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  1. Greetings from the Stratum Corporation. We are a business that specializes in mining and the extraction of raw materials. As the chairman of the Stratum Corporation I am officially extending the offer of our services to you. If you wish to procure them please let me know through PM. Thank You, Stratum Corporation
  2. This is a really cool idea. They could also add in special big killing weapons like poison, traps, and flamethrowers for when it gets really out of hand. It would be really cool to see players whose play style is just being a pest exterminator.
  3. Hopefully there will be a reasonable speed limit. I can't stop thinking about space engineer's 100 m/s speed limit that really ruins a lot of fun in the game. I'm pretty sure that sublight speeds will be determined by what the physics engine can handle. Space engineer's top speed is so low because their game's physics engine will cause collisions to freak out if two objects collide going any faster than 100 m/s.
  4. Welcome to the game! It seems you share most of the same sentiments I do about it. I'm a long time space engineers and EVE player and this game is appearing to be a combination of the two.
  5. My hope is that the matter compression technology only eliminates the size issue and not the weight issue. It would make since considering the matter is compressed and still extant (I.E. the same weight with less size).
  6. As a regular player of Stellaris I can confirm that the rock paper scissors approach to weaponry would be very smart. It would mean that people would have to build fleets that are well balanced in all areas as opposed to fleets that are entirely focused in one field of combat.
  7. I hadn't even thought about high gravity environments. This is a very good point.
  8. I think anyone would choose to commute to work in a proper hovercraft. The problem then is that the sky becomes populated with hundreds of thousands of people commuting in these commercially available hovercraft. Without some kind of automated flight control system on each hovercraft that communicates with other craft and an organization like the FAA the sky would quickly become incredibly dangerous. Roads are safe and easy as you can easily set up lanes and rules on a two dimensional plane. It would be much harder to do so for a three dimensional plane. I suppose you could create lanes in
  9. You could rival me but you need to consider the fact that my corporation is only a corporation. We aren't a governing body and won't be claiming land and will go out of our way to avoid politics at all. It would be like China declaring Microsoft their rival. You should also probably wait until launch to choose your rivals as undoubtedly they will be chosen depending on geopolitics, aggression, and opposing ideology.
  10. Whoa Ripper, That's really cool concept art. Is that new or did I just miss it on the site? From this concept art though it is obvious there will be many options to consider for transportation of freight and cargo.
  11. It's about time we had a faction with questionable ethics. Most factions on here are only concerned with being peaceful.
  12. I think that wheels and rails could be very useful in a non rp way. In today's world everyone has the ability to fly. I could go to an airport right now and fly anywhere in the world. For long distance travel flight is ideal but it is horribly inefficient for short distance travel. For instance do you take an airplane to work everyday? You don't because the cost of an airplane, fuel costs, and maintenance are all horribly expensive. Not to mention the large amount of area and labor you need to operate an airport to land that plane. That said the hovercraft in this game doesn't appe
  13. You're hired! I'll PM you with more information.
  14. The Stratum Corporation The Stratum Corporation is Dual Universe's first corporation with the sole purpose of mining and extraction of valuable minerals. Our corporations mission is simple: To meet the needs of raw materials required by contractors and get paid to do it. If you are looking for a straight forward and bare bones operation then you've found it. As far as roleplay goes we will feature certain light elements such as corporate hierarchy, promotions, and corporate bureaucracy. That said, there are many different positions available for players of most playstyles. Our company
  15. I imagine if the planets are voxel based it would be quite easy to make underground structures. In the Devblog the devs have also mentioned building things underground such as Territory Control Units.
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