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  1. So, you are basically the borg? Or the Xenos from the X games universe? Either way, we shall meet on the battlefield.
  2. I am pleased to unveil our ship building brand for high end spacecraft, strike fighters and custom projects, 110 Skunkworks!
  3. Some people on discord would tell you to log out and back in again. Seems to refresh it.
  4. If you fancy a challenge and a place in a growing community of like minded induviduals, we are recruiting from the DU community! PM me for our discord link!
  5. I dont feel like there is anything comparable to what I have seen in the videos. Anything that has a similar system is still in development (Starbase comes to mind) as most voxel games as far as I know currently out use larger set piece building blocks and place limits on detailing (Space Engineers and Empyrion come to mind there) Like me, for whom the next alpha session will be the first, you will have to learn as you go.
  6. Oh hey, another Star Citizen player making the jump across. Yeah, I totally feel ya wanting to wait, I think a lot of us dived head into SC and yeah, the 7 and a half year wait is grinding quite a bit, specially the buggy mess it is right now. I personally have spent on here now, mostly for the beta keys to give to members of my org (I run our DU side) in order to bolster the numbers of people testing. I have been following this game for years though, and used to be in a different group but came back yesterday after discovering a large amount of us feeling the same way and wanting to play it (as an alternative and addition to SC)
  7. Hello everyone, I, formerly known as FHG_Steve and originally part of Vulture Corporation, am back here and now also a paying customer for this game. My current group I run with is Squadron 110, a private militia formed many years ago when Star Trek Online was new, but is now mostly in Star Citizen. On that game I hold the rank of Captain, how ever due to my history on here and that I do not hold a key command role on SC, I have been given the reigns on this game to stand at the rank of Admiral, in charge of everything and everyone 110 on DU. I hope the 110 membership who either come across or join us from here and myself will prove ourselves worthy of the 110 name, and we will make a name and standing for ourselves akin to that we have on SC. To all of you who remember me, hello once again and for those who have joined after I took a long break, hello there!
  8. Squadron 110 is a private militia corp, a former Earth Defense Fleet Squadron mothballed due to the imminent destruction of our old home. Surviving officers from the Squadron upon making landfall kept the name and structure to rebuild a private version of the infamous squadron. Attracting former EDF service personnel and civillians, Squadron 110 is now a formidible freelancing organization. I myself am the Admiral within the DU section of this org, in charge of operations here. We are new to this game for the most part, although I have been here before under a different banner. I hope we can make friends, although I also expect a few enemies along the way also... I represent our interests here. We are primarilly a Star Citizen community, but we play other games also. This is one that has peaked many of our interests, and are looking forward to the Beta later this year. I, along with a few of our members, will be playing the alpha sessions in order to get a feel for it and help test out (we like breaking games) in order to make this a better experience for those who follow and the wider community here. So, greetings to all and I hope you enjoyed our introduction lore! Discord link is available upon request.
  9. You'll find plenty of people on here with English as a second, third or othetwise language. The developers are even French. Oh, and even us native English speakers don't quite speak the same version of English either, so honestly, you'll do fine here so long as you don't spam anyone or try and poach their organisation members through unsolicited private messages lol.
  10. By now you should be aware that I am a firm believer in democratic ideals, so whilst the recruitment attempt would never have gone anywhere, it has damaged relations between us. Whilst we were willing to work with (unless you are in a war with one of our allies or major customers) you in regards to anti-piracy and anti-ganker activity, and possibly still might be, we may not be so willing. Our other commitments which were made with another member of the Solar Empire (and it seems to be a different branch of) whereby we (Vulture Corporation) will work with and support racing events remains unnafected. We all make mistakes however, including myself, and I hope that these recent events will not permanently affect the reputation of Solar Secure for your sake and for that of all those who wish to stop piracy and other lawless acts spreading near civilised space.
  11. Oooooh... Someones got to make big benny's vending machines and spread them everywhere... music included too if possible.
  12. I might be, it depends. Haven't got the money to do so until about a months time. My goal in the end is to have a VC built craft in the top 3 of every race. I really hope they let us know if the profile of the craft will affect its performance or not. I could imagine weight is going to play a part, but again you don't want to build too light because of the threat of taking damage. Perhaps even a light shield generator would be an idea apthough ideally you would want all power to thrust, and a shield gen would probably be very heavy.
  13. Well, it depends. They can pay a lump sum and use our base design (without engine improvements and control scripts) or they can pay an initial fee and an amount per race and become race partners with us building their craft, using the same stuff as our own craft, maintained by us and having upgrades applied by us. This happens a lot in Formula 1, where some teams have these race partnerships, and others buy the core design and provide their own improvements.
  14. Although I am sure certain companies will be willing to sell stock designs for a "modest" fee...
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