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  1. Meanwhile im grinding ISK and training my industrial and science skills :I my life is not as exciting
  2. which tides? what, there was a battle? im just seeing two guys provide news and suddenly there is a rivalry? someone explain please >.>
  3. Lel no one hates you, you are just hilarious and perfect meme material On that notion
  4. Does this mean that fan fiction violating these rules will get taken down and permamently removed or will it just not be integrated into official lore
  5. Honestly im against intelligent or sentient alien lifeforms, an wolf like intelligent hunting pack that actually coordinates with each other and reacts would be nice, but no Empire. IF there are alien sentient lifeforms i hope they get restricted to stone age or even earlier and not real civilizations. That said and Alien AI (not lifeform) that inhabits a planet/moon/asteroid wathever, wether it expands or not could be fun and engaging. Take for example the mining drones from stellaris, they sit in their system and (presumably) mine asteroids all day and shoot you if you get to close. If we can find new tech through such encounters i think it would benefit exploration gameplay and surveying and add a lot of depth to the game.
  6. its hard to tell who replies to who, use the quote feature to avoid confusion ALSO im tired :|
  7. how the did you just notice this thing right now when there has been a shitstrom over this topic
  8. THE FORUMS HATE HIM This man found out 5 ways to double member count YOU WONT BELIEVE NUMBER 4!!
  9. A bit low effort but there is a bigger one incoming
  10. Oh hey, i need to get back to this Raptor pics incoming soon
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