps far, future. That way, if it's a huge success and the developers see it, maybe they will consider it.
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