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  1. Those look great, I really like the fanart, looking forward to the comics!
  2. Bit of drama is this post, too much for me. Goodbye MM. As a certified Cybrex alt I approve this message.
  3. Do what you wish with this.
  4. Looks interesting, if it works out you can be sure I'll be there in my free time.
  5. He did, I was on the couch that was inside the RV
  6. I setup a TV at the base of the hill and run the good TV shows of old, they draw you down to them. I climb the hill and sit upon the couch. I am the King of the Hill
  7. Cool idea and a company I'm sure DU will have need of. Though I will be very disappointed if you guys don't build your ships in the style of dead space
  8. I do consider myself fairly trustworthy, if you pay me.
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